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4. February 2016


Another week another Unity patch.  From the release notes, it seems that Blackberry support was just dropped:

  • Smart TV: Correspond 2016 TV's fonts and remote controller.
  • (759408), (760759) - Android/iOS: Animation - Fixed Euler angles on rotation causing Transform to be set to NaN.
  • (none) - BlackBerry: Removed BlackBerry option from build player settings window.
  • (761784) - Code stripping: Prevent the Particle System from being stripped if the Particle System Renderer is used and engine code stripping is enabled.
  • (730441) - Editor: Fixed editor freeze when picking in scene with many overlapping game objects.
  • (none) - Further OpenGL ES & desktop OpenGL (Shader compiler) bugfixes.
  • (757330) - Graphics: Fixed rendering of deferred reflections when last object rendered before them had negative scale.
  • (761584) - Graphics: Fixed crash when using GL.Begin quad rendering with non-multiple-of-4 vertex count.
  • (764084) - Graphics: Fixed occasional MovieTexture crash (regression in 5.3).
  • (650870) - Graphics: In Editor OpenGL ES 2.0 emulation increase max cubemap size to 1024 (from 512).
  • (741166) - IL2CPP: Fixed Array.Copy when destination array type is wider than source array type (e.g. int[] -> long[]).
  • (761530) - IL2CPP: Fixed Stfld/Ldfld opcode usage generated by MS C# compiler.
  • (765910) - iOS/IL2CPP: Prevent a managed exception on 64-bit builds during some array creation operations which has the message "ArgumentException: Destination array was not long enough. Check destIndex and length, and the array's lower bounds".
  • (754816) - iOS/OSX: Fixed SIMD math, which fixes skinning on iOS and source code compilation on OSX.
  • (736756) - iOS/Video: AVKit based player didn't show "done" button on iOS 8+.
  • (none) - iOS/Video: Fixed MPMoviePlayer error handling for invalid files.
  • (746018), (729470) - iOS/Video: Improved MPMoviePlayer/AVKit orientation and view controller handling.
  • (745346) - iOS/Video: Scaling mode behaviour fixes for iPad Pro.
  • (none) - iOS: Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie only allows playing one movie at a time.
  • (534752) - iOS: While entering background/foreground, improve player pause/resume handling to check if external parties (like video player) currently manage the paused state.
  • (731237) - Mecanim: Fixed changing Animator.runtimeAnimatorController while running crashes editor.
  • (743239) - Shadows: Fixed "half of scene all in shadows" artifacts in some scene/camera setups.
  • (none) - Smart TV: Fixed a problem to show custom splash screen.
  • (740180) - Tizen: Fixed cursor initially starting in the wrong position on screen.
  • (none) - Tizen: Fixed OpenGL crashing issues on the Z300F.
  • (740172) - Tizen: Input field will no longer show
    when return is pressed on an empty entry.
  • (none) - VR: Backend work to support DX12 in the future.
  • (762582) - Windows Store: Fixed a "MdilXapCompile failed" error when trying to build Visual Studio project for Windows Phone 8.1. This used to happen when the Unity game had over 8000 classes across all assemblies.
  • (760989) - Windows Store: Fixed a crash which happened on "Windows N" versions when using IL2CPP scripting backend.
  • (762926) - Windows Store: Fixed an issue which caused small tiles get copied to Visual Studio solution incorrectly for Windows Phone 8.1 SDK.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Fixed antialising when calling Screen.SetResolution on Universal Windows 10 Apps/.
  • (764378) - Windows Store: Fixed Application.Quit() when using D3D project type or IL2CPP scripting backend.
  • (764632) - Windows Store: Fixed error "Task 'ExpandPriContent' failed." which occurred when trying to build an application package with IL2CPP scripting backend when using default Unity icons.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Fixed Visual studio graphics debugger crashing when trying to debug Windows Phone 8.1 projects.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Screen.Resolution(, , true) will no longer ignore width and height, so you can set your desired resolution on Universal Windows 10 Apps.
  • (748845) - Windows Store: Screen.resolutions will return a valid value.

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