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19. April 2012



We’ve been following the Playstation SDK for a while now, including the wonderful news it will be quite inexpensive about a month back.  Now the suite is one step closer, today Sonypssuitetgs2011 announced an open beta and it is completely free.






So, what exactly does Playstation Suiite SDK 0.98 contain?



PS Suite SDK is a software package for developing applications that can be run on the PlayStation®Vita system and PlayStation™Certified devices.

PS Suite SDK includes PC applications such as PC Suite Studio, as well as PS Suite UI Composer for laying out UI components.

Further, in addition to basic graphic and sound libraries, PS Suite SDK also includes GameEngine2D for games using 2D graphics, Physics2D for 2D physical engine, as well as superior libraries such as the UI component library UI Toolkit.

Rather than providing only basic samples for explaining each basic API, the SDK also gives you access to samples of games and applications using 2D and 3D graphics.




So, head on over to the developer page at and go get it!  The download weighs in at 287MB.  I’ll be playing around with it today and will hopefully have some impressions up shortly.



Hmmm, perhaps I wont.


You shall hold the PS Suite SDK itself and any other information provided, from time to time, to you from SCE or SCE’s affiliated companies designated as “Confidential” ("Confidential Information") in confidence, using reasonable care to maintain the confidentiality of the Confidential Information. You agree not to use, except for the purposes of this Agreement, any and all of the Confidential Information.


Well, that’s a bit of a bummer, I can’t review or disclose further information on the Playstation Suite SDK even though it is in open beta?  I am wondering if this EULA is left over from when it was in closed beta, as that makes very little sense.


Even more disturbing is the line after that one:

You shall not release or disclose to any third party Your Work or other product which is developed through use of the PS Suite SDK without SCE’s prior written consent (including by electronic means such as email). In the event that SCE requests to publicize all or a portion of Your Work, you shall use its best efforts to accommodate such request and cooperate with SCE in connection with such publication


So basically, you cant let other people see your work without Sony’s written consent.  Eww.


16. April 2012



First off, Jamaica is an absolutely beautiful country.



Second, the sun is hot.  Really hot; something I seem to have stupidly forgotten and now am paying a pretty serious price for.  Even SPF 70 sunscreen ( which I didn’t even realize existed until now ) didn’t help.



Third, the age of e-books is upon us!




The last part really shocked me.  I was considering picking up a couple “dead tree” books to bring down with me, so I didn’t look like a total dork reading my books on my Galaxy Note.  Inget_musty_smell_out_of_books the end I decided against it, I haven’t purchased a paper book in years and since when did I care about looking like a total dork anyways?



Well, turns out that fear was horrifically misplaced.  In fact almost everybody there that was reading was using an e-reader!  The Kindle Fire was easily the most popular reader, probably representing about 50% of readers that I saw.  This makes me kinda envious, as we sadly can’t get the Fire in Canada.  Perhaps even more odd, outside of the Fire, I saw almost no “old” kindles.  The Nook seemed to be the most predominant runner up to the Kindle Fire, although Sony seemed to be pretty well represented.



Yes… I really did spend my vacation gawking at people’s e-readers.  I was simply staggered at how ubiquitous they have in fact become.  You know how many good ole fashion books I saw during my time on vacation?   3.



Oh, and the number of books I actually ended up reading?  0.



Anyways, things should be back to normal with new content in these here parts shortly.

Totally Off Topic

11. April 2012
Just a pair of quick notes. It was recently pointed out to me a recent change I made broke the comment system. Oops. Thanks for pointing that out, it has now been fixed.
Also I am going to be away in a place without internet until Sunday, so if I'm slow to reply, that is why.


10. April 2012



Got an Android device and dreamed about coding while out and about?  Until now your choices have been slim to none, but that’s changed with the release of AIDE.aide  What is AIDE?  It’s a complete Java toolchain, including IDE that runs on your Android device.  Frankly, it’s really really really cool.  Did I mention yet, it’s very cool?  Cause it is!



Everything you need to create an Android app is included, from a text editor with full auto-completion, full compiler, app signing.  Perhaps more impressively, it also includes a full Git implementation and the ability to load Eclipse projects from your DropBox account.



Here is AIDE in action on my Samsung Galaxy Note:




On my Transformer, with full keyboard, it is actually a remarkably desktop-like development experience, but even more shocking, developing on my phone was actually do-able.  Not something I would want to do every day, but editing code was very natural.  The zooming feature is extremely smooth.




Now ready to be really impressed?



First off… it’s free!



Second, it’s just over 6MB in size!  An entire Java toolchain, including IDE in under 6 MB?  Extremely impressive.



AIDE is still currently in beta, but well worth checking out!  You do require Android 2.2 or higher.

Cool Thing of the Week

5. April 2012





Uggh.  Create a new Ice Cream Sandwich ( Android 4 ) emulator in AVD Manager, hit run and KABOOM! “emulator-arm.exe has stopped working”.  Lovely.


Still haven’t figured out exactly what the problem is, but I do know disabling the camera “fixes” the problem.  The most confusing part, creating an emulator that runs ICS, but uses a different screen resolution than WXGA and everything works just fine.


So, if you are trying to run the Android emulator using WXGA resolution and it keeps crashing, try disabling the camera.  I’ll update if I ever figure out exactly what is causing the problem.  I found this thread, which suggested disabling ATI Tray tools, however, my machine is nVidia based so that isn’t going to do it.


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