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6. October 2016


Unity just released a new patch, 5.4.1p4.  Composed of the usual slate of fixes and improvements, here they are from the release notes:


  • Asset Database: Added a new API for getting asset information without loading asset into memory.
  • Graphics: Updated tooltip test for "Box Projection", "Box Offset" & "Box Size".
  • Lighting: Renamed popup menu item from "Default scene parameter" to "Scene Default Parameters".
  • Substance: Improved substance assets processing when switching platforms, upgrading a project and building.
  • tvOS: Added "Require Extended Game Controller" option to player settings.
  • (819905) - Animation: The Animation preview will correctly display a preview animation when a model is dragged to the preview area.
  • (832271) - Audio: Fixed memory leak when quickly loading and unloading lots of audio assets.
  • (834100, 833996) - Canvas: Fixed a regression introduced in 5.4.0p4 where non-native fullscreen player appeared darker when Canvas was present, in Linear color space.
  • (814282) - Graphics: Fixed the issue of projectors rendering twice if transparent objects are in the scene.
  • (827364) - Graphics: Fixed a rare deadlock that can happen when graphics jobs are enabled.
  • (815783) - IL2CPP: Allow now Monitor.TryEnter to correctly obtain a previously taken lock that has been released, which did not work in some cases.
  • (826624) - IL2CPP: Correct the stack state handling during code conversion for some box opcodes.
  • (834376) - IL2CPP: Removed an unnecessary assert when GC.Collect(1) is called. The call will still have no impact though.
  • (none) - IOS: Fixed an iOS 10 warning for improper use of runloop.
  • (830528) - IOS: Fixed the Remote notification detection code.
  • (830273) - Metal: Fixed grab pass combined with image effects appears darker.
  • (818563) - Metal: Fixed an issue whereby view was not scaling properly when using Screen.SetResolution in fullscreen mode.
  • (822217) - Substance: Fixed an asset import crash.
  • (820301) - Substance: Fixed a crash when switching build platform.
  • (820162) - UAP: Fixed an incorrect language being returned when system language was Spanish(Argentina).
  • (832104) - UAP: Fixed the issue of incorrect resolution being reported when the composition scale changed and the game window was minimized.
  • (818294) - UI: Fixed the Canvas related crash when some elements are being deleted.


As always the patch can be downloaded here.

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