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15. June 2020

PICO-8 is perhaps the most popular of the fantasy consoles and if you are extremely quick, you can pick it up as part of the Racial Justice bundle along with a ton of other development tools and indie games.  PICO-8 is described as:

PICO-8 is a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs. It feels like a regular console, but runs on Windows / Mac / Linux. When you turn it on, the machine greets you with a commandline, a suite of cartridge creation tools, and an online cartridge browser called SPLORE.

It emulates a very limited virtual machine:

128x128 16 colours

Cartridge Size

4 channel chip blerps


256 8x8 sprites

128x32 cels

Additionally PICO-8 has several built in tools including a sprite editor, sound editor, level editor and music editor, as well as tools for publishing and sharing your creations with out.  The underlying programming language is Lua and is documented here.  You can check out PICO-8 in action in the video below.

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1. June 2020

Optikon is a free Windows based ( Mac and Linux can run via Wine ) level editor that takes a WYSIWYG approach to creating game levels using the Lua powered Love game framework.

Details of Optikon from the website:

Drag and Drop Level Design

Optikon is a simple drag-and-drop level designer which makes stunning 2D level design in LÖVE possible for everybody.
Optikon generates Lua code in real-time as you create your level, so that you don't have to write a single line of code. Simply copy and paste this code straight into a .lua file to run your game, or click "Run" in Optikon to play your level in an instant.

Built-in Code Editor

Optikon comes with a built-in Lua code editor so that you can do all your level design and coding in one place. The code editor comes with automatic Lua syntax highlighting to help boost your productivity.

Quick & Versatile Level Design

Optikon will give you the tools and performance needed to easily build large and complex levels. Add rulers as a visual aid, layer and quickly duplicate components to speed up level design.

Optikon is ultimately a code generator, creating Lua code for the Love framework.  If you want to learn more about Lua and Love, check out our complete tutorial series available here.  To see the Optikon editor in action be sure to check out the video below.

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19. May 2020

The Defold game engine is now open sourced under the Apache open source license.  The source code is now available on GitHub and Defold development is now controlled by the newly created Defold Foundation.

EDIT – The above contained an error.  The license is not Apache, it’s Apache derived.  This is unfortunate as Godot creator @reduzio points out:


The alteration from the Apache licenses appears to be this limitation:

a) You do not sell or otherwise commercialise the Work or Derivative Works as a Game Engine Product

I can understand the desire for this limitation, but I do not think it is worth it.  Edit over, back to the announcement!

Details of the open sourcing:

We are happy to announce that as of May 2020 Defold, the ultimate cross platform game engine, has been transferred to the Defold Foundation and made available as a free and open project with a permissive license! We believe this move will bring transparency to the development process and we invite our community members to get involved.

We have covered Defold extensively in the past, including this more recent step by step tutorial using Defold 2.x as well as this older more comprehensive tutorial series.  You can learn more about the Defold Engine and the Defold Foundation in the video below.

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30. April 2020

Core is a new game creation platform built upon Unreal Engine that recently went into open alpha release.  Core is a game creation platform in a similar vein as Dreams, Roblox and Second Life.  It comes packed out of the box with models, audio and materials and can be coded using the Lua programming language.

Core is described as:

Core is an endless universe of games and worlds designed by a global community of creators. It's a radically accessible game construction kit, content exchange, and game-playing platform, all in one. With Core, you can create multiplayer games, using the power of Unreal Engine, with no coding or art skills required. When you're ready to share your creations, publish them to the Core platform where they'll be instantly available to play.

Core is in Open Alpha which means anyone can start building, sharing, and playing games. However, Core is not complete, and we will be adding several features and making improvements over time.

Plans exist to add monetization, enabling creators to make money with their Core creations.  There is also the possibility that Core games will be publishable to other platforms, but for now Core games are published on the core website.  Core is well documented for developers, with that documentation available here.  Words do a poor job of describing Core, watch out the video below to see Core in action.

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25. April 2020

There have been several minor stories in the world of game development. Too small to be covered on their own, but significant enough to be covered in this summary.

This week’s game development announcements include:

Xenko Game Engine Now Called Stride

The Xenko open source game engine has just been renamed to Stride. This was due to Trademark issues with previous Xenko owners Silicon Studios. In addition to the Stride rename, we have been told to expect Xenko… er, Stride 4.0 shortly. You can learn more about Xenko/Stride here.

Corona Game Engine Now Called Solar2D

Another open source game engine, Corona from Corona Labs, has just been renamed to Solar2D. This name change is for obvious and unfortunate reasons. Additionally, they announced progress on their migration to a completely open source project. Learn more about the open sourcing of Corona/Solar2D here.

Godot Sizzle Reels Released

Godot have just released their showreel for 2020. In fact they just released 2, one for Desktop/Console and one for Mobile. Compiled from over 200 submissions, they highlight games in development using the Godot game engine.

GFS Discord Launched

Upon hitting 100K subscribers, we just launched the GameFromScratch official discord, and we have already got a community of 2K+ like minded game developers. Come join in the fun with this invite link. We have cake.

Learn more about all these stories in the video below. Also let me know what you think of this compilation format for minor game development news?

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