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15. September 2016


Wave Engine is a cross platform C# powered 2D/3D game engine I previously featured in the Closer Look Series.  Today they announced the released of version 2.3.0waveeditor codenamed “Saw Shark”.  This release brings several new features including:


  • new 2D physics engine based on Box2D
  • Xamarin.Mac support
  • Improved FBX model support
  • new HoloLens components
  • new Text 2D and Text 3D functionality
  • new 2D and 3D animation game actions
  • new services such as InsideUnitCircle, OnUnitSphere orInUnitSphere
  • new mobile vibration API
  • multiple component support (add multiple components of the same type to a single instance)
  • [RequiredService] attribute added
  • New InterpolationColor control
  • new starter kit (Frogger Clone)


You can read a great deal more about this release and each particular component in the release notes here.

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