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16. June 2020

Reported on Venture Beat by respected games journalist Dean Takahashi, Epic Games are looking to raise an addition $750 million dollars, valuing Epic Games at an eye watering 17 BILLION dollars.

Fortnite maker Epic Games is raising $750 million, according to two sources who spoke to GamesBeat. Bloomberg reported the news first, but we have independently confirmed the details in our story.

The deal would give Epic a pre-money valuation of $16.3 billion, with a post-money valuation (the value of the company after the deal is done) of $17 billion. Epic Games is the developer and publisher of Fortnite, which has more than 350 million users. And it is also the creator of the Unreal Engine, a fundamental toolset for building many games (and increasingly, making movies and TV). Epic declined to comment.

A valuation on 17B would mark a hefty return on the earlier $825M Tencent investment, which resulted in Tencent holding a 40% minority stake in Epic Games.  Epic Games are not the only company looking to raise further capital.  Unity have long been rumoured to be looking at an IPO, with recent discussions heating up again.  You can learn more about both companies in the video below.

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16. June 2020

Today on the Unity Asset Store, they are running the Fantastic Fantasy bundle, a collection of Unity assets around a common medieval/fantasy theme with a consistent low polygon art style.  The bundle is organized into tiers, purchase a higher value tier you get all of the asset in the tiers below it as well.  The bundle assets consist of:

10$ Tier

  • Simple Fantasy UI
  • Fantasy Village Pack
  • Interface and Item Sounds

20$ Tier

  • POLYGON Fantasy Characters
  • 2000 Fantasy Icons
  • Low Poly Medieval Castle Pack
  • Tower Defence Pack
  • Fantasy Game (Sound FX)

30$ Tier

  • Stylized Fantasy Forest Environment
  • POLYGON Knights Pack
  • Fantasy Adventure Environment
  • Fantastic Village Pack
  • Low Poly Animated Animals
  • Emerald AI 2.0
  • Low Poly Terrain Polaris V2

The bundle runs until the end of June 2020, purchasing the bundle using this link provides a small commission to GFS (and thanks if you do!).  You can learn more about this bundle on the Unity blog or watching the video below.

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15. June 2020

PICO-8 is perhaps the most popular of the fantasy consoles and if you are extremely quick, you can pick it up as part of the Racial Justice bundle along with a ton of other development tools and indie games.  PICO-8 is described as:

PICO-8 is a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs. It feels like a regular console, but runs on Windows / Mac / Linux. When you turn it on, the machine greets you with a commandline, a suite of cartridge creation tools, and an online cartridge browser called SPLORE.

It emulates a very limited virtual machine:

128x128 16 colours

Cartridge Size

4 channel chip blerps


256 8x8 sprites

128x32 cels

Additionally PICO-8 has several built in tools including a sprite editor, sound editor, level editor and music editor, as well as tools for publishing and sharing your creations with out.  The underlying programming language is Lua and is documented here.  You can check out PICO-8 in action in the video below.

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15. June 2020

Very similar in scope and purpose to the recently covered Gravity language, today we are looking at wren.  wren is a class based programming language that aims to bring Smalltalk like programming to a Lua sized footprint, with the intention of being embedded in application code.  Highlights of wren include:

  • Wren is small. The VM implementation is under 4,000 semicolons. You can skim the whole thing in an afternoon. It's small, but not dense. It is readable and lovingly-commented.

  • Wren is fast. A fast single-pass compiler to tight bytecode, and a compact object representation help Wren compete with other dynamic languages.

  • Wren is class-based. There are lots of scripting languages out there, but many have unusual or non-existent object models. Wren places classes front and center.

  • Wren is concurrent. Lightweight fibers are core to the execution model and let you organize your program into an army of communicating coroutines.

  • Wren is a scripting language. Wren is intended for embedding in applications. It has no dependencies, a small standard library, and an easy-to-use C API. It compiles cleanly as C99, C++98 or anything later.

Wren is open source under the MIT license with the source available on GitHub.  You can also try out the wren language in your browser using this handy site.  You can learn more about wren in the video below.

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11. June 2020

In a post-Covid world, Epic Games are joining the GDC conference in going online this summer.  Unlike GDC however, Unreal Fest is completely free to attend!

Details from the Unreal Website:

Coming to you from the comfort of your own home on Tuesday, July 14, Unreal Fest Online is a free one-day virtual event that brings together Unreal Fest and Unreal Academy to offer an exciting and informative program of sessions that’s open to everyone.

Unreal Engine creators can choose between five content tracks: architecture; automotive; games; film, TV & live events; and cross-industry. With a choice of sessions for each timeslot in each track, there are over 50 sessions in total, and each session includes a live Q&A.

Creators across all industries are invited to come together to hear about the latest Unreal Engine developments (including more on what’s coming in UE5), learn new techniques and skills, and watch inspirational speakers from companies like Audi, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, Rocksteady Studios, and Zero Density reveal how they use Unreal Engine in their projects.

Whether you’re a game developer, architect, engineer, designer, artist, producer, or cinematographer, if you create with Unreal Engine or are thinking about getting started, Unreal Fest Online is for you.

As mentioned earlier, GDC is also online this year with a $299 early bird all access price.  GDC will run from August 4th – August 6th.  Details of both online events is available in the video below.

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