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2. October 2019

Today Godot announced they have a new platinum sponsor, Heroic Labs.  A platinum sponsor has pledges at least $1500 a month towards the development of Godot, an open source 2D/3D game engine that is open source and entirely crowd funded.  This pledge should help with the future development of Godot, enabling Godot to employ more developers in a full time capacity.

Details of the sponsorship from the new posts:

Today, open source game development tools do a similar job. They help everyone –– from indie developers to AAA studios –– to focus on creating the best game rather than having to rebuild a physics engine, shift graphics blobs manually in memory, or develop reliable back-end infrastructure.

That’s why we created Nakama and made it open source. We wanted game developers to have access to the same high quality back-end functionality that’s available to developers working in other industries. Crucially, we wanted to make sure that anyone could build their game with Nakama, whether they’re learning in their bedroom, bootstrapping as an indie dev, or trying something new at a big studio.

We’re thrilled that Godot shares our passion for open source tooling and we’re excited by the possibilities unlocked by combining Godot and Nakama.

Plus some details of their future plans regarding Godot:

Nakama is a real-time, competitive, social back-end that helps game developers create compelling multiplayer experiences. Already we have integrations with Unity, Unreal Engine, Swift, Android, and more.

Right now, we’re working on our integration with Godot Engine and we’ll post an update once it’s available. Nakama and Godot together will give a whole new generation of game developers the opportunity to build resilient, beautiful, and immersive gameplay experiences.

Nakama is an open source back end server for networked games.  You can host it yourself or use their managed hosting solutions.  You can learn more about the sponsorship and about Nakama in the video below.  If you are interested in learning how to use Godot, be sure to check out our tutorial series available here or our step by step series available here.

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2. October 2019

FLECS, the Fast Lightweight Entity Component System, is a recently released open source C99 based framework for creating games and applications using the ECS design pattern.  It is an exceptionally well documented library, with several examples as well as a complete web based interface for profiling and debugging entities in your game world!

FLECS is described as:

Flecs is a Fast and Lightweight ECS. Flecs packs as much punch as possible into a small library with a tiny C99 API and zero dependencies. Here are some of the things it can do:

  • Process entities on multiple threads with a lock-free, zero-overhead staging architecture
  • Organize components & systems in reusable, library-friendly modules
  • Run systems every frame, periodically, on demand or on change events

Additionally, flecs has a flexible engine that lets you do many things, like:

  • An expressive prefab system with prefab variants, component overrides and nested prefabs
  • Create specific system expressions with AND, OR, NOT and optional operators
  • Create hierarchies, indexes and DAGs with container entities 

The code is released under the liberal MIT open source license, while the web dashboard is under the more restrictive GPL v3 open source license.  As mentioned earlier, FLECS has excellent documentation available here as well as a wealth of samples available here.  The developer also has several full featured code samples available in their own repositories including a pong game and more available here.  Finally the dashboard is in a separate repository available here.

You can learn more about FLECS in the video below.

1. October 2019

It’s the first of the month so that means free Unreal Engine stuff!  Since November of 2018 Epic Games have been giving away free UE4 marketplace content in the form of  at least 5 free assets that need to be “purchased” during the month, as well as at least two permanently free items.  Once you have “purchased” the monthly content, it is however yours to keep forever.

This month’s content consists of:

  • Dynamic Locomotion + Blueprints
  • EMS Easy Multi Save
  • Flowers and Plants Nature Pack
  • Loading Screen System
  • Close Combat Swordsman

The new permanently free content additions are:

  • jRPG Template
  • Modular Sci-Fi Season 2 Starter Bundle

You can find the monthly content here, while the entire collection of free forever content is available here.  You can also locate and purchase the content using the Epic Game Launcher. 

In a bit of possible bad news, a marketplace provider reached out to me to let me know that this might be the end.  It was initially planned that the marketplace giveaways would be a year long program and sadly this month represents the 12th such month of giveaways.  Epic have not confirmed that there will or won’t be another such giveaway come November or if there will be a replacement program offered.  I suppose we will find out on November 1st, won’t we?  You can learn more  about the assets and the program in the video below.

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