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8. February 2012



A couple days back, PlayN developers posted a handy little tablet showing what the current development status is for each supported platform.  The iOS support seems to be coming along nicely, but as you can see, there is still some work to be done.

  Java HTML5 Android iOS Flash
Analytics Stub Comp Stub Stub Stub
Assets Comp Comp Comp Part Comp
Audio Comp Comp Part Stub Comp
Graphics Comp Comp Comp Part Part
Json Comp Comp Comp Comp Comp
Keyboard Comp Comp Comp Stub Comp
Log Comp Comp Comp Comp Comp
Mouse Comp Comp N/A N/A Stub
Net Comp Comp Comp Stub Stub
Pointer Comp Comp Comp Comp Comp
RegExp Comp Comp Comp Stub Stub
Storage Comp Comp Comp Comp Comp
Touch N/A Comp Comp Comp Stub


  • N/A - not applicable to this platform (i.e. mouse on mobile).
  • Stub - non-functional placeholder implementation.
  • Part - partially implemented with some missing pieces.
  • Comp - fully implemented.

Also see the Roadmap.



Very cool news.  One of the items on the roadmap is better documentation, something I really look forward to.  Supporting iOS is definitely a huge deal, especially for Java developers that don’t want to go within a thousand feet of Objective C but want to be able to target the massive iPhone/iPod/iPad market, while still supporting desktop, Android and web targets.


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