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16. April 2012



First off, Jamaica is an absolutely beautiful country.



Second, the sun is hot.  Really hot; something I seem to have stupidly forgotten and now am paying a pretty serious price for.  Even SPF 70 sunscreen ( which I didn’t even realize existed until now ) didn’t help.



Third, the age of e-books is upon us!




The last part really shocked me.  I was considering picking up a couple “dead tree” books to bring down with me, so I didn’t look like a total dork reading my books on my Galaxy Note.  Inget_musty_smell_out_of_books the end I decided against it, I haven’t purchased a paper book in years and since when did I care about looking like a total dork anyways?



Well, turns out that fear was horrifically misplaced.  In fact almost everybody there that was reading was using an e-reader!  The Kindle Fire was easily the most popular reader, probably representing about 50% of readers that I saw.  This makes me kinda envious, as we sadly can’t get the Fire in Canada.  Perhaps even more odd, outside of the Fire, I saw almost no “old” kindles.  The Nook seemed to be the most predominant runner up to the Kindle Fire, although Sony seemed to be pretty well represented.



Yes… I really did spend my vacation gawking at people’s e-readers.  I was simply staggered at how ubiquitous they have in fact become.  You know how many good ole fashion books I saw during my time on vacation?   3.



Oh, and the number of books I actually ended up reading?  0.



Anyways, things should be back to normal with new content in these here parts shortly.

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