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26. October 2016


Ambiera just released version 5.5 of their CopperCube game engine.  CopperCube is a complete cross platform 3D game engine with a full editor that requires little to no programming (although games can be scripted using JavaScript). Version 5.5 brings several new features including automatic Steam integration, client source (C++ or Flash) for Pro licenses as well as cheaper pricing.


Full details from the change log:

  • Steam Integration
    Games created with Coppercube as Windows .exe now automatically have Steam integration built-in. There is support for the Steam-Overlay and an easy way to use Steam Achivements, even without programming.
    (Note: This of course only works if your game will be published on Steam.)
    steam integration support


  • Improved First Person Shooter Controller
    Several improvements for this behavior where backintegrated from the game 'PostCollapse', including:
    • Repeated jumping is now no longer possible by holding down the space bar
    • Moving and strafing at the same time now longer lets the player move faster that way
    • When the system is hanging shortly (like for example if Windows Defender suddenly causes Windows to slow down), the movement will behave smoothly as before
    better first person shooter control


  • C++ source code
    Users of the pro edition now have access to the full C++ client source code. It consists of VisualStudio (Windows) and XCode (Mac OS X) projects and can be used to extend your game in any way possible. For details, take a look into the documentation.
    c++ source


  • Flash source code
    Users of the pro edition now have access to the full Flash client source code. It consists of about 150 .as ActionScript 3 files, and can be used to extend your game in any way possible. For details, take a look into the documentation.


  • Android Multi-Touch support for 2D Overlays
    It is now possible to use multiple 2D mobile input Overlays at the same time on Android target, making the games there feel more natural.


  • Android First Person Shooter Camera improved
    The first person shooter camera on Android now is much easier to use. Although first person shooters are more unusual on this platform, it works now much nicer and easier to handle.


  • Scripting extension: ccbGetCurrentNode()
    The new scripting function ccbGetCurrentNode() returns the current scene node. When running some JavaScript code via an 'execute JavaScript' action, there is always a "current node" set, usually the node in which the action is being run. This function is available on all platforms.


  • Price update
    CopperCube Basic Edition will from now on cost € 69 (previously: € 99), and the professional edition will now cost 358 € (previously: € 380).


  • other, smaller new features and bug fixes:
    • Mesh import improved: Imported mesh name is now reflected in the scene graph explorer
    • Improved Chinese Translation
    • There is a downloadable action available for using Steam achivements without scripting.
    • Fixed a bug causing 'plant rendering' advanced material flag not to be set when anisotropic rendering isn't checked as well.
    • Fixed a bug causing CopperCube to crash when modifying a mesh which has been imported as animated mesh although it is static.
    • Fixed a bug causing Oculus Rift support not to work on some systems
    • Fixed a bug in WebGL causing Particle Systems as children of rotated nodes not to show up correctly at some viewing angles.
    • Various minor bug fixes

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