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28. August 2013


A pair of PlayStation Mobile new tidbits today.


Back in March, Sony announced they would be giving away free 1 year developer licenses.  Today they announced they will be extending that program:



We are looking forward to seeing your exciting ideas become reality and having fun developing together.

To help out all the talent out there we thought it would be better to waive the publisher license fee. So we decided to extend the duration.

To obtain a PSM Publisher License, please register or sign in to:

  • Start date: 8th May 2013

  • End date: TBD

  • The free PSM Publisher License is valid for one year from the obtained date.


Also, PlayStation Mobile 1.2 SDK was released.  Ok, this was a week ago, but it’s new to me!  Easily the biggest feature is the addition of scoreboard support. 

Changes in SDK 1.20.00
  • The APIs for PlayStation®Network scoreboard has been added.
  • Added Windows® 8 as an official support target of SDK. Removed Windows® XP as an official support target of SDK.
  • Supported the multi-user feature added from Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean).
  • When the application is hidden in Android, the application no longer terminates.
  • Supported portrait mode in UI Toolkit.
  • Improved convenience of creating keys.
  • Improved graphic performance on PlayStation®Vita
  • Added new samples which use new functions and show good practices. (Scoreboard Sample, Lua Sample, etc)


Not mentioned above was the addition of LuaInterface as well as Lua Samples, as well as a JSON sample.  Additionally, they also added the PersistentMemory class back, which is nice, as when they removed it, they ruined a recipe in my book


29. April 2013

We have been running a giveaway of my recently released book PlayStation Mobile Development Cookbook here on  Now we announce the lucky PSMwinners!


The lucky winners are ( by Disqus username ):

Neil Munro

Brian Beuken

Chaibi Mustapha




Congratulations to each of you. I sent you each an email in case you miss this thread.  I have submitted your email addressed to Packt.  Let me know if you don't hear anything shortly.




As to how I selected the winners… I wrote a program of course!


The follow is the Haxe source code for choosing a random value from an array:




import neko.Lib;

class Main
	static function main()
		var contestents:Array<String> =
			"Neil Munro",
			"Liam Duffy",
			"Matin Habibi",
			"Ayat Motevallian",
			"Brian Beuken",
			"Wojciech Musialkiewicz",
			"Shawn A. Allen",
			"chaibi mustapha",
			"Calle Leppajoki",
			"Waldson Patricio",
			"Lior Tal",
			"Huy Pham",
			"Alessandro Stamatto",
			"Joey Blaze",
			"Alberto Gomez R",

		var index : Int;
		var winner1, winner2, winner3: String;
		// Get random index between 0 and contestent array length
		// Get name at that position
		// Remove that name from the list so they cant win twice
		// Repeat two more times.
		Lib.print("Choosing first winner:");
		index = Std.random(contestents.length);
		winner1 = contestents[index];
		Lib.print("Choosing second winner:");
		index = Std.random(contestents.length);
		winner2 = contestents[index];
		Lib.print("Choosing third winner:");
		index = Std.random(contestents.length);
		winner3 = contestents[index];
		//Display luck winners
		Lib.println("The winners are:");
		Lib.print(winner1 + "\n" + winner2 + "\n" + winner3 + "\n");



Then from a terminal I did:



Congratulations to the lucky winners and thanks to everyone that participated.

23. April 2013

As some of you may already know, I recently published my first book. Now teaming up with my publisher Packt Publishing we are organizing a giveaway!  Three lucky winners stand a chance to win an e-copy of PlayStation®Mobile Development Cookbook. Keep reading to find out how you can win a copy.

 EDIT: Winners have been announced

Overview of PlayStation®Mobile Development Cookbook:


• Learn how you can create your own fantastic PlayStation®Mobile (PSM) applications

• Develop 2D games quickly and easily, complete with graphics, audio, and input

• Discover how to construct your own 3D world, import models, and even create texture and vertex shaders

You can read more about this book and download free Sample Chapter: 


How to Enter?

In a nutshell, you just need to leave a comment in this thread.  Of course, I'd love to hear what you think of the contents of the book when you comment! The winner will be contacted via email, so be sure to use a valid email address or I won't be able to contact you.  The contest will run until Monday April 29th, at which point I will collect all the email addresses and select three at random as winners.

16. April 2013


While I was working on my PlayStation Mobile book I didn’t produce all that many PlayStation Mobile tutorials.  I guess it was a matter of PSM overload in a way, although you should expect to see a few more in the near future covering things that have been added since the book was released.  The good new is, there is another developer, Alex McGilvray, that has created some great PSM tutorials!  His series of tutorials are a bit lower leveled than the ones here on GameFromScratch and are a good compliment.


He has made the following tutorials:

Tutorial 1 -- Getting Started

Tutorial 2 Part 1 – Shader Programming

Tutorial 2 Part 2 – Vertices, Indices and Vertex Colors

Tutorial 2 Part 3 – Texture Coordinates

Tutorial 2 Part 4 – Vertex Buffers

Tutorial 2 Part 5 – The Render Loop

Tutorial 3 – Improving PSM Rendering Performance


Or you can just check out his blog.  Nice work Alex! 


26. March 2013


As I mentioned earlier this week, I just finished publishing my first book, the PlayStation Mobile Development Cookbook.  Since then it has been making it's way through the publishing chain.



Right now it is much more widely available.  



You can purchase and download a digital copy on Packt's website now.  Digital copies are available in epub, mobi and PDF formats.  The source code bundle is also available.  Just a bit of a warning, it weighs in at a hefty 158MB.  What can I say… there's lots of code in this book.  You can also order a print copy from the Packt website.



The book is also now on Amazon.  The Kindle version is available for download right now.  The print version ships on March 28th ( Thursday ).


It should also be up on Barnes and Noble and Safari Books Online shortly, I will update when links are available.   I have to say, seeing your name up on is a rather cool feeling! :)

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