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24. May 2018

CryEngine 5.5 became one step closer with the preview 3 release.  The release contains over 400+ improvements, fixes and tweaks.  The following are the new features of this release:

Animation General

  • Fixed: Attachments (e.g. pistol, shotgun) wrongly attached if compute skinning is used.
  • Fixed: Animation update not reusing its memory pools when no level is loaded (resulting in perpetual growth of memory usage when working with external tools such as Character Tool, Mannequin etc).

AI System

  • New: Islands connectivity is taking navigation annotations into account.
  • New: Debug draw functions are getting navmesh query filter from NavigationComponent with name "MNMDebugQueryFilter".

Middleware Updates

  • Updated to Wwise SDK v2017.2.4
  • Updated to Fmod Studio 1.10.05
  • Updated Oculus spatializer for Wwise from 1.17.0 to 1.20.0

Audio General

  • New: (SDL Mixer) File import for external audio files into ACE.
  • New: (SDL MIxer) Audio parameter and switch implementation for SDL Mixer.
  • Optimized: Smoother scrolling and faster expanding of treeview items in ACE.

Engine General

  • Refactored: Removed small primitive shapes.
  • Refactored: Remove now unsupported GameZero cryproject.
  • Optimized: Added early out for IEntitySystem::InitEntity should init fail and you want to delete the entity (avoids going through all deleted entities).


  • New: Introduce new CryAPIExamples module to compile Doxygen snippets.
  • New: Introduce action map listener example.
  • New: Add examples for common physics functions.
  • New: Introduce networked client listener example.
  • New: Introduce minimal plug-in example.
  • New: Add simple IEntityAudioComponent examples.
  • New: Add XML & Json examples.
  • New: Add asynchronous camera injection (VR) example.
  • New: Add Trigger and Rope Component examples.
  • New: Add ISkeletonPose::GetAbsJointByID example.
  • New: Introduce CVar and CCommand examples.
  • New: Add ENTITY_EVENT_COLLISION example.


  • New: Support building API examples without the Engine for auto compilation.

Default Entities

  • New: Add preview drawing to the Physic Constraint Components.
  • New: Geometry and Physics Components with Mass and Density now have an interactive dropdown to select either Mass, Density or Immovable.
  • Fixed: Networked property of the Rigidbody Component not having any effect.


  • New: Annotating HLSL shader to include resource layout descriptors.
  • New: Local shader compilation in Windows platform.
  • New: HLSLcc local shader compilation.
  • New: Support for DXC and GLSLANG HLSL to SPIR-V compilers and compiler switching feature.


  • New: Enhanced grouping capabilities in new ActivateRandom feature; now supports all possibilities of old SecondGen features.
  • New: Replaced SecondGen features (on parents) with child features (on children, who decide when they activate). Replaced SecondGen "Random" parameters with new ComponentActivateRandom feature. Added AddSubInstances and CullSubInstances features, removed KillParticles feature. Parent relationship is now explicitly serialized. Added Component-to-Component node linking in Particle Editor.
  • New: Pre-compute effect timings for stability, equilibrium and death.
  • New: Added screen-fill stats.
  • New: SpawnCount now has option for Max or Total particles emitted.


  • New: A backup of a project can now be created in the CryVersionSelector.
  • New: When switching Engine version - the user now has the option to automatically create a backup of the project before switching Engine version.
  • New: Update package build options with export path selection, configuration selection and the option to include debug symbols.

Editor General

  • New: GeometryCache importer.
  • New: Added a user confirmation dialog to control the process of updating levels to the new level format.
  • New: (Asset Browser) Allow deletion of assets via Delete key.

Additional Fixes

  • New: Added CVar to draw full extent of last cached shadow cascade.
  • New: Expose CVar to control number of octree nodes visited during incremental shadow cache update.

There are also several known issues with this release:

Known Issues

  • UI: Dependency Graph window is not responsive when opening from a selection window.  WORKAROUND: It can be closed from the Windows tray bar, however if you don't have separate icons enabled for the different editor windows on the tray, then this can be an issue. NOTE: Opening the Dependency Graph say for example from the Asset Browser or from the global menu  Tools -> Dependency Graph works fine.
  • RENDER: (PARTICLE) Particle 'new_year' is not being rendered correctly.
  • RENDER: (EDITOR ONLY) Shadow square following camera.
  • RENDER: Some brushes could flicker directly after level load. 
  • RENDER: SkyBox could be broken after several level loads. 
  • CRASH: (VS2017) After compiling and running the Engine with VS version 15.7 the Engine will crash (exception thrown), the problem originates from the last command in ( Editor\Python\plugins\crytools\ ). For more information about this topic click here.
  • C#: Using the CRYENGINE C# extension for Visual Studio 2017 to start the GameLauncher, Sandbox Editor or Server can cause an error when used in the latest version of Visual Studio 2017.

You can read more about this release including how to install this version in the complete release notes available here.  For more details on the earlier CE 5.5 release check out our hands on video:

GameDev News

24. May 2018

AppGameKit 2018.05.24 was just released.  AppGameKit is a cross platform game development kit targetted at indie and casual developers.  One very nice feature of AppGameKit is the two versions of the framework available, a higher level Basic like language full an integrated editor for newer developers as well as a lower level C/C++ imageinterface with the same functionality.  If you want to learn more about AGK be sure to check out our closer look review available here.  The 2018.05.24 release contains primarily fixes, although some new functionality exists.

Details of the release from the release notes:

  • Fixed short touch events near the top and bottom of the screen on iOS 11 not registering as a pointer event
  • Fixed SetSpeechLangauge causing a crash on iOS
2D Animation
  • Fixed Spriter files causing a corrupt animation if the bones are out of order
  • Spriter import now supports bone hierarchy changes during animation, however tweening between two animations with different hierarchies will cause momentary distortion
  • Fixed DeleteFont crashing if LoadFont failed to load the font
  • Fixed 3D animations becoming corrupt if a bone didn't have a keyframe near the animation end time
  • Fixed transparency mode 2 (additive) on 3D objects not working properly with fog turned on
  • Fixed objects or terrains with over 65536 vertices per mesh causing a crash on iOS, and invalid polygons on other platforms
  • Fixed setting the sprite shape to circle after SetSpriteScale causing the shape to be the incorrect size
  • Fixed using the sprite shape commands to change an individual shape causing the other shapes to be deleted
  • Fixed RequestPermission generating a permission not found error
  • Fixed Ouya export causing an error when trying to load the Ouya image
  • Added more DirectInput device types to list of recognised devices that can be used as AGK joysticks, e.g. flight controllers
  • Fixed GetDeviceID on Windows sometimes returning different values for the same device

GameDev News

23. May 2018

I just realized that even though I have been developing a Godot 3 tutorial series and book for the last several months, I haven’t actually posted it here on the front page of GameFromScratch.  Each tutorial is published as pages instead of posts so it doesn’t appear on the front page or in the timeline!  Ooops…SeriesIntroduction

So anyways… I’m working on both a new tutorial series covering the recently released Godot 3.  If you followed my Godot 1/2 tutorial series you should have a good idea what to expect.  In this case the series is primarily video passed, but don’t worry if you prefer text I am publishing all code samples and assets here on GameFromScratch.  Additionally I am writing a book that parallels the videos published in the series.  While it is not available for purchase yet, I am making WIP chapters available to GFS Patreons as I finish them.

Currently the series covers the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Nodes, Scenes and Trees
  • GDScript Programming 101
  • 2D Graphics, Sprites and Animation
  • Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick Input
  • User Interface Development

The series will expand to cover all aspects of Godot 3 development, including 3D, VR and Mobile development topics.  Expect a chapter on Godot 3 audio to be up shortly.

You can access the homepage to the tutorial series here which in addition to video links, also includes all of the code samples and assets used.  If you prefer to just watch the videos, you can find the YouTube playlist here.


22. May 2018

Cocos2D-x 3.17 was just released.   Cocos2D-x is an open source MIT license cross platform C++ game framework that has been used to create several games including BADLAND and Clash of Kings.  The 3.17 release adds support for iPhone X, upgraded the underlying media libraries and implemented various bug fixes and improvements.


  • added support for iPhone X
  • added support Android Studio 3.0+
  • CMake is now supported on all platforms
  • upgraded Spine runtime to v3.6.39
  • upgraded GLFW to 3.2.1
  • misc bugs fix and stability improvements

Click here to read the full release notes.  If you wish to learn more about Cocos2D-x check out our complete text tutorial series available here, or watch the following video series here and here.

GameDev News

22. May 2018

The Defold engine just received a new release, 1.2.128.  This release is primarily composed of fixes, however Spine functionality now supports runtime skin as well as the ability to send GUI messages.  If you are new to Defold, be sure to check out our complete tutorial series available here.

Details of the release from the release notes:


  • DEF-3188 - Added: API to change Spine skin slots dynamically.
  • DEF-3056 - Added: Spine events in GUI scripts.
  • DEF-3279 - Added: Total resource sizes in the resource profiler.
  • DEF-3286 - Fixed: Added fix for null access in rare cases after calling iap.restore() on Android.
  • DEF-3283 - Fixed: WebAudio on HTML5 start on first mouse/touch interaction.
  • DEF-3198 - Fixed: HTML5 bug where clicks were not caught if canvas wasn’t selected.
  • DEF-3281 - Fixed: Sprite can now use 32-bit index buffers (which means each collection can have more than 16k sprites).
  • DEF-3277 - Fixed: Profile port 8002 may fail on certain network conditions.
  • DEF-2191 - Fixed: Memory leak in callbacks for models, particlefx and spine.

Editor 2

  • DEFEDIT-1354 - Fixed: Lost layout overrides after reordering Gui nodes.
  • DEFEDIT-1373 - Fixed: Font resources will now use all available processor cores to generate bitmaps.
  • DEFEDIT-1381 - Fixed: Assets tree refreshes faster in projects with many dependencies on Windows.
  • DEFEDIT-1387 - Fixed: Spine/Model animations sometimes sample outside of timeline data.
  • DEFEDIT-1388 - Fixed: File extensions are no longer case sensitive in the editor.
  • DEFEDIT-1391 - Fixed: The compile phase will now use all available processor cores when building.
  • DEFEDIT-1394 - Fixed: Script errors report line numbers when building.

GameDev News

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