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15. May 2012


I promise not to let it occupy all of my life… I say as I write this at 4AM in the morning!



Actually, so far the launch has been a gigantic epic failure, not that I am shocked.  As for right now the American forums are down completely.


I signed up for a Battle.NET account ( was one of 8 people alive that didn’t play WoW ), purchased my copy from, went to activate it and:


This account does not have a Diablo 3 License attached to it.

Hmmmm… go check my email, no keys sent.  What the heck is going on?  Battle.Net says my account is active.  Turns out this is a pretty easy fix, for some reason Diablo 3 set my region to Europe, and your account appears to be region locked.  Simply go to Options->Account and change your region.




For such a massive launch, that’s a pretty stupid error message.  Well, once I set the region I at least stopped getting the “This account does not have a Diablo 3 License attached to it.” message.


Instead I get:




The servers are busy at this time.  Please try again later (Error 37).






Always on DRM for a single player game… what could possibly go wrong?





On the bright side, it looks like Diablo 3 isn’t going to be too distracting for now!


EDIT: A fair number of people seem to be having login problems.  Unfortunately beyond the fix mentioned above, there is very little that can be done.


Error 37 and 3005 apparently just mean the servers are overloaded.  All you can do in this case is keep trying.


As per the Diablo 3 support blog:


Error 37, 3005

Our servers will send an Error 37 or Error 3005 message when they are under heavy load. If you are not able to log into Diablo III and receive an Error 37 message, try logging in again. It may take several login attempts before you successfully connect.


In addition, Blizzard’s Twitter stream is directing people to this post, but it’s pretty typical connection stuff.


Sadly, most of the problems seem to be the simple fact their servers got crushed and Blizzard dropped the ball.  Hopefully they pick it up and fix things quickly.

Totally Off Topic

14. May 2012


When I was putting together the Blender to PS Suite tutorial I noticed that COLLADA and FBX exports were nowhere near as good as the X format.  A forum member on the PlayStation forums obviously ran into the same issues, and wrote a script to generate a more PSS friendly dae file.


In his own words:


Hi all,
I wrote the python script to use .dae file on PSS.
ModelConverter.exe hates a .dae(s) which produced by Blender2.63.
The script does fix some errors, and make .dae file to suitable .dae file.
Developping's quickly began, I think that the script may do not always work.
Please check this if it interest you.

How to use:

1. put onto a directly


cp ~/Download/ ~/models

2. open console (or terminal) and go to the directly


cd ~/model

3. execute the script


args="models/input.dae models/output.dae" /Applications/ -b -P

* the script works for blender 2.63, and does not work for blender 2.49 earlier

* you need to know where blender is.

4. use modelconverter.exe


Those are Mac-centric instructions, on Windows do the following:


Head here and download the script(or click the button below):


Open the zip and extract to the folder your dae file is in. ( C:\temp in my case )

Open a command prompt:

Change to the directory you extracted the script.

Create a parameter for the script via environment an environment variable named args, this value represents the input and output filenames. For example: SET args=in.dae out.dae

Run “c:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\blender” –b –P  Obviously you need to change this to match the path to your Blender install.


Like this:



This will create a more PSS friendly dae file named whatever you specified in args.


I’ve not had the chance to really test the difference, but if you are having trouble with your COLLADA files, be sure to try out this script.  Keep in mind, you need Blender 2.63.


Nice work roentgen.


14. May 2012


I have noticed a rise in traffic coming from Google these days, which of course I love, always welcome new readers!  What I’ve noticed is, it seems to correspond to people +1’ing posts.  Here is a graph illustrating Google traffic since the beginning of the year:




As you can see, search traffic has basically doubled in that time period.  That growth seems to correspond with the number of +1’s clicked.


Just wanted to let you know how important that imageat the bottom of each post is to this site.  If you are reading a post you like and want to help, please be sure to click it.  Frankly one of the most difficult/frustrating part of running this blog is raising awareness that it even exists. The increases in traffic and the many wonderful comments I receive make it very easy to keep motivated to write more tutorials/posts!



On a related topic, Digg.  I have a Digg this button on each post and I honestly don’t think it’s been clicked this year.  I know people use the Stumbleupon and Delicious buttons but I am starting to think absolutely nobody actually uses Digg since their implosion, so I’m figuring I am going to remove it.


So there’s the question, do any of you actually visit Digg anymore?

14. May 2012



I finally got around to updating the Pang project files from part 6 through 9 to include the SFML 2.0 ports.  Thanks again to Nathan for making my job a whole bunch easier! Smile



So now, if you are following along to the C++ tutorial series, you now have the option of downloading a SFML 1.6 and a SFML 2.0RC project file.  The parts before part 6 are virtually unchanged, so there is still only a single project file download.  Also note, the tutorial text is still only applicable to the 1.6 version, so you will have to do a bit of poking about to see what has changed.  One easy way is to download both projects and run a diff between them.



Now that that is complete, I really do need to get back to writing part 10 now don’t I?

13. May 2012


I am just thinking about what project I want to embark on next and this is one currently in my head.  I am going to continue focusing on creating PlayStation Suite SDK tutorials but as a sideHTML-5-Logo project I am starting to think about creating a Massively Single Player Offline Role Playing Game ( MSPORPG! ) tutorial series.


It seems that, like it or not, HTML5 is going to only become more and more important to game development.  Therefore it is an area I have some interested in personally learning more about.  I have prior Javascript and HTML experience, as well as more recent Node and Appcelerator experience, but as a gaming platform it will all be new to me, which is kind of fun. Also I grew up on CRPGs, games like Ultima and the old AD&D Gold Box games are the reason I am a gamer, so I have always wanted to make a simple RPG.  With the recent releases ( and success ) of Dungeons of Dredmor and Legend of Grimrock, it’s obvious that the old school role playing games are still popular.



So I ask you all, would you be interested in a series of tutorials covering a) HTML5 gaming b) making an RPG?  Again, this would be in addition to the regular tutorials/topics I cover.


So… interested?


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