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21. April 2020

bforartists 2.0 was just released.  bforartists is a fork of Blender aimed at making Blender more usable for artists, new users and indie developers with a series of changes including new keymaps, icons, workflow and completely new documentation.

Key changes over traditional Blender include:

  • custom key mapping
  • mouse only navigation (great for touch screens like the Surface)
  • widget manipulation with cursor off widget
  • keymaps can switch between BForArtists and Blender
  • theme has coloured icons and increased contrast
  • icons in menus, 2x more icons
  • removal of duplicate menus, if its in toolshelf, it’s not in the menu
  • menus for all hotkey only items (such as Text->Move Cursor)
  • reduced number of workspace templates
  • left aligned text in menus such as toolbox
  • lock camera to view icon
  • primitive toolbar in 3D viewport, customizable and dynamic to mode
  • bforartist targeted at beginners and indie developers, not pros
  • PDF manuals (WIP) with more detail, in PDFs

Learn more about the 2.0 release here.  You can check out bforartists in action in the video below.  The documentation is currently a WIP and is available here.

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