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11. February 2017


SFML, Simple and Fast Media Library, just released version 2.4.2.  SFML is a popular open source C++ based game framework that handles all the low level tasks required for 2D game development, including graphics, window management, audio, input and even networking.  If you want to learn more, we have a full SFML tutorial series available here.logo


Release 2.4.2 is composed almost entirely of bug fixes, including:


SFML 2.4.2

  • [Windows] Removed thread affinity changes in sf::Clock (#1107)
  • Fixed bug where TransientContextLock would hang (#1165, #1172)
  • [Linux] Fixed GLX extensions being loaded too late (#1183)
  • [Linux] Fix wrong types passed to XChangeProperty (#1168 #1171)
  • [Windows] Make context disabling via wglMakeCurrent more tolerant of broken drivers (#1186)
  • Optimized sf::Image::create and made it more exception safe (#1166)


You can read the release notes here, while SFML is available for download here.

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