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SuperPowers Tutorial Series


The following is a collection of tutorials showing you how to use the Superpowers HTML5 game engine.  Superpowers is an open source collobaroative game engine with Typescript and experimental Lua support.


Part One – Getting Started

In this tutorial we setup the Superpowers engine, launch a server and create our first project.


Part Two – Actors and Components

In this tutorial we take a closer look at the Superpowers editor.  Then we explore Actors and Components, the primary building blocks of a Superpowers game.


Part Three – Sprites and Animation

Next we look at create an actor that contains a SpriteRenderer.  We then take it one step further and setup a multi frame animation.


Part Four – Scripting Behaviors

In this tutorial we finally get down to a bit of programming.  Scripts are attached to actors using Behaviors, which is exactly what we do, attaching a script that responds to keyboard presses by moving the sprite we created earlier.

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