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MonoGame Tutorial Series


This tutorial series covers all aspects of using the open source and cross platform MonoGame framework, the spiritual successor to the XNA game library.  We will be covering all facets of game development using MonoGame. This tutorial is available in both text and video tutorial format. Additionally it is available as an e-book for patrons, and will be available in online book stores soon.


MonoGame Text Tutorial Series


    • An Introduction and Brief History

    • This tutorial serves as an introduction to both MonoGame and XNA. It covers the history of XNA and MonoGame and looks quickly at why you would want to use MonoGame for your project.
    • Getting Started with MonoGame on Windows

    • This tutorial covers installing MonoGame, creating and running an MonoGame project on Windows with Visual Studio. Also covers using the Content Pipeline.
    • Getting Started with MonoGame on Mac OSX

    • This tutorial covers installing MonoGame, creating and running an MonoGame project on Mac OS with Xamarin Studio. Also covers using the Content Pipeline.
    • Creating an Application

    • This tutorial is the beginning of the coding. We look closely at the lifecycle of a MonoGame application then the game loop. We then explore fixed step vs variable step loops.
    • Using Textures and SpriteBatch

    • Welcome to the "graphics" chapter. Here we look at loading a texture using the content pipeline and then rendering it on screen. Of course we cover a great deal more including translating, scaling, rotating, tinting sprites, sprite ordering and blending and more.
    • Handling Keyboard, Mouse and Gamepad Input

    • This tutorial looks at how you handle input from the keyboard, mouse and gamepad. It also explores topics such as gamepad deadzones and handling state changes.
    • Handling Audio

    • This tutorial looks at all aspects of handling audio in Monogame. This includes playing sound effects and songs, both from the content pipeline and directly or using the Xact audio tool from the XNA SDK.
    • Beginning 3D Programming

    • In this tutorial we start looking at 3D programming with XNA. We look at creating the View, Projection and World matrix, to create a camera capable of panning, zooming and orbiting. We then create a 3D model programmatically as well as one loaded from file.



MonoGame Video Tutorial Series


    • An Introduction and Brief History

    • This video gives an overview of the MonoGame and contains a bit of a history lesson on both XNA and MonoGame.
    • Getting Started with MonoGame on MacOSX using Xamarin Studio

    • This video shows you how to get up and started on MonoGame developing on MacOS. Covers installation, creating a project using Xamarin Studio then demonstrates using the Content pipeline.
    • Creating an Application

    • In this video we finally start coding. We look in detail about the applications lifecycle, from creation and initialization to the game loop and cleanup. Along the way we discuss fixed vs variable step loops and controlling the frame rate.
    • Textures and SpriteBatch

    • This video starts to look at graphics programming. Specifically how to load and display textures, how batching works and how to deal with transparencies.
    • Keyboard, Mouse and Gamepad Input

    • In this video we look at handling input from keyboard, mouse and gamepad.
    • Handling Audio

    • In this video we explore all facets of audio programming in MonoGame including use of the Xact tool from XNA.
    • Creating a MonoGame compatible model in Blender

    • This quick video shows how to create a simple textured model in Blender and export it to MonoGame.
    • Beginning 3D Programming

    • Here we start to learn 3D programming. This includes creating a camera that can pan, zoom and orbit. We also create a triangle by hand, followed up by importing and loading a 3D model.



MonoGame Book


    • 3dbook The book is currently a work in progress. During development a WIP version will periodically be released to GFS supporters . Upon competion it will also be available in most major book stores. Content-wise, it will be virtually identical to this series.

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