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1. October 2019

It’s the first of the month so that means free Unreal Engine stuff!  Since November of 2018 Epic Games have been giving away free UE4 marketplace content in the form of  at least 5 free assets that need to be “purchased” during the month, as well as at least two permanently free items.  Once you have “purchased” the monthly content, it is however yours to keep forever.

This month’s content consists of:

  • Dynamic Locomotion + Blueprints
  • EMS Easy Multi Save
  • Flowers and Plants Nature Pack
  • Loading Screen System
  • Close Combat Swordsman

The new permanently free content additions are:

  • jRPG Template
  • Modular Sci-Fi Season 2 Starter Bundle

You can find the monthly content here, while the entire collection of free forever content is available here.  You can also locate and purchase the content using the Epic Game Launcher. 

In a bit of possible bad news, a marketplace provider reached out to me to let me know that this might be the end.  It was initially planned that the marketplace giveaways would be a year long program and sadly this month represents the 12th such month of giveaways.  Epic have not confirmed that there will or won’t be another such giveaway come November or if there will be a replacement program offered.  I suppose we will find out on November 1st, won’t we?  You can learn more  about the assets and the program in the video below.

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10. September 2019

Fanatical have just entered the book market with a number of eBook bundles on a variety of subjects including Blender, Unity, Unreal and C++ development.  In the case of the Unreal and C++ books you can even buy individual books or smaller bundle packages to suit your needs.  Additionally there are bundles on machine learning, security, blockchain, Wordpress, command line and more.

The primary bundles of interest to game developers are:

The books in this bundle are from Packt Press, which can vary massively in quality.  Several of the books have also been in prior Humble Bundles, so be sure to check your Humble library before making a purchase.  All of the above links contain an affiliate code that helps support the channel if you use them to make a purchase (and thanks if you do!). 

Learn more about the bundles in the video below.

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5. September 2019

Epic have just released Unreal Engine 4.23.  The star feature, the new Chaos physics and destruction engine announced back at GDC made it’s beta release in this version, although you currently have to build UE4 from source.  The new physics system enables you to destroy world geometry with fine tune control as well as tightly integrate with the Niagara particle system.

Details of this release from the Unreal Engine blog:

Thanks to our next-gen virtual production tools and enhanced real-time ray tracing, film and TV production is transformed. Now you can achieve final shots live on set, with LED walls powered by nDisplay that not only place real-world actors and props within UE4 environments, but also light and cast reflections onto them (Beta). We've also added VR scouting tools (Beta), enhanced Live Link real-time data streaming, and the ability to remotely control UE4 from an iPad or other device (Beta). Ray tracing has received numerous enhancements to improve stability and performance, and to support additional material and geometry types—including landscape geometry, instanced static meshes, procedural meshes, and Niagara sprite particles.

Unreal Engine lets you build realistic worlds without bounds. Fracture, shatter, and demolish massive-scale scenes at cinematic quality with unprecedented levels of artistic control using the new Chaos physics and destruction system. Paint stunning vistas for users to experience using runtime Virtual Texturing, non-destructive Landscape editing, and interactive Actor placement using the Foliage tool.

We have optimized systems, provided new tools, and added features to help you do more for less. Virtual Texturing reduces texture memory overhead for light maps and detailed artist-created textures, and improves rendering performance for procedural or layered materials respectively. Animation streaming enables more animations to be used by limiting the runtime memory impact to only those currently in use. Use Unreal Insights to collect, analyze, and visualize data on UE4 behavior for profiling, helping you understand engine performance from either live or pre-recorded sessions.

This release includes 192 improvements submitted by the incredible community of Unreal Engine developers on GitHub!

Be sure to check the full release announcement for more details on the release or watch the video below.

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1. September 2019

Every month Epic Games release several free assets on the Unreal Engine marketplace and this September is no exception.  Keep in mind you need to “purchase” the assets during the month of September for free then you can keep them forever.  Additionally Epic make a couple free assets available forever each month.

September Free Assets

Free Forever Assets

You can learn more about the asset giveaway on the Unreal Engine blog or by watching the video below.

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27. August 2019

Epic Games have just announced an Unreal Engine marketplace sale running from August 27th through September 3rd, 2019.  Details from the Unreal Engine blog:

It’s officially the 5-year anniversary of the Unreal Engine Marketplace!
Celebrate with us by saving up to 50% on select products. Over 4,000 fantastic products have been discounted, ranging from environments, Blueprints, props,characters and beyond!

The sale runs now through September 3 at 11:59 PM EDT.

Thank you to all the amazing Marketplace creators who have contributed to the Unreal development community over the last five years by offering outstanding content and support.

Don't forget to check out the currently free offerings for August if you haven’t already.  An asset of interest to many developers was the CCG Toolkit, previously featured for free, which is currently on sale for 50% off in the sale if you missed it before.

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