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15. May 2015

Urho3D an open source cross platform C++ based engine I covered in detail here, just released version 1.4. 



The following are the changes:



  • Direct3D11 and OpenGL 3 rendering. Shader Model 2 support removed.
  • Experimental Emscripten support.
  • Raspberry-Pi 2 support.
  • Overhauled build system with better out-of-source build support & source tree reorganization.
  • Add host-tool building support for cross-compiling build which makes enabling of Lua/LuaJIT on Android build easier to configure than before and also makes new URHO3D_PACKAGING build option possible.
  • Add new engine parameter to set the location of the asset/resource prefix path. This addition makes new URHO3D_MACOSX_BUNDLE build option possible.
  • Add proper precompiled header (PCH) support for GCC/Clang compiler toolchains (and their derivatives).
  • Add compiler cache (ccache) support to build system for host systems where ccache is installable. The support is available for both native and cross-compiler toolchains.
  • Crowd navigation and dynamic navigation mesh using the DetourCrowd and DetourTileCache libraries.
  • 2D rendering improvements and optimization.
  • Allow materials to use any texture unit; up to 8 consecutive material texture units available for desktop graphics.
  • Depth-only rendering pass and readable hardware depth support.
  • Cubemap support and using programmatically defined rendertargets in renderpaths.
  • Vertex and index buffer access from script through VectorBuffer.
  • UI can be rendered to a texture with a renderpath command.
  • Uncompressed DDS support: generic decode to 8-bit RGBA.
  • Dynamic audio types instead of hardcoded.
  • Dynamic cursor image type definitions.
  • Added various material techniques.
  • Allow reading Data/CommandLine.txt on all platforms, if Urho3DPlayer is started without parameters.
  • LOD level support in Terrain collision shape.
  • Reduce cost of rendering multiple materials with same shader parameter values, reduce shader switching cost on D3D9, and other rendering efficiency optimizations.
  • Refactored event subscription mechanism with Lua.
  • Add SpritePacker utility.
  • User configurable indentation for XML and JSON files.
  • Controls class moved away from Network subdirectory to allow using when Urho3D is built without networking.
  • MOBILE_GRAPHICS & DESKTOP_GRAPHICS defines for graphics capability level, to avoid hardcoded platform checks.
  • Remove bell sound when pressing Alt key combinations on Windows.
  • 8-bit time stamp added to client controls sent over the network. Allow to intercept attribute updates from network. These features should allow writing custom clientside prediction.
  • Return hit submesh index in raycast to StaticModel.
  • Fill mode added to materials.
  • AngelScript script objects can be stored in a Variant.
  • Improved attribute registration: class name and variant type not needed.
  • Add new rake tasks to facilitate configuring/generating and building Urho3D project, including external project using Urho3D library.
  • Update PugiXml to 1.5.
  • Update STB libraries to latest.
  • Editor: particle effect editor window.
  • Editor: sound type editor window.
  • Editor: remember script attributes and restore them if a compile error occurs.
  • Editor: remember custom var names globally in the editor configuration.
  • Editor: button-based editor for bitmask attributes.
  • Editor: duplicate operation.
  • Editor: resource browser improvements.
  • Editor: renderpath can be chosen.
  • Editor: allow running without Urho2D compiled in.
  • Editor: inspector lock.
  • Editor: ensure correct gizmo size in orthographic mode.
  • Editor: copy camera transform operation.
  • Editor: do not allow to set a dialog modal in the UI editor.
  • Fix mouse stutter by using SDL_PollEvent() instead of SDL_PumpEvents().
  • Fix various missing script bindings.
  • Fix missing editor grid after scene revert.
  • Fix StaticModelGrup alpha materials rendering only 1 instance.
  • Fix missing attribute side effects (ApplyAttributes) in attribute animation.
  • Fix billboard render sorting from several views on the same frame.
  • Fix editor to load UI assets from executable directory to prevent using old UI assets from user’s resource directories.
  • Fix UI element drag showing “not accepted” mistakenly.
  • Fix WritePackedQuaternion() always returning false.
  • Fix uninitialized variable in Shader class.
  • Fix wrong camera aspect ratio after modifying orthographic size.
  • Fix “lightvolumes” render path command not allowing custom shader defines.
  • Fix AnimatedSprite2D not hiding child sprites when disabled.
  • Fix missing export specifiers for some Urho3D classes.
  • Fix additive particle scale modification making the particle size negative.
  • Fix screen orientation issue on iOS 8.
  • Fix multiple view rendering for 2D drawables.
  • Fix Bullet friction on Clang compiler.
  • Fix textures left bound in multiple units on OpenGL.
  • Fix infinite loop in ResourceCache::AddPackageFile().
  • Fix corrupt network message reception by updating kNet library.
  • Fix NaN check working incorrectly on GCC.
  • Fix possible wrong logic when a component is removed from a scene node, as opposed to being destroyed.
  • Fix tab escape sequences in the generated script documentation.
  • Fix warnings that leak into Urho3D applications.
  • Fix being able to create a REPLICATED component into a LOCAL node.
  • Fix negative light direction from Assimp with certain 3D file formats.
  • Fix spot light FOV handling with Assimp.
  • Fix incorrect partial terrain update and improve terrain update worst-case performance.
  • Fix incorrect rendering to backbuffer after post-process pingponging on OpenGL.
  • Fix crash when calling FixInterpolation() incorrectly on a compressed sound resource.
  • Fix AngelScript compile on VS2015.
  • Fix crash with null materials in 2D rendering.
  • Fix kNet WinXP compatibility.
  • Fix possible threaded resource load issues with XML files.
  • Fix missing null checks in AnimatedSprite2D.
  • Fix window drag behavior with hidden mouse on Linux; require click in window before re-enabling hidden mouse on all desktop OS’es.
  • Fix erratic hidden mouse move when used together with touch input.
  • Fix black screen on OSX after fullscreen/windowed switch.
  • Fix incorrectly working AngelScript native calls on Clang / Windows.
  • Fix building of 32-bit Linux software package on 64-bit host system and add options for build system to produce correct “LIB_SUFFIX” for 64-bit Debian and RPM packages.

You can learn more about and download Urho3D right here.

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