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2. October 2019

Humble are running another bundle of interest to game developers, this one is the Humble Make Your Card Game! Bundle a collection of graphics packs from the Unity, Unreal and GameDevMarket asset stores.  While themed around creating CCG’s, this pack also includes graphics such as tile and hex maps, icons and more.

As always Bundles are organized into tiers.  The tiers of this bundle include:

1$ Tier:

  • Pets Cards
  • Wooden Card Template
  • Quest Journal
  • Strategy Game Icons
  • Tabletop Tokens
  • Coin Icons
  • RPG Professional Badges

17$ Tier:

  • Loot Cards
  • Mobs Avatar Icons
  • Race Badges
  • Clan Shields
  • Yellow Card Template
  • Green Card Template
  • Magic Badges
  • RPG Class Badges
  • Fantasy Banners
  • Item Cards
  • Steampunk Anime Avatars
  • Monsters Avatar Icons
  • Fantasy Badges

20$ Tier

  • TCG Card Design
  • TCG Cards Pack
  • Fantasy Characters
  • Fantasy Anime Avatars
  • Creature Cards
  • Blue Card Template
  • Red Card Template
  • Sci-Fi Card Template
  • Magic Cards Pack
  • Tabletop Badges
  • Tabletop Terrain
  • Map Tiles
  • Fantasy Cards Pack
  • Avatars Megapack
  • Badges Megapack
  • Game Tokens

As with all Humble Bundles, you decide how your purchase should be allocated, between the publisher, Humble, charity and if you choose to (and thanks if you do!) using this link you can support GameFromScratch.  While the assets are from three different asset stores originally, all of the assets are available to download in zip form directly from Humble.

You can learn more about this bundle in the video below.

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2. October 2019

Today Godot announced they have a new platinum sponsor, Heroic Labs.  A platinum sponsor has pledges at least $1500 a month towards the development of Godot, an open source 2D/3D game engine that is open source and entirely crowd funded.  This pledge should help with the future development of Godot, enabling Godot to employ more developers in a full time capacity.

Details of the sponsorship from the new posts:

Today, open source game development tools do a similar job. They help everyone –– from indie developers to AAA studios –– to focus on creating the best game rather than having to rebuild a physics engine, shift graphics blobs manually in memory, or develop reliable back-end infrastructure.

That’s why we created Nakama and made it open source. We wanted game developers to have access to the same high quality back-end functionality that’s available to developers working in other industries. Crucially, we wanted to make sure that anyone could build their game with Nakama, whether they’re learning in their bedroom, bootstrapping as an indie dev, or trying something new at a big studio.

We’re thrilled that Godot shares our passion for open source tooling and we’re excited by the possibilities unlocked by combining Godot and Nakama.

Plus some details of their future plans regarding Godot:

Nakama is a real-time, competitive, social back-end that helps game developers create compelling multiplayer experiences. Already we have integrations with Unity, Unreal Engine, Swift, Android, and more.

Right now, we’re working on our integration with Godot Engine and we’ll post an update once it’s available. Nakama and Godot together will give a whole new generation of game developers the opportunity to build resilient, beautiful, and immersive gameplay experiences.

Nakama is an open source back end server for networked games.  You can host it yourself or use their managed hosting solutions.  You can learn more about the sponsorship and about Nakama in the video below.  If you are interested in learning how to use Godot, be sure to check out our tutorial series available here or our step by step series available here.

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1. October 2019

It’s the first of the month so that means free Unreal Engine stuff!  Since November of 2018 Epic Games have been giving away free UE4 marketplace content in the form of  at least 5 free assets that need to be “purchased” during the month, as well as at least two permanently free items.  Once you have “purchased” the monthly content, it is however yours to keep forever.

This month’s content consists of:

  • Dynamic Locomotion + Blueprints
  • EMS Easy Multi Save
  • Flowers and Plants Nature Pack
  • Loading Screen System
  • Close Combat Swordsman

The new permanently free content additions are:

  • jRPG Template
  • Modular Sci-Fi Season 2 Starter Bundle

You can find the monthly content here, while the entire collection of free forever content is available here.  You can also locate and purchase the content using the Epic Game Launcher. 

In a bit of possible bad news, a marketplace provider reached out to me to let me know that this might be the end.  It was initially planned that the marketplace giveaways would be a year long program and sadly this month represents the 12th such month of giveaways.  Epic have not confirmed that there will or won’t be another such giveaway come November or if there will be a replacement program offered.  I suppose we will find out on November 1st, won’t we?  You can learn more  about the assets and the program in the video below.

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30. September 2019

While not strictly about game development, Humble are running a ebook bundle of Unix and Linux Books by O’Reilly Press.  As always the bundle is broken into tiers, where if you buy a higher dollar tier, you get all of theirs below it.

The tiers of this bundle include the following books:

1$ Tier

  • Shell Scripting
  • Linux Device Drivers
  • Regular Expressions
  • Grep
  • GNU Emacs
  • UNIX Power Tools

8$ Tier

  • Learning the bash Shell
  • vi and Vim Editors
  • Linux in a Nutshell
  • sed & Awk

15$ Tier

  • bash Cookbook
  • Linux System Programming
  • Regular Expressions
  • Effective awk Programming
  • Linux Pocket Guide

As with all Humble Bundles, you can decide how your money is allocated.  If you use this link you can direct it towards the publisher, Humble, Charity or if you so choose GFS (and thanks if you do!).

No video for this bundle as it’s a bit far to far from game development (although would certainly be useful for server programming as an example), also in an attempt to prevent Humble burnout! ;)

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28. September 2019

Riot games, makers of the popular League of Legends, just released a free game design course aimed at high school level teachers.  The course is composed of 6 modules with assignments, linked videos and various downloadable items.

Topics consist of:

  • Game Feeling & 8 Kinds of Fun
  • Goals & Pacing
  • Meaningful Decisions & Opposition
  • Rules, Thematics and Complexity
  • Interaction
  • Final Project

The course ciriculum is available here.  The URF Academy Online Game Design Curriculum is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Additionally Riot Games produced an interesting blog post about the future of their game engine design available here.  Learn more about both in the video below.

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