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30. May 2020

Thanks in part to a $50,000 award from the Mozilla foundation, the Godot game engine is gaining the ability to be run in a web browser.   You can try it out right here if you have the latest version of a Chrome based browser, or Firefox Nightly.

Explanation for the rationale for Godot in a Browser from the Godot news page:

Godot Engine supports exporting games to the HTML5 platform (i.e. browsers). Given that the editor itself is written using the Godot Engine API it should be possible to run the editor in browsers as well.

The reason why the editor wasn’t able to run in browsers up until now was due to some historical Web browsers limitations, mostly lack of support for threading, but also file system access.

With the introduction of WebAssembly, WebAssembly threads, Javascript SharedArrayBuffer, and possibly an upcoming Native FileSystem API, it should now be possible to have an almost-native user experience when running the editor on the Web.

This will be beneficial in many ways to the engine itself for multiple reasons:

  1. It will lower the barrier for new users, which will be able to try out the engine without the need to download anything.
  2. Any modification towards reaching that goal will also improve the HTML5 export itself (given that the editor is made like a Godot game).
  3. It will allow to use Godot in a reasonable way in environments where installing/downloading applications is not an option (e.g. schools’ computers and tablets), fostering the usage of the engine for educational purposes (which is something we, as an open source community, deeply believe in).

This DOES NOT mean that Godot will move completely to the Web, nor that the Web browsers version will be the recommended way for professional development, but it will be an additional option for cases where it might be useful (again, pick the education sector as an example).

Perhaps the most interesting part is the future plans for mobile usage:

  • Virtual keyboard in the HTML5 plaform, for working text input in mobile devices.
  • Persistence support, WebDAV integration.
  • Gestures for the editor, allowing using the editor from touch devices (this will also be beneficial to make native Android or iOS versions of the editor for example).

These features, as well as Dropbox support, could truly bring Godot to Android, iOS or ChromeOS devices in the future!  You can learn more about Godot in the Browser in this video.  This is the second project to bring Godot to the browser, details of the first ‘Godot.Online’ is available here.  Note, is not an official Godot project.

GameDev News

29. May 2020

Today we are talking about Heroic Lab’s Nakama.  Nakama is an open source (as well as hosted and managed) solution for the networking side of the game development side of game development.  In October of 2019, Heroic Labs became a premium sponsor of the Godot Game Engine. This week Heroic Labs announced they are now sponsoring the recently open sourced* Defold Game engine.

Details from the Heroic Labs blog:

Today we are pleased to announce that Heroic Labs has joined the Defold Foundation as their first corporate partner in order to further support and expand open-source tools within the game development community.

The Defold Foundation has been formed to maintain and grow the newly open-sourced Defold game engine which was originally created by one of the world’s leading interactive games companies, King Digital Entertainment, to power their incredibly popular titles.

This partnership with the Defold Foundation has enabled us to join forces to create an open-source client library that integrates Nakama and Defold tightly together to enable developers to take advantage of the full range of client APIs found within Nakama including authentication, matchmaking, leaderboards, multiplayer, realtime chat, and much more.

At Heroic Labs we are firm believers in open-source tools and software being the future of game development; with the steady increase in the popularity of gaming, specifically online and social play, developers need access to tools that enable them to move quickly and provide the most engaging experiences to their players regardless of platform without service lock-in.

You can learn more about the Nakama server here and browse the available open source solutions on GitHub.  Learn more about Heroic Labs and Nakama in the video below.  If you want to learn more about Nakama, unfortunately we do not have a tutorial on the subject, but Nathan at GDQuest does, check it out.

*source available, not technically open source as per OSI definitions.

GameDev News

27. May 2020

In one of the biggest game development Humble Bundle, the RPG Game Development Assets 2D Art, Music and Sound Effects bundle is live now.  As always it is split into tiers:

1$ Tier

  • 7Souls RPG Graphics - Desert Tileset
  • 7Soul's RPG Graphics – Sprites
  • Dialogue Boxes
  • Inventory Sound Pack
  • Japanese Bar Interior Assets
  • Osaka City Game Assets
  • RPG Inventory – Fantasy Battle Axes
  • RPG Inventory – Fantasy Bows
  • RPG Inventory – Fantasy Daggers
  • RPG Inventory – Fantasy Potions
  • RPG Inventory – Fantasy Spears
  • RPG Inventory – Fantasy Swords
  • Warrior Adventure Game Characters

15$ Tier

  • 2D Characters Male
  • 2D Hand Painted Mine Tileset
  • 2D Hand Painted Snowland Tileset
  • 7Souls RPG Graphics – Town Tileset
  • Clean City Game Assets
  • Dark RPG Chiptune Soundtrack Bundle
  • Dwarves vs Elves RPG Sprites
  • Hand Painted Extra Objects Tileset
  • Japanese City Game Assets
  • JRPG Character Pack
  • Pixel Art Beach Tile Set
  • Pixel Art Town
  • Side View Animated RPG Battlers
  • Spells and Abilities Icons
  • Fantasy Character Bundle
  • Forest Isometric Block Tileset
  • Frozen Village Isometric Block Tileset

30$ Tier

  • 7Souls RPG Graphics Tiles- Grasslands
  • Over 80RPG Characters with Animations
  • Ancient Game SFX Pack
  • Elemental Magic Sound Effects Vol 1
  • Elemental Magic Sound Effects Vol 2
  • Fantasy RPG Items Vol 2
  • Farm & Fort Tilesets and Icons
  • Human Fantasy Animated Pack
  • Interface SFX
  • JRPG Music Pack
  • Lighthearted RPG Location Soundtrack Bundle
  • Lighthearted RPG Soundtrack Bundle
  • Medieval RPG UI Kit
  • Monster Creature Animated Pack
  • Pixel Art Medieval Interiors
  • RPG Music Pack – Complete Collection
  • Survival Icons
  • Tyler Warrens RPG Battlers Pixel Style
  • Monster Creature Super Mix
  • Pixel Art Medieval Fantasy Characters
  • Pixel Art Medieval UI Pack
  • Cute RPG UI Kit
  • Pixel Art Forest Road
  • Pixel Art Old Castle
  • 58 Fantasy RPG Items

… yeah, this one is BIG!  The GameDev Marketplace license details are available here.  As with all Humble Bundles, you decide how your money is allocated, including (and thanks so much if you do!) to support GFS if purchased using this link.  Learn more in the video below.

GameDev News Art

26. May 2020

If you follow Gamefromscratch on Twitter, you may have already seen this tweet I put out last night about a blackmail demand that was made against our YouTube channel:


First off, I really want to give a gigantic shout out to all of the people that helped get the message out, the tweets, retweets and even Reddit post.  You are an amazing community and hopefully if we yell loud enough, YouTube will here and fix this!

Basically it started with a message in the GFS Discord server claiming to have taken down my Animate CC video.  This video unfortunately has been taken down and reinstated 4 times in the last two months, this happened after YouTube turned up the bots responsibility due to Covid-19, so I had written it off as bots malfunctioning.  Each time it was taken down, I appealed and it would be restored.  After I didn’t pay the $50 in bitcoin, I started getting Circumvention of Technology notices for 3 of my videos.  That ultimately resulted in a community strike and loss of access to my channel for a week (or until appealed).  Thankfully those  three takedowns were reversed in about 2 hours and channel privileges were restored.

Today I was just waiting for YouTube to restore my 2 year old Animate CC video… then to my shock, it was reviewed and found to be in violation!  Even after multiple previous reviews, as you can see from these email snippets!


So that is where things stand now.  My channel is back, 3 out of 4 of my videos are returned.  Thing is, anyone that wants can do this exact same attack whenever they want.  It was reported to YouTube and frankly they did nothing.  Any YouTube creator you love can have their channel taken down by spamming Circumvention of Technology claims, and there really isn’t anything you can do about it.  YouTube assumes your guilt and until the review clears you name, your video is down.  As you can see from the above emails, your video doesn’t always come back.

The single biggest piece of advice I can give to any YouTube creator, make sure your content is mirrored on another network!   After my Animate CC video was taken down the second time, I started mirroring to and I recommend you do to!  Thanks to mirroring to Lbry, my Animate CC video lives on!  So if you want to try to spot the copyright circumvention YouTube reviewers “found”, you can!

Hopefully if we yell loud enough, YouTube will hear and creators will be protected from insanity like this in the future!  You can learn much more in the video below.  Once again, thank you to everyone that helped amplify my voice, it was and is much appreciated!

Totally Off Topic

25. May 2020

Epic Games are running their Annual Unreal Engine Spring Marketplace sale.  You can get a collection of 5000+ asset store items for up to 70% off, which 2k+ being at the maximum discounted amount.

Details from the Unreal Engine blog:

With up to 70% off more than 5,000 select Unreal Engine Marketplace products during the Spring Sale, the Marketplace is teeming with content to make development a breeze. Now through Wednesday, June 3 discover discounted construction kits, character collections, captivating countrysides, and so much more!

Uncover a treasure trove of products to help you construct lavish hotels and lively low-poly campsites, or vast solar systems with starry skyboxes and advanced sci-fi spaceships. Don’t miss out on ambient sounds and tracks to envelop your audience, explosive effects, and handy tools to tidy up your projects.
Sale lasts now through June 3 at 11:59 PM EDT. Happy shopping!

Please not the above Marketplace link was editing to the correct location.  You can also access the sale in the Epic Game Launcher.  You can learn more about the sale and assets available in the video below.

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