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26. February 2020

Humble are running a new bundle of interest to game developers, specifically artists, the HUMBLE SOFTWARE BUNDLE: NATURAL & DIGITAL PAINTING KIT bundle.  This bundle is a collection of software and addons for creating digital art as well as replicating natural media.  As with all bundles this one is organized into tiers, if you buy a higher dollar value tier you get all of the tiers below it.

1$ Tier

  • Inspirit

18$ Tier

  • Flame Painter 4
  • Amberlight 2
  • Several particle brushes for Flame Painter 4

20$ Tier

  • Rebelle 3
  • Flame Painter Connect Photoshop Plugin
  • Several Papers for Rebelle 3
  • More Brushes for Flame Painter 4

Rebelle is a natural media painting application, Flame Painter 4 is a particle system brush based painting application (that can be plugged into Photoshop), Amberlight is extremely interest but hard to describe, while Inspirit is basically just a toy.

As with all Humble bundles, you can decide how your money is allocated, between the publisher, humble, charity and if you so choose (and thanks if you do!) to support GFS if purchased using this link.  You can learn more about the bundle and see the four main applications in action in the video below.

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26. February 2020

Quixel Bridge 2020 was recently released, the first major release since being acquired by Epic Games late last year. Quixel Bridge acts as a… well bridge, in between your 3D and texturing content and your games engines and tools of choice, with plugins for most applications including Blender, Max, Maya, Unreal Engine and even Unity. With the release of Quixel Bridge 2020, it is now completely free for everybody.  Even if you don’t use Megascans, Quixel Bridge can be an excellent tool for organizing and managing your graphics content, especially now that a subscription is no longer required.

Details from the Quixel release announcement:

Better, faster, and free forever

We’ve improved the 3D viewer to give you more accurate real-time PBR shaders, plus inertial rotation and zooming.

Additionally, we’ve also updated the Maya, Blender, and Cinema 4D integrations with new improvements and bug fixes. We have also finally introduced support for the Alembic file format, and you can start downloading and exporting .ABC files right away.

But most importantly, Bridge is now completely free for everyone, forever. A paid subscription is no longer needed simply to access, download or export your content at any time.

Free unlimited Megascans for use in Unreal

And finally, the entire Megascans library is now completely free for use within Unreal Engine. Just log in with your UE account and you are all set!

We’re beyond excited to offer the entire Megascans library, Bridge and Mixer completely free of charge. And, in combination with Unreal Engine, creating any world imaginable has never been more exciting!

Check out the video below to learn more about Quixel Bridge, including how to install and use Bridge with Blender and Unreal Engine 4.24.

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25. February 2020

Hot on the heels of Godot’s recent Epic winfall, ArmorPaint has become the latest recipient of the Epic MegaGrant program, first announced during the Unreal keynote at GDC 2019.  ArmorPaint is an open source PBR-based texture painting application, similar in function to Substance Painter.

Details of the megagrant were announced on Twitter:



You can learn more about ArmorPaint in our recent hands-on video.  ArmorPaint is open source and is free, but you need to build the binaries yourself.  For instructions on how to build ArmorPaint from source check out our guide available here.  For more details on the ArmorPaint Epic MegaGrant be sure to check out our video below.

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24. February 2020

The long running open source GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program, just released version 2.10.18.  After skipping the release of 2.10.16 due to a critical bug, there is a fair bit in this release.

Release features include:

  • Tools are now grouped in the toolbox by default
  • Sliders now use a compact style with improved user interaction
  • Vastly improved user experience for the transformation preview
  • Dockable areas now highlighted when a dockable dialog is being dragged
  • New 3D Transform tool to rotate and pan items
  • Much smoother brush outline preview motion on the canvas
  • Symmetry painting enhancements
  • Faster loading of ABR brushes
  • PSD support improvements
  • Consolidated user interface for merging down and anchoring layers
  • Update check to notify users of new releases available
  • 28 bug fixes, 15 translation updates

You can learn more about the 2.10.18 release in the release notes available here.  GIMP is available for download on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD and Solaris.  GIMP is open source under the GPL v3 license with source details available here.  You can learn more about GIMP and the 2.10.18 update in the video below.

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23. February 2020

Verge3D is a toolkit for enabling artists to create web experiences with minimal or no coding using Blender, Max or Maya.  Founded by team members from the Blend4Web project Verge3D allows you to create content using your graphics application of choice, then using their (locally installed) web based tools you can add logic using their visual programming language Puzzles.


Verge3D is available in a free fully functional trial version (watermarked) available for download here.  Verge3D is available for Windows, Mac and Linux for Blender 3D as well as Windows only for 3DS Max and Windows and Linux for Maya.

Check out Verge 3D for Blender in action in the video below.

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