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23. December 2014


As usual Steam is having a holiday sale, but this year it’s absolutely loaded with game dev tools.



Complete list (as of today) below:

*Note, some asset and packs are not included in the list.  


Graphics Applications and Engines
Leadwerks Game Engine 40% Link
3D Coat 25% Link
Axis Game Factory 75% Link
Substance Bitmap2Material 33% Link
FPS Weapons Pack 33% Link
AGK2 app game kit 2 33% Link
Silo 2 60% Link
Clickteam Fusion 2.5 66% Link
Fuse 66% Link
Indie Graphics Bundle 40% Link
Substance Painter 40% Link
facerig 33% Link
Fuse Clothing Substances Expansion 66% Link
Substance Indie Pack 25% Link
Spriter 50% Link
MangaMaker 60% Link
MindTex 33% Link
RaySupreme 3D 50% Link
GameMaker: Studio Pro 60% Link
RPG Maker VX Ace 60% Link
World Creator 15% Link
Shader Tool 15% Link
Audio and Video Applications
Action! Gameplay Recording and Streaming 40% Link
Z3TA+2 50% Link
Liquid Rhythm 50% Link
Play Claw Game Video Recorder 30% Link
Audio & Music Lab 45% Link
G8 Dynamic Gate 50% Link
Music Creator 6 50% Link
MAGIX Music Maker 2015 Premium 40% Link
Virtual DJ 66% Link
Illustration and Design
openCanvas 20% Link
Black ink 55% Link
Substance Designer 4 40% Link
Art Rage 4 40% Link
articy: draft 2 SE 60% Link
LogoMaker 4 50% Link
You Need a Budget 25% Link
AutoTileGen 50% Link
Wingware Python IDE 30% Link
Movie Writer Pro 40% Link


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