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25. May 2016


This week brings another Unity patch, this time 5.3.5P1.  This release is primarily composed of fixes with some minor Windows Store functionality improvements and better stack reporting on crash.  The patch is available here.


Patch Release Notes:


  • Runtime: During crashes even if the stack walking is aborted with error (RtlLookupFunctionEntry returned NULL function. Aborting stack walk), Unity will display stripped stack trace instead of displaying zero stack frames.
  • (791792) - Windows Store: Expanded UnityEngine.WSA.Cursor.SetCustomCursor, if you pass 0 to this function, it will restore the cursor to arror icon.
  • (792507) - Windows Store: Improved 'NULL != certificate' errors, it will now provide a human readable message why it failed to create a certificate.
  • (778825) - 2D: Generate sprite mesh correctly for sprite with outline data after changing texture's max size setting.
  • (770093) - Android: Pause choreographer when activity is paused to fix CPU usage of Unity apps when the app is in background.
  • (790261) - Animation: Fix for animation stopping before reaching designated position.
  • (780289) - AssetBundle: Fixed the issue that failed to asynchronously load the object with script that had the same name as other assets in a bundle.
  • (780836, 761626) - AssetBundles: Fixed intermittent crash due to thread-safety issues.
  • (784401) - Editor: Fixed: No auto license updates since Unity 5.1.
  • (784822, 794090, 759483) - Graphics: Fixed some cases of incorrectly "Releasing Render Texture that is set as Camera.targetTexture", resulting in losing Camera.targetTexture - e.g. in case of device resume after sleep on iOS/Android, context-loss on DirectX or changing Emulation Layer in the Editor.
  • (787701) - IL2CPP: Load the stack value as unsigned for the conv.r.un opcode in IL.
  • (789160) - iOS/IL2CPP: Corrected managed stack traces which could have one incorrect frame when a NullReferenceException occurred.
  • (792606) - iOS: Fixed a crash when releasing WebRequest components.
  • (788483) - Samsung TV: UnityEngine.Ping has been fixed and will no longer report permissions issues.
  • (784481) - Scripting: Avoid allocating GC memory during Coroutine iteration.
  • (none) - Substance: Avoid re-generating ProceduralMaterials twice when switching color space.
  • (780071) - Substance: Fxed "Mismatched LayoutGroup.Repaint" error message appearing in console when assigning a ProceduralMaterial to a mesh.
  • (776052) - Substance: Fixed baked ProceduralTextures being serialized without their baked data.
  • (779560) - Substance: Fixed a crash in VisibleIf expression evaluation caused by looking up an input by label instead of by identifier.
  • (781118) - Substance: Fixed a crash when undoing a modification of the shader assigned to a ProceduralMaterial .
  • (762285) - Substance: Fixed GetProceduralXYZ returning 0 when used with an input's label instead of its identifier.
  • (none) - Substance: Fixed normal maps textures being incorrectly processed when used as image inputs to a ProceduralMaterial.
  • (779574) - Substance: Fixed ProceduralMaterials being stuck in "Generating..." state when leaving playmode as they are being computed.
  • (795563) - Substance: frozen ProceduralMaterials can now be cloned. Procedural properties of a cloned frozen ProceduralMaterial cannot be changed anymore, but regular material properties can.
  • (none) - Substance: ProceduralTextures being cached to disk/flash now have their size correctly taken into account when querying Caching.spaceOccupied.
  • (776803) - Substance: Speed up the processing of BakeAndDiscard materials when loading scenes.
  • (none) - Substance: Now warn the user when an input of a BakeAndDiscard ProceduralMaterial is being set at runtime.
  • (774423) - UI: Fixed occasional crashes when modifying elements of non-Overlay Canvases.
  • (790264) - UI: Fixed World canvas not rendering in editor game view.
  • (507878) - Windows Standalone: Launcher will correctly display unicode symbols for input bindings.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Added command line argument -dontConnectAcceleratorEvent, which could help to solve issues with XAML controls used together with Unity.
  • (790408) - Windows Store: Do not overwrite solution file when building on top.
  • (778842) - Windows Store: Fixed DisconnectedException while pluging/unplugin joystick from usb multiple times.
  • (792589) - Windows Store: Fixed an issue where user couldn't enter @ symbol with touch screen keyboard when spanish language is selected.
  • (790319) - Windows Store: Fixed an issue with generics, causing access reduction exception at runtime.
  • (792618) - Windows Store: Fixed Screen.orientation sometimes reporting incorrect value on startup.
  • (786277) - Windows Store: NetworkTransport.ConnectEndPoint will work correctly on UWP (required by secure sockets), note this function will not work on older Windows Store SDKs.
  • (790537) - Windows Store: Workaround a driver bug in Lumia 950, the screen was flickering when navigation bar was spawning or despawning. Basically we replace ID3D11DeviceContext::ClearDepthStencilView (which corrupts stencil buffer somehow) with a full screen quad draw call which clears depth/stencil.

GameDev News

6. May 2016


You have to love the new speed of releases for major game engines, it’s a great trend and I hope it keeps up.  As the title suggests, Unity have released a new patch bringing the version to 5.3.4p6.  Once again this patch is composed almost entirely of fixes and is not considered dangerous or beta.

The changes include:

  • Cluster Rendering : Improvement on cluster networking layer and reduced instability while using cluster input.
  • (788040) - Android: Buildpipe - Don't make use of preview SDK tools installed.
  • (786918) - Android: Buildpipe - Fixed AAPT errors on project export.
  • (765396) - Android: Buildpipe - Fixed AAR plugin and resource issues on exported projects.
  • (779338) - Android: Fixed immersive mode switching off on some KitKat devices when pressing volume buttons.
  • (779877) - Android: Fixed potential crash when using WWW without having Internet permission (also affects use of Unity Analytics).
  • (none) - Android: Fixed potential race condition in atomic access on ARM processors.
  • (689644) - Animation: Fixed scale value getting zeroed when removing scale curve components in AnimationWindow.
  • (762739) - AssetBundles: Fixed Compress Assets On Import setting ignored when switching platform
  • (734216) - AssetBundles: FIxed CreateFromMemory not working with "." in filenames.
  • (790345) - Editor: Fixed New installed Unity command line activation issue.
  • (776528) - iOS: Fixed memory leak when using On Demand Resources.
  • (783713) - MacOSX Editor: Fixed UI text rendering on Radeon HD 4000 series and older AMD GPUs.
  • (763638) - OpenGL: Fixed mislocated fragment shader default float precision. Now also basing the default precision on actual HW capabilities.
  • (784880) - OpenGL: Fixed rendering when Graphics.Blit is being called after WaitForEndOfFrame.
  • (none) - OpenGL: Shader compiler: Added unused global uniform pruning.
  • (780831) - OpenGL: Shader compiler: Avoid temp name collisions.
  • (782514) - OpenGL: Shader compiler: Fixed shader translation bugs.
  • (773226) - Particles: Fixed a case where if OnWillRenderObject renders, it breaks the main scene.
  • (788023) - Particles: Fixed batching issues when using multiple cameras in the same position.
  • (780257) - Physics2D: Fixed a problem where both AreaEffector2D and PointEffector2D scaled-up forces for each additional collider on a rigidbody.
  • (none) - Physics2D: Fixed a problem where constantly changing an Effector2D collider would mean that no contacts were ever processed stopping the effector from working.
  • (754351) - Prefabs: Implemented OnWillSaveAssets callback when applying prefabs.
  • (764711) - UI: Fixed issue with crash due to dirty renderer being in the dirty list after being destroyed.
  • (none) - VR: Fixed an issue with incorrect Render Texture size being used. Most notable with deferred rendering.
  • (none) - VR: VRFocus now respects RunInBackground. Run In Background value of true will now disable rendering if VRFocus is lost.
  • (none) - Wii U: Fixed issues causing known crashes.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Fixed an assert happening during mesh compression.
  • (789538) - Windows Store: Fixed Build & Run for Universal 8.1 solution.
  • (789439) - Windows Store: The maximum amount of characters for short name for tiles will be 40 now.

The patch is available for download on Windows and Mac here.

GameDev News

28. April 2016


Another Unity patch has been released.  Other than an update in the Oculus Rift SDK and removal of the requirement for the OVRPlugin, this release is composed entirely of fixes.


  • VR: Updated Oculus API and plugin to version 1.3.2. Downloading 1.3.2 OVRPlugin from Oculus is no longer necessary.
  • (703290, 786195) - Batch mode: Fixed an issue where BuildPlayer calls might cause compilation errors to be logged in subsequent runs.
  • (788555) - D3D11: Fixed exclusive mode window reactivation issues after focus has been lost.
  • (none) - D3D11: Fixed some rare crashes on memory constrained systems (log would contain resource creation failure messages).
  • (775898) - Editor: Now show alert pop over for invalid serial format.
  • (779129) - Graphics: Fixed TrailRenderer showing a gap between current position and the last update.
  • (789905) - IL2CPP: Emit proper C++ code for COM marshaling of methods that have at least one parameter that cannot be marshaled.
  • (786499) - IL2CPP: Generate proper C++ code for the OnSerialize method injected by UNET in classes deriving from NetworkProximityChecker.
  • (787687) - IL2CPP: Generated proper C++ code for assemblies compiled with Visual Studio when a method returning an IntPtr returns an integer value.
  • (785036) - iOS/tvOS: Fixed a regression which caused artefacts when using GLES2 Graphics API.
  • (780329) - iOS: Fixed UnityWebRequest hanging on responses > 64k when using a custom DownloadHandlerScript.
  • (783527) - MemoryProfiler: Added toggle to exclude references in detailed memory dump to reduce memory footprint used.
  • (783433) - Particles: Fixed a crash when using Inherit Velocity Module curves.
  • (766891) - Physics: Provide feedback to allow working around crashes occurring when input meshes contains invalid vertices.
  • (none) - Samsung TV: Enabled a "Show Unity Splash Screen" check box on Samsung TV's PlayerSettings.
  • (776446) - tvOS: Enabled game controller in tvOS on-screen keyboard.
  • (none) - tvOS: Fixed a crash when calling OnDemandResourcesRequest.Dispose() in a coroutine.
  • (749311) - tvOS: Separated tvOS SDK and OS version settings from iOS.
  • (768807) - UI: Fix for child UI elements not being rendered when scaling World Space Canvas from zero.
  • (751798) - UnityWebRequest: Downgrade to HTTP GET on 302 and 303 redirect codes
  • (751794) - UnityWebRequest: Honor negative redirectLimit.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Fixed an exception while marshalling UnityEngine.NavMeshTriangulation.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Fixed marshaling of UnityEngine.HumanDescription, previously the field hasTranslationDoF was not mashaled at all.
  • (786889) - Windows Store: Fixed marshaling of UnityEngine.SplatPrototype, previously fields specularMetallic, smoothness were not marshaled, because of this sometimes terrain would be rendered incorrectly.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Fixed www.error return result, previously it would return only an error code, now it will also contain error message returned by the server.
  • (760215) - Windows: Fixed standalone Windows player position when bigger than primary monitor.

The patch can be downloaded here.

GameDev News

13. April 2016


Another week another Unity patch.  This one is almost entirely fixes unless of course you find Windows store IL2CPP backend changes or updates to the installer EULA as exciting new fixes.  Not mocking of course, new fixes are always welcome.  Well unless of course they break more than they fix I suppose.

Here are the details of today’s patch.

  • Windows Store: On IL2CPP scripting backend, Unity players are now shipped as DLLs rather than static libraries. This significantly reduces platform support module installation size as well as decreases generated C++ code linking time.
  • Installer: updated EULA.
  • (747898) - Android: Fix for EGL_BAD_NATIVE_WINDOW error on resume.
  • (777167) - Android: Fix for syncing to low framerate with vsync off.
  • (784942) - Animation: Fixed a crash related to exposed skeleton.
  • (none) - Documentation: Added missing 'OnJointBreak2D' callback documentation.
  • (730245) - Editor: If a read only file or folder is duplicated, the read only status is no longer duplicated.
  • (769613) - Editor: Fixed an issue where unloaded scenes were removed from hierarchy after exiting playmode.
  • (none) - Editor: Fixed Target Support module download URLs in Build Settings.
  • (663994) - Editor: Files with invalid names can no longer be dragged into a project.
  • (653592) - Global Illumination: Changing Reflection Probe component positioning in the inspector makes realtime probe black.
  • (none) - Global Illumination: Fixed a Reflection Probe baking issue when multiple scenes are used in a project.
  • (774638) - Graphics: Fixed a glitch in crunched compressed non-alpha texture after using sprite packer.
  • (782653) - IL2CPP: Properly handle type casts and check for value type arrays when they are casted to generic collection interfaces.
  • (none) - iOS: Apple Pencil pressure will now be exposed the same way 3D Touch pressure already is.
  • (775710) - iOS: Switching between different input fields will not leave input accessory fields on screen.
  • (764054) - iOS: TouchInputModule and StandaloneInputModule will now handle all touch phases preventing unwanted module switches.
  • (none) - Linux: Don't query displays when running in nographics mode.
  • (764054) - OSX editor: Application.version now returns the application's version. It no longer returns Application.unityVersion.
  • (740604) - UI: Fixed object culling when unparenting from a mask type.
  • (none) - UI: Fixed setting Input Field text when in Decimal/Integer with invalid values.
  • (776918) - Windows Standalone: P/Invoke will work correctly with native libraries which reference other native libraries, if those libraries are located in the same directory.
  • (775344) - Windows Store: Disable Generate C# option when scripting backend is set to il2cpp.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Files located in Assets\Resources won't end up in generated Assembly-CSharp-firstpass project, but will be correctly placed in Assembly-CSharp project.
  • (762780) - Windows Store: Fixed generics related AssemblyConverter failure and give better error messages.
  • (770092) - Windows Store: Fixed incorrect orientation of extended splash screen on Windows Phone 8.1.
  • (781907) - Windows Store: Fixed stacktraces on IL2CPP scripting backend.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Fixed $(OutDir) and $(IntDir) paths for generated IL2CPP Visual Studio solutions which prevented appx bundles to build correctly.
  • (754102) - Windows Store: Correctly generate Visual Studio namespace when product name contains ' symbol. an underscore will be used instead.
  • (none) - Windows Store: Having many generic types in the project no longer makes .NET Native compiler run out of memory.
  • (777878) - Windows Store: RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod will work correctly.
  • (773877) - Windows Store: Screen.SetResolution will correctly work on Windows Phone 10.
  • (none) - WindowsDownloadAssistant: Fixed setting VisualStudio 2015 as Unity script editor.
  • (732955) - WindowsDownloadAssistant: Fixed the bug which was freezing installation UI during bad network connection.
  • (784975) - WSA: EventType.ScrollWheel is now properly detected.

The patch can be downloaded here.

GameDev News

12. April 2016


Ok, bad pun to start the day, I’ll freely admit.  While groan inducing, the title of this thread is accurate.  Unity have a new Input system in the works, and are looking for users to try it out and give feedback.  In a nutshell, they appear to be taking the now nearly universal action mapping approach to input, which allows you to bind multiple controls to a single generic input action.  The other major change is the ability to define control states or modes to switch between.  For example you could define a set of control states for driving, shooting, multiplayer, menu navigation and switch freely between them.


An overview of the project from the Unity blog:

The new input system will consist of two parts. The low-level part is integrated into the C++ core of Unity. The high-level part is implemented in managed (C#) code that will be open-source in the same way as e.g. the UI system.

Our development process for the new input system is to design and implement large parts of the high level system first. Initially this is based on top of the current input system that already exists in Unity. For now, we call this the input system prototype. Later, once the new low-level core is more mature, we’ll change the high-level part to be based on the new low-level system.

This means that the current high-level system (the prototype) lacks specific features that depend on the new low-level core, such as robust registration of connected and disconnected input devices while the game is running. However, many features of the design can already be used and tested, and this is particularly what we want early feedback on.


This video illustrates the new input system:


You can read a great deal more about and download the new experimental input system here.  It can be used with regular Unity 5.3 without requiring a special build.

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