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8. April 2016


Another week another Unity patch.  The biggest additions in this patch are support for the iPhone SE and iPad Pro, although I’m not entirely certain what would be different about the SE.  Il2CPP has also seen a reduction in binary size and build time for certain projects.  Of course there were several fixes as well, detailed below:


  • Added device support for iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7".
  • AssetBundle: Output the crc value for the manifest asset bundle.
  • IL2CPP: Reduce the binary size and build time for projects which make use of many C# attributes.
  • (784899) - Android: Audio - Fixed OpenSL output not selected when default buffer size selected.
  • (780958) - Android: Disabled Debug markers on PowerVR Series5 devices.
  • (774052) - Animation: Fixed a crash when importing an animation where a whole curve was corrupted.
  • (779058) - Animation: Fixed a performance issue for AnimatorOverrideController rebind.
  • (771609) - Animation: Fixed an issue where instantiating a prefab with an Animator Component for the first time took longer than the subsequent times.
  • (770045) - Animation: Fixed crash when GameObject with Animator is instantiated in StateMachineEnter/Exit.
  • (767506) - APIUpdater: Fixed AssemblyUpdater crash when verifying WSA / / Windows Phone assemblies.
  • (769880) - APIUpdater: Fixed ScriptUpdater crash when processing Boo / UnityScript containing Hash literals.
  • (762829) - Asset Bundles: Fixed issue where WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload would not take into account space on device, and could hang.
  • (768846) - Asset Import: Fixed a crash on fbx import in some rare circumstances.
  • (775822) - AssetBundle: Fixed an issue where unloading an asset bundle with animated objects (legacy animation) during play mode crashes the editor.
  • (756559) - Assets/VCS: Fixed issue where changing date modified on directory meta file caused all files below that directory to be reprocessed. This was also affecting VCS.
  • (776044, 763036) - Audio: Don't try to load any sounds when Unity audio is disabled.
  • (732854) - Audio: Fixed an issue where low Pass Filter didn't work on Audio Listener.
  • (760234) - Cache Server: Upgraded the node.js version used by the Cache Server to version 0.12.7.
  • (766019) - Core: Fixed crash when scaling prefab with mesh that is not read/write enabled.
  • (752733) - Core: When exporting a package with scene's dependencies, check boxes are available next to folder icon.
  • (770155) - Core: WWW.responseHeaders is now a case-insensitive Dictionary, as per
  • (523691) - Direct3D11: Fixed a deadlock which would occur when trying to restore focus to a minimized standalone player running in Fullscreen Exclusive mode.
  • (766802) - Dynamic Batching: This has been reintroduced for particles, lines and trails.
  • (728634) - Editor: Adjusted the width of the 'Build Settings' window so that it properly display its contents, even if support for some of the players is not currently available.
  • (765466) - Editor: Fixed a crash when locking cursor from constructor or static initializer.
  • (778125, 780607) - Editor: Fixed an issue with dragging a Sprite/Texture2D into the inspector causing a PolygonCollider2D to use it even though it is not dropped on the component editor itself.
  • (709639) - Editor: Fixed an issue that could cause scenes containing prefab instances with driven transforms to immediately become dirty.
  • (781866) - Editor: Fixed an issue where compression wasn't being applied in calls to BuildPipeline.BuildStreamedSceneAssetBundle().
  • (none) - Fixed MovieTexture crash when loading a video with no audio stream.
  • (767110) - GI: Upgraded to Enlighten3.02p4. Fixed a precision issue and out-of-bounds texture access in baking, which could lead to a crash in the Final Gather stage.
  • (728610) - Graphics: Fix for baking a scene with objects added before saving the scene not being included in the result.
  • (767560, 763045) - Graphics: Fixed a crash when building reflection probe data on specific scenes containing Canvas elements.
  • (755421, 766533, 766546, 779696, 756020, 780025) - Graphics: Reflect normal texture encoding in global illumination shader.
  • (767367) - IL2CPP: Generate proper C++ code for a C# class with the StructLayout attribute when its base class does not have a StructLayout attribute.
  • (781439) - IL2CPP: Generate proper C++ code for a method that is marked as both an internal call and a runtime call.
  • (780659) - IL2CPP: Properly handle numeric conversion from an unsigned integer to floating point types in some edge cases.
  • (769666) - Input: Input.mousePosition is no longer clamped to the client area on windows standalone, the last position is kept instead.
  • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Prevent unnecessary changes to the timestamps of the libil2cpp headers during a build. This allows incremental builds to work correctly in Xcode.
  • (none) - iOS: Added Xcode 7.3 Build & Run support
  • (730146) - iOS: Allow IPv6 to work on iOS with the .NET 2.0 profile.
  • (771132) - iOS: Fixed a crash when playing a scene in the Editor with an iOS device attached as a Unity Remote.
  • (779738) - iOS: Fixed support for non-native resolutions in GLES 2.
  • (none) - iOS: Restored documentation for RenderTargetSetup.
  • (784075) - Linux: Fixed a crash when stereoscopic mode is requested on non-stereoscopic display.
  • (783842) - Linux: Fixed another crash when supported opengl core version is insufficient
  • (none) - Linux: Fixed an occasional crash when creating texture properties.
  • (776268) - Mono: Make the Personal folder be the same on all profiles. 
  • (765928) - MovieTexture: Restricting black texture fix to OSX 64. Linux 64 did not need it.
  • (781177) - Networking: Fixed problem when transferring data via reliable sequenced QoS channel could lose messages in "bad" network conditions.
  • (773411) - Networking: Fixed problem where Networking.HostTopology.MessagePoolSizeGrowthFactor was ignored.
  • (768030) - Networking: Fixed WebGL client unable to free connections in NetworkServer when using WebSocket.
  • (none) - Particles: Fixed incorrect inspector style on Particle System Renderer Pivot field.
  • (758422) - Physics: Fix for Collision2D.relativeVelocity being reported with incorrect values.
  • (767120) - Resources: Enable warnings for and prevent crashes and memory corruptions when non-assets, or non-unloadable assets are tried to be unloaded through Resources.UnloadAsset in release builds.
  • (none) - Samsung TV: Fixed multiple crashes on the NT14U TV that would prevent games from launching.
  • (780365) - Terrain: Fixed crash when exiting Editor after creating TerrainData with HideAndDontSave flag.
  • (758873) - UI: Fixed dropdown destroy coroutine being started when the component is not active.
  • (none) - UI: Fixed issue with double rendering of canvas on Vive.
  • (none) - UI: Setting Input field text through script will now be validated.
  • (770266) - WEBGL: Fixed SimpleWebServer bug causing 'Uncaught incorrect header check'.
  • (775931) - Windows Store: Fixed Tab key duplication in XAML controls when Unity input is enabled.
  • (781994) - Windows Store: Help SerializationWeaver find references which have Windows SDK specified when building to Universal 8.1.
  • (779136) - Windows Store: Hindi characters will show up correctly, Nirmala UI from Windows fonts will be used.
  • (780971) - Windows Store: Package.appxmanifest for Universal Windows 10 Apps will be produced correctly when protocol for association launching is specified.
  • (781935) - Windows Store: Slightly fix generated Assembly-CSharp* projects to fix "System.BadImageFormatException: Duplicate type with name 'UnityEngine.Internal.$FieldNamesStorage' .. "

You can download the patch here.

GameDev News

5. April 2016


Officially announced at GDC 2016, Unity has begun a certification program.  In a nutshell, it’s a way to prove to employers and prospective employers that you do in fact know what you are talking about when you say you “know Unity”.  This is a very common practice in the world of IT, especially if you come from a corporate background.


But... is it useful? 


Frankly, that depends.  Mostly it depends if the certification actually means anything, if the certification process is actually vetted, the material certified is sufficiently challenging without being arbitrarily obtuse or impractical in the real world.  Basically, the certification is valuable if people value it.  In the corporate world, sometimes a certification was sufficient to get you hired in a given field, while other certifications literally aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.


Yeah, that sounds like a complete cop out answer, but it’s also true.  Certifications that are purchased or that can be found as a prize in the bottom of a box of cracker jacks mean absolutely nothing.  On the other hand, certifications are also often used as a cash cow for organizations and for profit colleges to milk the unaware.  Certification and training are very often not the same thing, a point many are confused by.  In the end, the Unity certification value will ultimately be decided by the community.  If it’s respected and used as a hiring benchmark, it will certainly be worth getting.  If it is not, it wont be.  Again, I know that sounds like a cop out answer, but it’s the way these things work.


Anyways, that’s talking about IT certifications in general, what about this new Unity one?  Well first off, they have courseware coming soon.  This represents training materials aimed at getting you ready for the certification process.  Generally video tutorials, printed materials, project files and a course syllabus to prepare you to take the certification.  Generally these kinds of things assume you have tertiary knowledge ( ie, C# skills, game programming concepts ) but otherwise start from ground zero and then train you to the point you would be able to pass certification.  In the case of Unity, they describe the courseware as:

Whether you are preparing for certification or simply want to increase your proficiency with Unity, the Unity Certified Developer Courseware provides a structured learning path that starts at square one and leads you through the process of making a working game.

  • Includes 14 hours (~2 days) of instructional videos, developed by Unity Technologies.
  • Teaches key concepts in both coding and game design – develop an end-to-end understanding of game creation with Unity.
  • Focuses on best practices – learn the best and most efficient methods for building a game with Unity.
  • Includes game project files – follow along and learn hands-on through the direct application of skills.
  • Covers 20 topic areas specifically geared toward preparation for Unity Certified Developer Exam.
  • Available in 1, 3, and 6-month Access Passes – learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

14 hours certainly doesn’t sound like sufficient instruction to go extremely in-depth, especially for a program that “start at square one”.  How much does all of this cost?  No idea.  That’s obviously going to be a pretty big decision point in the end.  The cost for this kind of material can vary massively, from the cost of a book or two, to a couple of grand.


Alright, back to the certification process itself.  They are held at major Unity conferences as well as events around the world.  You can locate your closest location using this tool.  In my particular case, I’d need to travel 2-4 hours to find a test.  Somewhat odd that Ottawa has an event but not Toronto, but anyways...



And the price of the test you say?  I imagine that it varies from location to location, but in my case the Montreal event is shown below:



Finally you may be asking yourself, what exactly are you going to be tested on?  Well the objectives of the examine are summarized in this PDF.  Looking through the overview to be honest, the exam looks like the kind of thing someone with any game programming experience could breeze through with an hour or two of brush up time with Unity, while someone who has no prior game programming experience has no hope in hell of gleaming this much experience in 14 hours of training.  I also have to say... a few of these topics are a bit...  unexpected.  For example:


These are topics that have almost NOTHING to do with Unity, are going to be tangental at best to a programmer and downright yawn inducing for an artist.


On the other hand, I sound overly negative of this course and I shouldn’t be.  Certifying a minimum level of ability in an industry that is so accessible to amateurs is a noble effort and if done right has some value.  If it is ultimately going to be worth while will in the end be determined by the community.

GameDev News

15. March 2016


Unity have just released Unity Beta 5.4 today, available for download immediately.  Of course, this is a beta, so all usual warnings apply, there be dragons!

So what’s in this release?  Well...

Enhanced visuals, better performance, tighter Unity IAP integration and a major VR rendering upgrade

There are significant visual quality and in-editor artist workflow improvements in the Unity 5.4 beta. We’ve also worked to further optimize our VR rendering pipeline, making it far easier for you to deploy your build across the major VR platforms.

Our cross-platform in-app purchasing service, which you can use to integrate support for multiple stores through one API, is now more tightly integrated with the Unity Editor to make assessing and boosting the revenue performance of your game a smoother experience.

This latest release also comes with faster WebGL development build times, support for Retina displays, and much, much more…

One of the coolest new features is compatibility with popular PBR based texturing tools such as Substance Painter or DDo.  Now you should be able to drag and drop them in and have them appear exactly as you have designed them.  There are also particle system improvements, better VR support, VR performance improvements, enhanced IAP and performance improvements. 

There have also been some cuts, specifically in platforms supported.  Unity 5.4 loses support for iOS 6, web player and PS3 deployment.  The web player loss is unfortunate, but not unexpected, as basically every single web browser has removed traditional plugin support at this point.  Thus why WebGL became such an important target for Unity.  One of the major focuses of Unity as of late has been improvements in graphical rendering prowess, and they have put together a video illustrating the changes between Unity 5 and 5.4.


In addition to the 5.4 beta, they also released the stable version of Unity 5.3.  This can be downloaded using the standard download process.  Another GDC announcement from Unity was the private beta launch of Unity Collaborate, a cloud hosted service for remote teams to collaborate on development, locally or remotely. 

GameDev News

11. March 2016


Unity have released patch 5.3.3p3 for their popular Unity3D game engine.  From the release notes, this patch changes:

  • Global Illumination: When compositing the directional lightmap removed the clamping on the w-component of the generated pixels.
  • Win / OSX Standalone: Add -hideWindow command line option to launch standalone applications with the window hidden.
  • Windows Store: reduced the amount of linker warnings when building Il2CppOutputProject and using il2cpp scripting backend
  • (762771) - 2D: Changing Rigidbody2D.gravityScale whilst a Rigidbody2D.MovePosition is in progress now works.
  • (765870) - 2D: Ensure Joint2D auto-configuration still works if joint is added from script
  • (763922) - 2D: Ensure that a TargetJoint2D added via script allows collisions with static colliders.
  • (764769) - 2D: Stop Rigidbody2D with Interpolation being placed at world origin for a single update upon start.
  • (770316) - Analytics: Fixed unreliable event sending (especially AppStart) on WebGL.
  • (755201) - Android/IL2CPP: Prevent a crash in the garbage collector when it attempts to scan a section of memory used for the code that may have been unmapped by the OS.
  • (738821), (758155) - Android: Added support for Vivante OpenGL ES 3 driver.
  • (712890), (771890) - Android: Fixed rendering on Vivante GPUs on Android 4.3 and older.
  • (772171) - Android: Fixed rendering artifacts when using native plugins and multithreaded renderer.
  • (772260) - Animation: Fixed a crash when animating lights using the Animation component.
  • (756463) - Animation: Prevent crashes when clips are null for animations extracted from asset bundles whose dependencies have not loaded.
  • (760684) - APIUpdater: Fixed AssemblyUpdater "Sequence contains more than one matching element" crash.
  • (743463) - APIUpdater: Fixed AssemblyUpdater crash upon assembly resolution failures.
  • (759142) - AssetBundles: BuildAssetBundles will switch back to the original Active Build Target when finished.
  • (774356) - Audio: Disabled sound manager watch dog.
  • (771882) - Core: Fixed an issue asynchronously loading a prefab with a large amount of assets.
  • (none) - Core: Fixed some errors with recently deleted objects (in WWWDelayCall; ClearPersistentDirty call; editor CEF integration).
  • (768849) - Global Illumination: Fixed crash in some scene loading scenarios.
  • (767161) - Global Illumination: Fixed light probes not being used anymore in Standalone when a scene without light probes was loaded with Additive mode.
  • (751599) - Global Illumination: Fixed multi-scene baking.
  • (663992) - Global Illumination: Fully repaint inspectors after baking reflection probes; some previews were not updating before.
  • (542251) - Graphics/DX11: Fixed compute shader resource hazards found in certain cases when binding the same resource SRV and UAV on pixel and compute shader stages.
  • (none) - Graphics: Added profiler markers on async texture loading waits.
  • (752613) - Graphics: Fixed "Trying to reload asset from disk that is not stored on disk" error when non-persistent objects are attempted to be reloaded from disk.
  • (772013) - Graphics: Fixed .ogv movie files with stream markers beyond 16kb not imported correctly.
  • (752613) - Graphics: Fixed a synchronization problem that was causing texture data not to be properly updated when changing quality settings at runtime.
  • (75508), (726067) - Graphics: Fixed an issue where GrabPass could get source texture wrongly offset in some cases.
  • (772958) - Graphics: Fixed crash in SetGpuProgramName which could happen when the program isn't supported by the target graphics hardware (found on Android) .
  • (765928) - Graphics: Fixed MovieTextures sometimes being black in Mac Standalone (64 or Universal builds).
  • (506089), (535548) - Graphics: Prevent Projectors from accepting invalid clip planes from a script.
  • (770081) - IL2CPP: Avoid crash when constructing error message.
  • (774085) - IL2CPP: Correctly sort unsigned integers via the Array.Sort method.
  • (773713), (768010) - IL2CPP: Prevent generated C++ code from failing to compile with errors like "error: use of undeclared identifier 'L_5'" in some cases.
  • (762883), (746313) - IL2CPP: Properly marshal formatted classes
  • (771835) - IL2CPP: Properly parse binary text assets.
  • (775362) - iOS Metal: Fixed performance regression when doing in-frame clear (GL.Clear or command buffer Clear).
  • (775575) - Linux/GLCore: Fixed one more instance of "flickering".
  • (none Linux: Fixed AA in non-upscaled windows, force window recreation when requirements change for player window attributes.
  • (767741) - Mono: Added IPv6 support on Windows.
  • (775226) - Networking: Fixed an issue where ack didn't reset with connection resetting which lead to reliable traffic stale.
  • (775222) - Networking: Removed annoying "Attempt to send to not connected connection" message.
  • (775225) - Networking: Removing "no free events for message" as annoying.
  • (772167) - OpenGL Core/ES: Fixed scalar uniform handling in the shader translator.
  • (772434) - OpenGL Core/ES: Fixed wrong shader code generation when redirecting variables, was affecting FastBloom shader.
  • (767343) - OpenGL Core/ES: Shader compiler, fixed invalid uniform access in certain corner cases.
  • (756028) - OpenGL Core/ES: Workaround for Nvidia shader compiler bug on OS X, affecting SSAO shader.
  • (775428), (776470) - OpenGL Core: Fixed fullscreen mode when not using native resolution and using MSAA on Mac AMD GPUs.
  • (773476), (775275) - OpenGL Core: Fix twitching and incorrect rendering with skinning and UI components on GLCore + Mac + NVIDIA.
  • (774558), (774216) - OpenGL Core: Fixed fullscreen MSAA support with linear color space rendering.
  • (762687) - OpenGL Core: Fixed Graphics API switching to OpenGL.
  • (760112) - OpenGL Core: Fixed misleading texture decompression warning when using OpenGL ES emulation.
  • (760196) - OpenGL Core: Fixed occasional game view flipping with image effects in the editor.
  • (757536), (757866) - OpenGL Core: Fixed stretched game view with some image effects in Mac editor.
  • (768916) - OpenGL ES: Fixed non-shadowmap depth textures on some devices.
  • (767419) - Particles: Fixed error message due to default bounding box.
  • (773673) - Particles: Fixed a culling regression, when particle systems leave the screen and come back.
  • (776187) - Physics: Fixed a PhysX crash issue in PxsCCDContext::updateCCD experienced by some VR applications.
  • (758264) - Profiler: Fixed crash when adding data from thread which was started during a frame.
  • (770225) - Profiler: Fixed hang when EndSample did not have a matching BeginSample.
  • (none) - Scripting: introduced global define UNITY_5_3_OR_NEWER, which can be used for conditionally compile code that is compatible only with Unity 5.3 or newer.
  • (none) - Shaders: Added support to the compute shader compiler to handle bools inside structures.
  • (766806) - Shaders: Fixed Standard shader in some rare cases outputing NaN as pixel shader result.
  • (761152) - Shadows: Fixed shadows disappearing for some off-screen shadows casters.
  • (none) - Substance: All inputs are now applied to a ProceduralMaterial on the first RebuildTextures() call after the material's textures have been read from cache. Previously, only the modified inputs were applied.
  • (771650) - Substance: Editor Freeze Upon Instantiation of Resource.
  • (none) - Substance: Fixed broken detection and assignment of shader keywords resulting in wrong appearance of ProceduralMaterials in scenes when the ProceduralMaterial was not opened in the Inspector (some shader keywords were enabled when they should not).
  • (none) - Substance: Fixed cache hashing and management issue which could cause the cache to be considered valid again after having been invalidated (often seen after calling Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets()).
  • (none) - Substance: Fixed loading of files with special characters in their paths or names.
  • (none) - Substance: Fixed rare crash caused by using the wrong size when uploading ProceduralTextures.
  • (765510) - Substance: Fixed upgrading old (4.x) project data, legacy shaders should now be used for these old projects instead of being incorrectly replaced by the standard shader.
  • (773614) - Tizen: Fixed error about copying whitelists while building on Windows.
  • (770048) - UI: Fixed exceptions upon assembly/type resolution failures.
  • (773533) - UI: Fixed memory leak where dirty renderers on a disabled canvas would still get added to the dirty list causing crashes on clear.
  • (770804) - UI: Fixed sorting issue where gird based depth sorting would fail to recognize overlapping unbatchable items.
  • (760753) - UI: Vertical alignment of text sometimes appearing higher than expected.
  • (none) - VR: Restart the VR Device if the Oculus Service fails.
  • (770931) - Windows Store: Fixed exported VS project failing to build for non-x86 CPU when there is a managed assembly in the project that's been compiled for x86.
  • (769835) - Windows Store: Fixed game crashing when its name is exactly 20 characters long on il2cpp scripting backend.
  • (771765) - Windows Store: Fixed intellisense in generated Il2CppOutputProject to be able to correctly resolve windows 10 headers.
  • (766764) - Windows Store: Fixed Unity failing to build on top of a previous build when target directory is read-only on il2cpp scripting backend.
  • (770941) - Windows Store: Graphics plugins now work on il2cpp scripting backend.
  • (756152) - Windows: Fixed Application.persistentDataPath when Product Name contains invalid path character.
  • (none) - Windows: Fixed unnecessary symbols exported for Windows Standalone Player executable. This was making some Nvidia drivers wrongly pick up integrated GPU instead of discrete one on some systems.
  • (769711) - XBoxOne/IL2CPP: Allow a call to Guid.NewGuid to work correctly.

GameDev News

5. March 2016


Another Unity patch has been released, this one is Unity Patch 5.3.3p2.  It contains the following new features, as per the release notes:

  • Android: Audio - Don't select OpenSL output if the native device params are too bad for fast path (fixes audio issues on buggy devices).
  • Android: Buildpipe - Updated SDK tools requirements for the Editor.
  • Android: Editor - Added Marshmallow to the list of APIs.
  • Android: IL2CPP - Use Android NDK x64 on x64 Windows Editor.
  • Android: SoftInput - Get rid of hardcoded text color, switch to Light theme.
  • Windows: Added a new command line argument for standalone builds: window-mode. Options: borderless, exclusive. It lets users override the default fullscreen window behavior.
  • (768974) - Android: Fixed alignment crash on some Android ARM devices.
  • (734124) - Android: Fixed an issue where Ping wouldn't work in release mode.
  • (762875) - Android: Fixed black screen or crash during startup on old PVR devices (Samsung Galaxy S I9000).
  • (759195) - Android: Fixed bug in Texture.GetPixels for ETC compressed textures.
  • (763447) - Android: IL2CPP - Fixed build errors on NDK paths with whitespaces.
  • (766698) - Android: IL2CPP - Fixed crash on second startup after installation.
  • (714661) - Asset Bundles: Only reimport when setting asset bundle name if cache server is connected.
  • (none) - Crash: Fixed GenerateSecondaryUVs crashes on certain meshes.
  • (759231) - Editor: Don't call OnLevelWasLoaded on the first scene when entering play mode.
  • (747856) - Editor: Fix for clustering allocation while navigating.
  • (767728) - Editor: Fixed an issue when opening a scene from the Project Browser while in playmode it resulted in that scene being loaded even after going out of playmode.
  • (766469) - Editor: Fixed a crash when selecting prefab.
  • (756004) - Editor: Fixed the issue of GUI.Windows background not being tinted by GUI.colors anymore.
  • (754127) - Editor: Fixed an issue that made GameObjects disappear from the Editor if they have an associated editor script that made use of DontDestroyOnLoad.
  • (758409) - Editor: Fixed the issue of marking scene dirty when creating prefab by dragging from Hierarchy window to Project.
  • (757027) - Editor: Fixed the issue of marking the scene dirty when pressing the apply button on a prefab instance.
  • (760112) - Editor: Fixed misleading decompression warning in emulation.
  • (765159) - Editor: Fixed startup when Unity is in a path with multi-byte characters.
  • (767222) - Global Illumination: Fixed crash when building lighting with a specific scene setup.
  • (771292) - Graphics: Fixed an issue where setting a material's shader to null would crash the editor.
  • (723960) - iOS: Fix redirect for WWW
  • (753888) - Mecanim: Fixed an issue with Animation clip length for bundled clip.
  • (760612) - Mecanim: Fixed AnimationClip.SampleAnimation memory leak.
  • (756129) - Mecanim: Fixed Animator with statemachine behaviour runtime compile error not firing callback on the right SMB.
  • (none) - Mecanim: Fixed assert when using Animator.MatchTarget.
  • (769964) - Mecanim: Fixed long start play mode for scene with a lot of controller.
  • (765141) - Mecanim: Fixed StateMachineBehaviours on layer not being called properly.
  • (754510) - Networking: Send Error: val > 0 on user disconnect, results in memory write violation and editor crash.
  • (none) - Networking: Fixed a crash due to wrong initialization of connection.
  • (762687) - OpenGL: Fixed Graphics API switching between different OpenGL versions.
  • (762687) - OpenGL: Fixed Graphics API switching to OpenGL ES.
  • (767857), (766778) - OpenGL: Fixed Mesh skinning artifacts in editor.
  • (763875) - OpenGL: Fixed point size support using GLSL snippets.
  • (none) - OpenGL: Fixed various shader compiler issues for OpenGL ES 3 / Core.
  • (none) - OS X: Fixed OpenGL performance regression on NVidia GPUs.
  • (740580) - Trails: Fixed an issue where trails would randomly vanish/flicker.
  • (none) - UI: Stopped raycast from traversing up the hierarchy when a canvas with override sorting is encountered.
  • (767206) - Wii U: Fixed a crash on secondary error confirmation.

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