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11. April 2012
Just a pair of quick notes. It was recently pointed out to me a recent change I made broke the comment system. Oops. Thanks for pointing that out, it has now been fixed.
Also I am going to be away in a place without internet until Sunday, so if I'm slow to reply, that is why.


10. April 2012



Got an Android device and dreamed about coding while out and about?  Until now your choices have been slim to none, but that’s changed with the release of AIDE.aide  What is AIDE?  It’s a complete Java toolchain, including IDE that runs on your Android device.  Frankly, it’s really really really cool.  Did I mention yet, it’s very cool?  Cause it is!



Everything you need to create an Android app is included, from a text editor with full auto-completion, full compiler, app signing.  Perhaps more impressively, it also includes a full Git implementation and the ability to load Eclipse projects from your DropBox account.



Here is AIDE in action on my Samsung Galaxy Note:




On my Transformer, with full keyboard, it is actually a remarkably desktop-like development experience, but even more shocking, developing on my phone was actually do-able.  Not something I would want to do every day, but editing code was very natural.  The zooming feature is extremely smooth.




Now ready to be really impressed?



First off… it’s free!



Second, it’s just over 6MB in size!  An entire Java toolchain, including IDE in under 6 MB?  Extremely impressive.



AIDE is still currently in beta, but well worth checking out!  You do require Android 2.2 or higher.

Cool Thing of the Week

5. April 2012





Uggh.  Create a new Ice Cream Sandwich ( Android 4 ) emulator in AVD Manager, hit run and KABOOM! “emulator-arm.exe has stopped working”.  Lovely.


Still haven’t figured out exactly what the problem is, but I do know disabling the camera “fixes” the problem.  The most confusing part, creating an emulator that runs ICS, but uses a different screen resolution than WXGA and everything works just fine.


So, if you are trying to run the Android emulator using WXGA resolution and it keeps crashing, try disabling the camera.  I’ll update if I ever figure out exactly what is causing the problem.  I found this thread, which suggested disabling ATI Tray tools, however, my machine is nVidia based so that isn’t going to do it.


3. April 2012






Well, sorta, just not for free.  Since my earlier post about trying to get Blackberry working with Appcelerator Titanium, I’ve gotten a number of messages, emails and search requests asking exactly this question. “Does Titanium Studio support Blackberry?”.  It is understandable why, Appcelerator sure doesn’t make it easy to figure out!



So, to actually answer the question, the free version of Titanium does not, and cannot currently be made to support Blackberry development.  It looks like it does, and you can download all the Blackberry SDKs ( except one ), but other than wasting a lot of time, this will accomplish absolutely nothing.



However, as you can see following this link, you can target Blackberry if you download the Blackberry Beta SDK from Appcelerator.  The catch, in order to have access to that download, you need to be a paying subscriber.



So,  yes, it supports Blackberry development.



However… you have to pay.


30. March 2012



Unity is certainly getting more and more popular, and with the (limited time) release of Unityunity3d1 iOS and Android for free, the number of people interested in Unity is sure to rise.  Along with the increase in popularity of Unity, there has been an influx of Unity books.



Therefore I put together this post to compile all of the books and their primary details into a single page.  This makes picking out which book to buy/read as easy as possible.



Hope you find it useful.  I am trying to keep this post as comprehensive as possible, so if I missed a book or made a mistake, please let me know!




The Unity Book Round-up


AppGameKit Studio

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