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2. March 2018

Xamarin just announced the release of UrhoSharp 1.8.  UrhoSharp is a set of C# bindings of the Urho3D open source game engine, an engine I reviewed a couple of years back as part of the Closer Look series.  With UrhoSharp 1.8 they brought the bindings to parity with Urho 1.7, the most recent release.  A major focus of this release is supporting augmented reality, using both ARKit and ARCore libraries. 

A small selection of the new features added in Urho3D 1.7 ( and thus UrhoSharp 1.8 ) include:

  • Inverse kinematics support.
  • Bullet RaycastVehicle support.
  • AppleTV platform support.
  • WebAssembly support on the Web platform.
  • IME support on Linux platform.
  • Several font rendering improvements and TypoGraphy sample.
  • WebP image loading support.
  • Sparse navigation meshes and navmesh streaming support.

This is just a small sample of new functionality.  For the full list be sure to check out the release notes available here.

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