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29. September 2017

Augmented Reality (AR) seems to be the new hotness in game development, enabling applications to mix the real world and their game worlds together.  PlayCanvas, a 3D HTML5 powered game engine we reviewed here as well as a more recent tutorial series here, just added AR support.  Built over top of the ARToolkit, PlayCanvasAR is described as:

PlayCanvasAR makes it easy to build lightning fast augmented reality applications. With it, you can construct web-based AR applications with zero programming using the PlayCanvas Editor. Just drag in your 3D models and watch them appear in AR!

With the following features:

  • Amazing Performance - PlayCanvasAR delivers 60 frames per second, even on mobile.
  • Marker-based Tracking - PlayCanvasAR utilizes the amazing ARToolkit, an open source marker-based tracking library. Originally coded in C++, it has been ported to JavaScript using Emscripten.
  • Incredible Visuals - PlayCanvas provides an advanced WebGL graphics engine. It supports the latest WebGL 2 graphics API and implements Physically Based Rendering to achieve incredible visuals for your AR applications. And yes, that's open sourced too.

The following browsers are currently supported:

  • Android 4.0+ (Chrome 21+)
  • iOS 11+ (Safari 11+, Chrome 21+, Firefox 17+)
  • Windows XP+ (Chrome 21+, Firefox 17+, Opera 18+, Edge 12+)
  • macOS (Safari 11+, Chrome 21+, Firefox 17+, Opera 18+)
  • Linux (Chrome 21+, Firefox 17+, Opera 18+)

PlayCanvasAr is available here.  You can see the new AR functionality in action in the video below:

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