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12. February 2020

Today we are checking out TextureLab, a free and open source texture generation tool for Windows and Linux.  While fairly early in it’s development, TextureLab aims to be similar in capability to Substance Designer in function.

TextureLab features include:
- Export all textures at once or save them individually
- Unity Export
- 25+ nodes and counting
- Cross-Platform (It's built using electron and vue)
- Fast! All filtering and texture generation operations are done on the GPU
- Free and Open Source

TextureLab is licensed under the GPLv3 open source license with the code written in TypeScript and hosted in an Electron app.  TextureLab is not the only open source alternative to Substance Designer under development, we have already looked at MaterialMaker , TexGraph and Imogen in the past.  You can learn more about and see TextureLab in action in the video below.

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