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Complete Blender Game Art Tutorial. From zero experience to 2D or 3D game ready asset


Exactly as the title says, this title takes someone with ZERO experience and teaches them how to use Blender to the point they will be able to create their own low polygon fully textured game model for use in a 3D game engine like Unity or UDK.  It then goes one step further and shows how to render that model into a spriteBlenderTutorial sheet suitable for use in a 2D game.


So if you’ve got no experience and wanted to learn how to use Blender for making game art, this is the perfect series for you!  Each part assumes you have read the prior part.  At the bottom of each tutorial is a link to the next one.  For each newly introduced concept the tutorials will go into incredible detail of what you need to do.  I hope you enjoy it!  If you run into any problems or questions, please let me know.






General Blender



Selection and Navigation

Introduction to 3D Modelling

Modelling Operations

Quick Reference


Modelling Tutorials



The Concept Art 

Modelling In Blender Part 1: Setting up reference images 

Modelling In Blender Part 2: Box Modelling

Modelling In Blender Part 3: More Box Modelling

Modelling In Blender Part 4: Enough with the damned Box Modelling!


Texturing Tutorials


UV Unwrapping Explained

Creating a UV Map

Applying a Texture

Painting in Blender

External Texture Editing


The Rest of the process


Simple Keyframe Animation

The Blender Camera

Lighting in Blender





Appendix A: Adding detail to a low polygon model

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