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8. October 2015
So I fire up my iPad and notice this strange new icon:


What the heck is this? So I fire it up to discover it's Adobe Graphic. I dont have any such program installed? So I fire it used and low and behold, it's iDraw. What's iDraw? Its an extremely affordable and easy to use alternative to Ilustrator, think Inkscape but with a UI that doesnt take you to dark dark places. So apparently Adobe purchased iDraw, although there were no such announcements.

I have long been a fan, I own it both on my Mac and iPad and use it all the time. In fact I even did a game art in iDraw tutorial here in the past. You know what one of my favorite things was about iDraw? That it wasnt Adobe! :/

This is actually the second company whose products I use that Adobe purchased this year. Early they bought Mixamo a great animation resource for indie and AAA developers alike.

I have a sad feeling Adobe purchased iDraw to have a Vector app on iPad and the desktop version is as good as dead. My more foreboding fear is that it gets rolled into an Adobe subscription I simply dont want to pay for. Only time will tell. Thank goodness Blender and Krita cant be acquired!

EDIT- OK, epic fail on my behalf. Adobe didnt acquire iDraw, Autodesk (3D Studio, Maya, etc) did. This makes a GREAT deal more sense and may in fact be a good thing. My goodness do I need to start getting more sleep!

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