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16. June 2020

Today on the Unity Asset Store, they are running the Fantastic Fantasy bundle, a collection of Unity assets around a common medieval/fantasy theme with a consistent low polygon art style.  The bundle is organized into tiers, purchase a higher value tier you get all of the asset in the tiers below it as well.  The bundle assets consist of:

10$ Tier

  • Simple Fantasy UI
  • Fantasy Village Pack
  • Interface and Item Sounds

20$ Tier

  • POLYGON Fantasy Characters
  • 2000 Fantasy Icons
  • Low Poly Medieval Castle Pack
  • Tower Defence Pack
  • Fantasy Game (Sound FX)

30$ Tier

  • Stylized Fantasy Forest Environment
  • POLYGON Knights Pack
  • Fantasy Adventure Environment
  • Fantastic Village Pack
  • Low Poly Animated Animals
  • Emerald AI 2.0
  • Low Poly Terrain Polaris V2

The bundle runs until the end of June 2020, purchasing the bundle using this link provides a small commission to GFS (and thanks if you do!).  You can learn more about this bundle on the Unity blog or watching the video below.

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