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15. February 2016


The Spring Engine has seen a pair of release candidates in the last week, RC 2 and RC 3 of version 101. 

Spring is a versatile 3D RTS game engine. Using extensively Lua for scripting game-specific code to make nearly every aspect of the engine customizable, from GUI, to unit AI, to pathfinding.

In terms of the recent release candidates, the contained the following.

Release Candidate 2

  • Ground decals offsets and issues
  • Unit reflections glitches
  • SetCameraState graphical glitch
  • Failed shader validation in ATI
  • No lighting when advunitshading is off
  • Activated/deactivated callin spam when non-fighter plane is guarding
  • Hovercrafts failing to land
  • Unitscript callin StopMoving() called twice for planes

Release Candidate 3

  • Various gunships/plane landing/vibrating bugs
  • Custom commands with queue=false partially clear the queue
  • Refractive water doesn't show submerged things with dual screen minimap on Left
  • LuaUI crash on GetConfigData error
  • Flickering with shadows off and /water 4
  • Line build shows differrent positions than ones that are actually issued in commands.

Spring can be downloaded here.

GameDev News

14. February 2016


Another preview release of Unreal 4.11 has been released, this one with some significant new animation functionality.

With the fifth Preview release of 4.11 now available to download from the launcher, developers can now check out the new animation updates including; marker based syning for animations and Anim Dynamics Skeletal Control for Animation Blueprints (a brand new self-contained and simple physics simulation node allowing for dynamic motion to be procedurally added to skeletal meshes without having to use a full physics solution),

Of course, this release also brings several bug fixes, including:

Fixed! UE-23373 [CrashReport] Crash occurs opening some animations - TSharedMapView<FName,FString>::Find()
Fixed! UE-26336 Crash importing a skeletal mesh while the same mesh is open in Persona
Fixed! UE-26230 Selecting a component on an instance crashes the editor.
Fixed! UE-26203 Crash Occurs When Using Move Component To and Overlap Event
Fixed! UE-26103 CLONE - Right clicking text fields causes window to shrink
Fixed! UE-26004 Crash when redoing a paste of a copied event node
Fixed! UE-25677 Unable to package code projects for HTML5 emcc link command line is very long
Fixed! UE-25571 Can't Launch On or Package code templates on iOS
Fixed! UE-25593 UnrealHeaderTool does not detect program plugins enabled by default
Fixed! UE-25332 Can't paste a hierarchy of UMG widgets into a Panel widget after deleting previous child
Fixed! UE-26466 PhysX libraries version mismatch
Fixed! UE-26547 Crash in editor while compiling in Event Graph (One off crash)
Fixed! UE-26432 Memory leak in instanced static mesh (e.g. foliage) lightmap building
Fixed! UE-25948 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!NewObject<UGameInstance>() [uobjectglobals.h:1130]
Fixed! UE-24553 Auto Convex Collision will cause crash when using significantly small meshes
Fixed! UE-25006 Merge bug fix for Vertex Colors in UI Materials into 4.11
Fixed! UE-24967 Integrate D3D12 update from MS
Fixed! UE-24038 Setting ComponentTick as a Hide Category in an Actor Component Blueprint corrupts the BP and causes a crash when opened after an editor restart
Fixed! UE-26134 Add missing GetNoAffinityMask
Fixed! UE-26129 OpenRead of a file in OBB but outside of a PAK starts with wrong seek location
Fixed! UE-26112 Widget Component blurry in when set to masked
Fixed! UE-26106 AddToPlayerScreen not respecting camera aspect ratio lock
Fixed! UE-26033 Blueprints: SPaletteItemVisibilityToggle crashing on a bogus weakobject pointer
Fixed! UE-26021 SOverlay will not call paint for a child slot if that slot's rectangle does not intersect the overlay's clipping rectangle
Fixed! UE-26005 Undoing and redoing the addition of an add component node creates an invisible node in the blueprint graph
Fixed! UE-25989 PhysX crash closing QAGame on Mac
Fixed! UE-25932 Making changes to a character's variables in the constructor is not updating correctly
Fixed! UE-25905 CouchKnights fireball fires twice
Fixed! UE-25850 Launch on Apple TV fails due to version mismatch
Fixed! UE-25688 Some ContentExamples maps have player start outside level boundary
Fixed! UE-24584 CRASH: User Defined Structs can have object references in a Map be set on the structure
Fixed! UE-25599 [CrashReport] Auto-Convex Collision Generation crashing with specific Mesh
Fixed! UE-25506 Vehicle Template's dashboard view camera on ground in VR
Fixed! UE-25550 The diff tool causes crashes
Fixed! UE-25507 Vehicle Advanced Template's dashboard view camera on ground in VR
Fixed! UE-25367 Camera position too low in ShowdownVRDemo Cinematic
Fixed! UE-25333 Mac project packaged in Shipping does not have a UE4 icon
Fixed! UE-25235 Collision volumes don't keep their color in cooked game
Fixed! UE-21503 Importing multiple SpeedTree assets that use the same texture will not assign correctly
Fixed! UE-26298 In 4.11.0-preview-3 FBox2D is not backward compatible
Fixed! UE-25411 Tappy Chicken does not display a numerical score on iOS
Fixed! UE-22118 Renaming component causes Engine/Transient save error
Fixed! UE-25848 Dbuffer Decals only render in one eye in stereoscopic with instanced stereo
Fixed! UE-26277 Infinite loop in SMultiLineEditableText::MoveCursor when using Ctrl+Up/Down
Fixed! UE-23921 Crash when setting a structure's variable to a custom enum named Color
Fixed! UE-25747 StrategyGame and Sun Temple levels render as black on the several Mobile devices

You can download the preview release using the Epic launcher.  Of course, there be dragons with these releases, so it’s for the brave or foolish only.

GameDev News

14. February 2016


A new version of Love, the popular Lua based 2D game engine, was released today.  Release 0.10.1 brings:

  • Fixed a Lua error in the no-game screen if the window's height is too small.
  • Fixed the default error handler to reset the mouse Cursor.
  • Fixed love.filesystem functions crashing when called if liblove is used directly without calling love.filesystem.init.
  • Fixed audio on Android to pause when the app is inactive, and resume when the app becomes active again.
  • Fixed Source:setRelative to set the relative state of playing Sources to the passed value rather than an old cached one.
  • Fixed the Video decoding thread hanging after Video:seek or when a Video finishes.
  • Fixed Video:isPlaying to always return false after it finishes playing.
  • Fixed RandomGenerator:random crashing if a nil 'self' is used.
  • Fixed loading BMFont files which have characters with 0 width or height (a space character, for example).
  • Fixed causing crashes if FileData is passed in.
  • Fixed causing crashes on OpenGL ES 2 systems when a Canvas is active.
  • Fixed object creation functions (e.g. to error instead of crash, if called before a window has been created.
  • Fixed a driver bug on some Android devices which caused all objects to show up as black.
  • Fixed a driver bug on Windows with AMD graphics cards where would not always work.
  • Fixed Shader:sendColor incorrectly converting alpha values from sRGB to linear RGB when gamma-correct rendering is enabled.
  • Fixed double-converting colors from sRGB to linear RGB when gamma-correct rendering is enabled.
Other changes
  • Updated the Windows executable to prefer the high-powered AMD graphics card on systems which have switchable Intel+AMD GPUs.
  • Updated love.touch.getTouches to return the list of IDs in the relative order that the touches initially happened (i.e. the first ID in the list is the least recently pressed touch that is currently active), instead of being in a random order.
  • Updated the error messages caused by invalid or bad arguments to ImageData and SoundData methods to be more descriptive.

If you are interested in learning more about Love and Lua I featured it in this multi-part video tutorial series for beginning gamedev.

GameDev News

12. February 2016


SDKBOX started life as a tool that made integrating 3rd party SDKs such as Google Analytics or Google/Apple IAP into Cocos2d-x applications easy.  It was just recently spun out from under the Cocos2d-x project by parent company Chukong.  This move seems to be in advance of adding support for other engines, namely Unreal and Unity.  Right now however the implementation for both engines is minimal, limited to just the In-App Purchases module.  I assume in time more plugins will be brought over to the other engines.


From the above linked article:

Asked why the company did this, Zhao said in an email, “By being a standalone company we can cover a much broader (fully half) portion of the market. SDK fatigue is an efficiency drain for all mobile developers, regardless of the engine they are using. By defining the problem we are working on, rather than the engine we are working with, we can serve game developers impartially.”

SDKBOX has also begun supporting rival game engines from Unity Technologies and Epic Games with its 2.0 update. And earlier this month, the SDKBOX in-app purchase controller was approved for sale and listed in the Unity Asset Store.

Haozhi Chen, CEO of Chukong Technologies, said in a statement, “Spinning off SDKBOX was the next logical step for scaling the business within the games industry. This move provides more autonomy for SDKBOX to support additional engines and grow market share in the live operations technology market for games. Additionally, the new company will have dedicated financial and strategic support from Chukong, and we’re looking forward to the future growth of this sector for our overall business.”

GameDev News

11. February 2016


I have to say, I just came across this custom branch of Blender and it’s astonishingly good.  In addition to a number of improvements to viewport lighting, this Blender branch actually brings PBR (Physically Based Rendering) to the Blender viewport.  To really appreciate what has been accomplished here, you really need to check out the video.

Blender PBR viewport Branch v0.2 from Clément FOUCAULT on Vimeo.

You can also see a direct before and after shot below!

This is truly some impressive work. It is available on the Author's website. By the way, he is looking for work in the GameDev field... someone hire this guy!

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