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21. August 2016


LibGDX just released version 1.9.4 composed primarily of bug fixes.  LibGDX is a cross platform Java based 2D/3D game framework.  If you are interested in learning more we did a Closer Look at LibGDX review.  Additionally there is a full tutorial series available both text based and video based.


While not exactly a massive release, here are 1.9.4’s release notes: 


- Moved snapping from ProgressBar to Slider to prevent snapping when setting the value programmatically.
- Bullet: added btSoftBody#getLinkCount() and btSoftBody#getLink(int), see
- API Change: Wrapping for scene2d's HorizontalGroup and VerticalGroup.
- Fix hiero problem with certain unicode characters. See
- Switched to RoboVM fork 2.2.0, fixes incompatibility with Android Gradle plugin and iOS 9.3.4

There were several other bug fixes that can be viewed on the Github commits


LibGDX is available for download here.

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