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30. September 2016


GameGuru is an easy to use game engine from The Game Creators that ships with a massive amount of content to get you started.  With the release of 1.132 that content is about to grow with a new free DLC expansion weighing in atgg 2.8GB. 



From the press release:

The Game Creators today released V1.132 of their easy game creation software GameGuru. This release brings with it: 
⦁    Free Expansion DLC - adding an extra 2.8GB of game assets
⦁    Additional Improvements - can now capture LUA arrays when saving your game's progress
⦁    Faster Physics - physics engine optimized for static geometry in level
Lee Bamber, CEO of The Game Creators, said: "With the release of 2.8GB of additional game making content, this is the most significant boost in assets since GameGuru was launched.  You can now take your game ideas to a whole new level, and I'm looking forward to seeing what our fantastic community creates next."

Further information is available at

The update also includes several fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed issue which caused 'hidelowfpswarning' in SETUP.INI to be ignored
  • Move LUA and AI processing to AFTER PHYSICS/PLR code in main loop so scripts have more up to date plr/camera values
  • Added new 'zdepth' field to entity FPE file which can disable the zdepth render order (it will draw like a HUD weapon)
  • Fixed issue of GUNSPEC 'textured' field not finding internal HUD.X model textures when it was blank (legacy medieval weapons)
  • Added 'usespotlighting' as field in GUNSPEC to control default as to whether projectile has dynamic spot lighting
  • Added 'usespotlighting=1' to Modern RPG weapon and Fantasy Staff weapon to ensure they use spot lighting
  • SCIFI PACK: Updated Buildings and Interiors with correct AI obstacle settings
  • Changed geometry for Light marker so you can better manipulate in 3D free flight mode
  • New GAMEDATA.LUA that now supports global tables (thanks to feature and bug work by that fine fellow; Rickie Allen)
  • Added extra functionality which disables auto-removal of dead characters if ALWAYS ACTIVE is YES
  • Fixed bug in LUA spawn command which confused the entity parent ID (would cause strange behaviours)
  • Fixed issue of repeated calls to SetObjectEffect internally when SetFogRed(x), etc is called (performance hit!)
  • Used setForceUpdateAllAabbs( false ) in physics engine to speed up handling of static meshes in physics scene


The new DLC includes over 1200 items across the following categories:

  • Ancient Romedlc
  • Cartoon
  • Characters
  • Dungeons
  • Gore
  • Historical
  • Medieval
  • Metro Theater
  • Modern Day 1
  • Modern Day 2
  • Nature
  • Post Apocalyptic
  • Sci-Fi
  • Viking
  • Wild West
  • WW2

GameGuru is also available on Steam here.

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