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18. April 2016


Over on the Autodesk AREA blog Autodesk just announced the new features in the upcoming 3ds Max 2017.  3D Studios Max is a long running 3d content creation application, perhaps most often used for game development.  It seems there are several new features coming in the 2017 release.

New features include:

  • an updated UI and High DPI monitor support
  • viewport performance improvements, up to 300%
  • improvements to performance and usability of Unwrap UVW including:
    • Dramatic Performance improvements
    • New Packing Algorithm
    • New Peeling based on ABF(Angle Based Flattening)
    • Point-to-Point Selection Preview
    • Symmetrical Geometry Selection 
    • Loop Selection and Ring Selection
    • Display Only Selected Polygon in viewport
  • a new ray tracer, ART (Autodesk Raytracer Renderer)
  • new Physical material for replicating real world surfaces
  • new Sun Positioner
  • new Scene Converter to ease move to different renderers or game engines
  • scanline renderer multi core support scaled to 128 cores
  • modeling object tool improvements, including:
    • local align
    • sub object picking
    • point to selection
    • boolean and hard surface modeling improvements
  • animation controllers
  • custom attributes
  • python integration
  • skin weighting with geodesic voxel and heat map skinning
  • new text and shape tools

You can see several of the new features in this montage video

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