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This is where I will gather the various reviews GameFromScratch publishes. True, it is a little sparse at the moment, but expect that to improve in time!  If you have a product you want to learn more about, let me know!  Did you make a product that would be handy to game developers and want it reviewed, again let me know.  Sending me a copy won’t guarantee you a good score, but it will almost certainly get you a review; from there the quality of your product determines the result!









Photoshop Touch for Android Tablets


Could it be the first real contender for the undisputed Photoshop throne comes from its 10$ little sibling?  Well no, but it comes damned close!  If you have an Android tablet ( or as of Spring 2012 and iPad ), I highly recommend you read this review! Read on…






Daz3D's Hexagon 2.5


Hexagon is a 3D modeling application, primarily geared towards creating assets for DAZ’s Studio application.  It is a full featured modeler, loaded with potential, but burdened with some very serious flaws.  Read on…



 provides on demand Mac computers in the cloud that you can remotely control.  They are pre-configured with all the software most game developers would want.  Much cheaper than buying a full Mac, but does it work?  Read on…











Unity Book Roundup


Not actually a review, instead a comprehensive list of all currently available and upcoming books covering game development using Unity.

Read on…




Javascript: The Good Parts & Javascript: The Definitive Guide

This is actually a pair of reviews in one.  These two Javascript books couldn't be different, but both are extremely good reads for vastly different reasons.  If you are developing in Javascript, you should check them out.

Read on…

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