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5. March 2016


Another Unity patch has been released, this one is Unity Patch 5.3.3p2.  It contains the following new features, as per the release notes:

  • Android: Audio - Don't select OpenSL output if the native device params are too bad for fast path (fixes audio issues on buggy devices).
  • Android: Buildpipe - Updated SDK tools requirements for the Editor.
  • Android: Editor - Added Marshmallow to the list of APIs.
  • Android: IL2CPP - Use Android NDK x64 on x64 Windows Editor.
  • Android: SoftInput - Get rid of hardcoded text color, switch to Light theme.
  • Windows: Added a new command line argument for standalone builds: window-mode. Options: borderless, exclusive. It lets users override the default fullscreen window behavior.
  • (768974) - Android: Fixed alignment crash on some Android ARM devices.
  • (734124) - Android: Fixed an issue where Ping wouldn't work in release mode.
  • (762875) - Android: Fixed black screen or crash during startup on old PVR devices (Samsung Galaxy S I9000).
  • (759195) - Android: Fixed bug in Texture.GetPixels for ETC compressed textures.
  • (763447) - Android: IL2CPP - Fixed build errors on NDK paths with whitespaces.
  • (766698) - Android: IL2CPP - Fixed crash on second startup after installation.
  • (714661) - Asset Bundles: Only reimport when setting asset bundle name if cache server is connected.
  • (none) - Crash: Fixed GenerateSecondaryUVs crashes on certain meshes.
  • (759231) - Editor: Don't call OnLevelWasLoaded on the first scene when entering play mode.
  • (747856) - Editor: Fix for clustering allocation while navigating.
  • (767728) - Editor: Fixed an issue when opening a scene from the Project Browser while in playmode it resulted in that scene being loaded even after going out of playmode.
  • (766469) - Editor: Fixed a crash when selecting prefab.
  • (756004) - Editor: Fixed the issue of GUI.Windows background not being tinted by GUI.colors anymore.
  • (754127) - Editor: Fixed an issue that made GameObjects disappear from the Editor if they have an associated editor script that made use of DontDestroyOnLoad.
  • (758409) - Editor: Fixed the issue of marking scene dirty when creating prefab by dragging from Hierarchy window to Project.
  • (757027) - Editor: Fixed the issue of marking the scene dirty when pressing the apply button on a prefab instance.
  • (760112) - Editor: Fixed misleading decompression warning in emulation.
  • (765159) - Editor: Fixed startup when Unity is in a path with multi-byte characters.
  • (767222) - Global Illumination: Fixed crash when building lighting with a specific scene setup.
  • (771292) - Graphics: Fixed an issue where setting a material's shader to null would crash the editor.
  • (723960) - iOS: Fix redirect for WWW
  • (753888) - Mecanim: Fixed an issue with Animation clip length for bundled clip.
  • (760612) - Mecanim: Fixed AnimationClip.SampleAnimation memory leak.
  • (756129) - Mecanim: Fixed Animator with statemachine behaviour runtime compile error not firing callback on the right SMB.
  • (none) - Mecanim: Fixed assert when using Animator.MatchTarget.
  • (769964) - Mecanim: Fixed long start play mode for scene with a lot of controller.
  • (765141) - Mecanim: Fixed StateMachineBehaviours on layer not being called properly.
  • (754510) - Networking: Send Error: val > 0 on user disconnect, results in memory write violation and editor crash.
  • (none) - Networking: Fixed a crash due to wrong initialization of connection.
  • (762687) - OpenGL: Fixed Graphics API switching between different OpenGL versions.
  • (762687) - OpenGL: Fixed Graphics API switching to OpenGL ES.
  • (767857), (766778) - OpenGL: Fixed Mesh skinning artifacts in editor.
  • (763875) - OpenGL: Fixed point size support using GLSL snippets.
  • (none) - OpenGL: Fixed various shader compiler issues for OpenGL ES 3 / Core.
  • (none) - OS X: Fixed OpenGL performance regression on NVidia GPUs.
  • (740580) - Trails: Fixed an issue where trails would randomly vanish/flicker.
  • (none) - UI: Stopped raycast from traversing up the hierarchy when a canvas with override sorting is encountered.
  • (767206) - Wii U: Fixed a crash on secondary error confirmation.

GameDev News

25. February 2016


Another week, another Unity patch.  This one is actually pretty meaty in the fix category, about twice as many fixes as usual, which I have to assume is a good sign.

From the release notes:

  • Metal: Add -force-metal switch to force Metal rendering on OSX/iOS.
  • Editor: Added warning dialog if there is any version difference between editor started and last project save.
  • Unity Ads: Updated to 1.5.6.
  • (756851) - Animation: Fixed an error where the enabled property could not be animated on lights using the Animation component.
  • (765367) - AssetBundles: Removed sync load from AssetBundleRequest. Improves load times when doing multiple consecutive async loads from asset bundles.
  • (759869) - Code Stripping: Problems with use of UnityWebRequest when "Strip Engine Code" player setting is disabled has been fixed.
  • (none) - Editor: Changed the "Module Manager" button to "Open Download Page", in Build Settings, for missing playback engines.
  • (753114) - Editor: Fixed "TLS Allocator ALLOC_TEMP_THREAD ..." messages in console when saving a scene.
  • (755096) - Editor: Fixed being unable to drag and drop components we are not expandable (such as the 'audio listener').
  • (759058) - Editor: Fixed missing foldout arrows in Lighting Window.
  • (763306) - Editor: Now show detail alert information to user when their account get locked out.
  • (743678) - ETC1: Fixed ETC1/Alpha split not working with the default sprites shader.
  • (768086) - iOS/Video: Fixed an issue with videoplayer crashing on iOS 7 when exiting playback.
  • (759894) - iOS: Added a functionality to filter out emoji characters from the virtual keyboard.
  • (760747) - iOS: Fixed a crash triggered by deactivating an input while app is going into background.
  • (759480) - iOS: Fix for WWWConnection deadlock.
  • (765578) - iOS: Move callback methods to another thread as to not block main thread when streaming assets.
  • (761361) - iOS: Notify Transport that we finished receiving data so we can mark the buffer as complete when we get an error.
  • (759529) - JsonUtility: Fixed a crash when serializing very large arrays/lists.
  • (769065) - Mono: Fixed an issue with a game hanging when calling Socket.Accept() (Windows).
  • (767741) - Mono: Fixed a socket communication issue with IPv6 networks.
  • (none) - OpenGL: Fixed a crash on compute shader linking failure.
  • (712948) - OSX: Fixed an issue where text was pasted twice in input fields in the Standalone Player.
  • (716264) - Physics: Fixed HingeJoint setup issue when changing isKinematic property on attached Rigidbody.
  • (753846) - Physics: Prevent Collider recreation when setting isKinematic; therefore, OnTriggerExit/Enter are not triggered unnecessarily.
  • (770926) - Scripting: Fixed issues with Scriptable objects added as sub assets with AssetDatabase.AddObjectToAsset.
  • (none) - Scripting: Fixed registration of Shuriken icalls under Mono AOT.
  • (766349) - Serialization: Fixed crash in JsonUtility when deserializing arrays of classes or structs on .NET scripting backend.
  • (none) - Shaders: Fixed a potential editor crash if shader compiler failed to disassemble a shader.
  • (752250) - Shaders: Fixed an editor crash on shutdown if the shader compiler had previously crashed.
  • (770272) - tvOS/Video: Clicking menu button while on video playback could cause view to exit but Unity player to remain paused.
  • (733936) - UI: All struct value types now use iEquatable to prevent memory allocations.
  • (734023) - UI: Fixed an issue where setting canvas scaler to zero would cause a out of memory exception.
  • (739405) - UI: Fixed an issue where text glyphs would be truncated if any texture filtering occurred.
  • (740297) - UI: Fixed an issue where UnityEvent wouldn't allow the removal of events after reload.
  • (733760), (727436) - UI: Fixed an issue with Masking when enabling and disabling graphics.
  • (736717) - UI: If the mask is disabled we should use the baseMaterial instead of the masking material.
  • (none) - UI: If the UI shader is not found the default "pink" shader will be used.
  • (704782) - UI: Make sure FontUpdateTracker get called for tracking fonts changed in the inspector.
  • (711719) - UI: Make sure InputEvents are sent when IME composition strings are updated in Windows Standalone.
  • (745015) - UI: Removed special case ascent calculation for non-dynamic fonts.
  • (727512) - UI: The UI batching grid size is not deterministic based on canvas/ element size.
  • (none) - UI: Use GetRayIntersectionAll in Physics2DRaycaster to get more accurate results.
  • (738986) - UI: When updating rectTransform data make sure comparisons are against old value not the set value.
  • (none) - VR: Fixed Camera tracking poses being different for each camera in the scene during the same frame.
  • (none) - VR: Fixed eye buffer masking even when the Camera's targetEye is none. (Oculus SDK 1.0+).
  • (734549) - VR: Fixed stereoMirrorMode Judder in the right eye.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Fixed graphics driver crashing on Adreno 225, 305 and 330 GPUs when shadows are enabled with Universal 10 SDK. Shadows are now forcefully disabled by unity when running on devices with these GPUs as it has been the case with previous Windows Store SDKs already.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Fixed plugins that are marked are only UWP compatible to be only included in UWP builds
  • (none) - Windows Store: fixed texture sampling on Adreno 225 GPU when texture height is 1 pixel.

GameDev News

12. February 2016


SDKBOX started life as a tool that made integrating 3rd party SDKs such as Google Analytics or Google/Apple IAP into Cocos2d-x applications easy.  It was just recently spun out from under the Cocos2d-x project by parent company Chukong.  This move seems to be in advance of adding support for other engines, namely Unreal and Unity.  Right now however the implementation for both engines is minimal, limited to just the In-App Purchases module.  I assume in time more plugins will be brought over to the other engines.


From the above linked article:

Asked why the company did this, Zhao said in an email, “By being a standalone company we can cover a much broader (fully half) portion of the market. SDK fatigue is an efficiency drain for all mobile developers, regardless of the engine they are using. By defining the problem we are working on, rather than the engine we are working with, we can serve game developers impartially.”

SDKBOX has also begun supporting rival game engines from Unity Technologies and Epic Games with its 2.0 update. And earlier this month, the SDKBOX in-app purchase controller was approved for sale and listed in the Unity Asset Store.

Haozhi Chen, CEO of Chukong Technologies, said in a statement, “Spinning off SDKBOX was the next logical step for scaling the business within the games industry. This move provides more autonomy for SDKBOX to support additional engines and grow market share in the live operations technology market for games. Additionally, the new company will have dedicated financial and strategic support from Chukong, and we’re looking forward to the future growth of this sector for our overall business.”

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10. February 2016


Another week another Unity patch.  No new functionality, this patch was populated entirely with fixes:

  • (742199) - Android: Fixed remote frame debugger.
  • (none) - Android: Marshmallow - Added the possibility to disable the permission dialog by adding metadata to the activity.
  • (755510) - Android: Mono - Fixed crash on startup with Unity Ads when stripping is enabled.
  • (none) - Core: Improved the error message when build data files are corrupted or from a mismatched version.
  • (752733) - Editor: Fixed folder-level toggle when importing assets.
  • (711720) - Editor: Fixed a bug in the property diff recorder would insert property modification on the prefab asset if it was being edited in the inspector.
  • (756409) - Editor: Fixed crash when entering playmode if LoadScene was called during Awake or Start.
  • (761995) - Editor: It is now possible to replace a prefab asset with a different prefab asset.
  • (752855) - Graphics: D3D11 Native API now supports obtaining native Texture type underpinning a Unity Renderbuffer.
  • (746302) - Graphics: Fixed building shaders correctly for WebGL in AssetBundles.
  • (none) - Graphics: Fixed an issue where standard shader using directional lightmaps could output NAN to the framebuffer. This would corrupt the framebuffer if any effects were used that spanned multiple frames.
  • (753593) - Graphics: Fixed occasional movie texture crash with multiple movies present.
  • (none) - Graphics: Reduced framerate spikes where culling system could sometimes stall for several ms while waiting for jobs.
  • (766642) - IL2CPP: Generate proper C++ code for marshaling wrappers of methods that have System.Guid as a parameter type.
  • (761412) - OpenGL: Fixed random crashes on compute shader dispatch.
  • (760830) - Particles: Ensure consistent direction between 3D and 1D rotation.
  • (757969) - Particles: Fixed a collision crash.
  • (763041) - Particles: Fix for terrains ignoring collision layers.
  • (758197) - Particles: Fixed support for negative inherit velocity values.
  • (765300) - Physics: Fixed center of mass and inertia tensor being reset after game object was reactivated.
  • (763806) - Physics: Rigidbodies without non-trigger colliders can. have custom center of mass and inertia tensor again
  • (767645) - tvOS: Fixed build error with Xcode trampoline.
  • (none) - VR: Dynamically switch to headset's audio output / input driver (Oculus SDK 1.0+).
  • (none) - VR: Fixed VR Splash screen color precision. No Longer limited to half the color spectrum for RGBA32.
  • (none) - VR: Mask invisible pixels so GPU time is not wasted (Oculus SDK 1.0+).
  • (765876) - Windows Store Apps: building from Unity will no longer overwrite project.json file if it was modified in solution.
  • (759735) - Windows Store Apps: When building from Unity files in Visual Studio solution will not be overwritten if identical.

Patch can be downloaded here.

GameDev News

4. February 2016


Another week another Unity patch.  From the release notes, it seems that Blackberry support was just dropped:

  • Smart TV: Correspond 2016 TV's fonts and remote controller.
  • (759408), (760759) - Android/iOS: Animation - Fixed Euler angles on rotation causing Transform to be set to NaN.
  • (none) - BlackBerry: Removed BlackBerry option from build player settings window.
  • (761784) - Code stripping: Prevent the Particle System from being stripped if the Particle System Renderer is used and engine code stripping is enabled.
  • (730441) - Editor: Fixed editor freeze when picking in scene with many overlapping game objects.
  • (none) - Further OpenGL ES & desktop OpenGL (Shader compiler) bugfixes.
  • (757330) - Graphics: Fixed rendering of deferred reflections when last object rendered before them had negative scale.
  • (761584) - Graphics: Fixed crash when using GL.Begin quad rendering with non-multiple-of-4 vertex count.
  • (764084) - Graphics: Fixed occasional MovieTexture crash (regression in 5.3).
  • (650870) - Graphics: In Editor OpenGL ES 2.0 emulation increase max cubemap size to 1024 (from 512).
  • (741166) - IL2CPP: Fixed Array.Copy when destination array type is wider than source array type (e.g. int[] -> long[]).
  • (761530) - IL2CPP: Fixed Stfld/Ldfld opcode usage generated by MS C# compiler.
  • (765910) - iOS/IL2CPP: Prevent a managed exception on 64-bit builds during some array creation operations which has the message "ArgumentException: Destination array was not long enough. Check destIndex and length, and the array's lower bounds".
  • (754816) - iOS/OSX: Fixed SIMD math, which fixes skinning on iOS and source code compilation on OSX.
  • (736756) - iOS/Video: AVKit based player didn't show "done" button on iOS 8+.
  • (none) - iOS/Video: Fixed MPMoviePlayer error handling for invalid files.
  • (746018), (729470) - iOS/Video: Improved MPMoviePlayer/AVKit orientation and view controller handling.
  • (745346) - iOS/Video: Scaling mode behaviour fixes for iPad Pro.
  • (none) - iOS: Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie only allows playing one movie at a time.
  • (534752) - iOS: While entering background/foreground, improve player pause/resume handling to check if external parties (like video player) currently manage the paused state.
  • (731237) - Mecanim: Fixed changing Animator.runtimeAnimatorController while running crashes editor.
  • (743239) - Shadows: Fixed "half of scene all in shadows" artifacts in some scene/camera setups.
  • (none) - Smart TV: Fixed a problem to show custom splash screen.
  • (740180) - Tizen: Fixed cursor initially starting in the wrong position on screen.
  • (none) - Tizen: Fixed OpenGL crashing issues on the Z300F.
  • (740172) - Tizen: Input field will no longer show
    when return is pressed on an empty entry.
  • (none) - VR: Backend work to support DX12 in the future.
  • (762582) - Windows Store: Fixed a "MdilXapCompile failed" error when trying to build Visual Studio project for Windows Phone 8.1. This used to happen when the Unity game had over 8000 classes across all assemblies.
  • (760989) - Windows Store: Fixed a crash which happened on "Windows N" versions when using IL2CPP scripting backend.
  • (762926) - Windows Store: Fixed an issue which caused small tiles get copied to Visual Studio solution incorrectly for Windows Phone 8.1 SDK.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Fixed antialising when calling Screen.SetResolution on Universal Windows 10 Apps/.
  • (764378) - Windows Store: Fixed Application.Quit() when using D3D project type or IL2CPP scripting backend.
  • (764632) - Windows Store: Fixed error "Task 'ExpandPriContent' failed." which occurred when trying to build an application package with IL2CPP scripting backend when using default Unity icons.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Fixed Visual studio graphics debugger crashing when trying to debug Windows Phone 8.1 projects.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Screen.Resolution(, , true) will no longer ignore width and height, so you can set your desired resolution on Universal Windows 10 Apps.
  • (748845) - Windows Store: Screen.resolutions will return a valid value.

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