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5. May 2020

Unreal Engine 4.25 was just released today, with tons of improvements, new features and bug fixes.  The biggest theme of the 4.25 release was production ready with several in development systems now considered ready to use in a production environment.

Major features of the 4.25 release include:

  • Niagara VFX system improved and production ready
  • Unreal Audio Engine improved and production ready
  • Real Time Raytracing Support production ready
  • Added support for Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 development
  • Hololens 2 support now production ready
  • Chaos Physics Engine improved and being used in Fortnite
  • New Thin Transparency shading model and a new Anisotropy material input property
  • LiDAR data support
  • much, much more

A summary of new features in Unreal Engine 4.25 is available here while detailed release notes are available here.  You can learn more about Unreal Engine 4.25 in the video below.

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