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3. May 2017


Microsoft recently purchased the company behind Simplygon, a tool for creating quality lower resolution versions of high polygon meshes.  One of the nice things about Microsoft acquiring a company is, if they don’t kill it off outright, they often make it available for free.  That is exactly what has happened with Simplygon Connect.  Here are the details on the two versions available.



Head over to the developer portal, sign in (I used my existing Live account) and the following downloads are available.



In addition to the above downloads, Simplygon is already supported inside Unreal Engine.

Details on the limitations between the Connect version and the offline version are scarce, and the site seems to completely lack an FAQ or additional information.  The obvious difference is 1 node vs 10 on the commercial version, however I have no idea what a node actually is.  The other obvious differences is the commercial version supports Windows 8 as well as 10, has the ability to supress automatic updates and email support is available.  The free version is limited to Windows 10.  I am currently downloading the SDK to see if additional information is available, however their servers seem to be absolutely crawling at the moment.

GameDev News

3. May 2017


Hot on the heals of the 4.16 preview release, Epic have released a hotfix for the 4.15 branch.  The major purpose behind this fix is to work toward resolving D3D Hung crashes while enabling additional NVidia GPU diagnostics.  To support these new diagnostic features however, you need to update to a newer NVidia driver.  More details on the GPU Hang bug are available here.  This hotfix also addresses the following issues:

Fixed! UE-35606 Crash when Importing .OBJ using the File > Import into Level Option
Fixed! UE-42207 SVN SASL binaries may be causing crashes for some users
Fixed! UE-42911 Reflection capture crash in FindOrAllocateCubemapIndex
Fixed! UE-42165 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Renderer!FReflectionEnvironmentSceneData::ResizeCubemapArrayGPU() [reflectionenvironment.cpp:215]
Fixed! UE-43279 Crash launching QAGame onto Windows
Fixed! UE-42920 Regression in Gaussian and Circle DOF
Fixed! UE-43443 GC Clustering broken for USoundWave assets (crash)
Fixed! UE-43028 UnrealVS is not working in Visual Studio 2017
Fixed! UE-43888 GitHub 3475 : Added a gitignore exception for automation files.
Fixed! UE-43608 EDL in 4.15 may not be fully safe and should be disabled by default
Fixed! UE-43346 Crash in Packaged Game When Using Gameplay Tags
Fixed! UE-42547 Removing a key from a Enum Map variable causes duplicate keys to remain
Fixed! UE-43928 FBlackboardKeySelector filters cause invalid argument assert
Fixed! UE-42759 Vulkan is crashing on S7 Mali
Fixed! UE-42184 IAP failed to read purchase
Fixed! UE-41313 Failed to compile C++ Code project, for iOS/tvOS in Development, in Xcode 8.3 beta 1
Fixed! UE-44029 FRepChangelistState leaks memory
Fixed! UE-44470 Compile failure packaging code project for tvOS from Mac
Fixed! UE-43454 Add Aftermath support to UE4Editor


As always, the fix is available for download using the Epic Game Launcher.

GameDev News

3. May 2017


The Defold Game Engine just saw release 1.2.103.  Perhaps the biggest new feature of this release is the ability to compile Java sources for use in Native Extensions.  Of course the release also contains several bug fixes.  If you’ve never heard of Defold, it’s a Lua powered 2.5D game engine that’s free to use.  If you want to learn more, we did a complete tutorial series available here.


Details of this release from the release announcement:

  • DEF-2543 - Added: Java compilation and Android resources in Native Extensions.
  • DEF-2630 - Added: Support for native extension app manifest.
  • DEF-1520 - Added: Support for configurable trigger overlap capacity.
  • DEF-1360 - Fixed: Texture packer improvements.
  • DEF-2660 - Fixed: Keyable draw order for spine scenes.
  • DEF-2668 - Fixed: Issue where UIWindow and EGLContext pointers were always null.
  • DEF-2665 - Fixed: Bundle bug where incorrect debug/release version was bundled.
  • DEF-2647 - Fixed: GUI Spine callback crash.
  • DEF-2658 - Fixed: Template node randomly selected.
  • DEF-2672 - Fixed: Unable to load texc_shared library in Editor 1.
  • All manuals, tutorials and FAQ have been moved to a public GitHub repository.
  • Added a new shader tutorial.
  • Both API documentation and manuals has been updated with user submitted changes. Thanks to Ross Grams, Alexey Gulev and jfrangoudes!

Click here to get started with Defold.

GameDev News

2. May 2017


Krita is a free and open source paint package that is rapidly improving as of late.  Today they released Kritia 3.1.3, a relatively minor release. 

New features in this release include:

  • implement context menu actions for default tool (cut, copy, paste, object ordering)
  • added option to allow multiple instances of krita (BUG 377199)
  • scale around pivot point added

The ability to run multiple instances is a huge addition to me; I can’t stand when applications limit you to only one running copy at a time, greatly limiting concurrent workflow.  In addition to these three new features, there are also a few dozen bug fixes, including:

  • Fix eraser switching back to the brush after flipping the stylus (BUG 375878) Krita
  • Fix the OpenGL crash detection and show Intel warning earlier
  • Fix the High DPI switch
  • Improve how you select brush spacing so it is easier to slide to a value
  • Fix right-button popup menus in tools when using Tablet Stylus (BUG 344878)
  • Added layer thumbnail on the animation timeline while hovering
  • Improvements to undo and the swap operation save memory
  • Fix when sometimes layer says “group not editable” (BUG 376214)
  • Fix slow down when changing of the smoothing options (BUG 375882)
  • Fix crash when closing an image right during the transformation operation
  • Fix a crash when switching tools while running the color picker (BUG 373883)
  • Update to Spriter plugin
  • Fix resetting the paint device cache (BUG 374142)
  • Upgrade the layer to an animated one when the first frame is added (BUG 377176)
  • Warn the artist when saving a read-only file (BUG 376098)
  • All file layers to be merged (BUG376613)
  • Add user feedback when locking for drag and drop between images (BUG 376382)
  • Fix potential crash when dragging and dragging large layers between images (BUG 376382)
  • Don’t crash if there is no proofing color space (BUG 376311)
  • Fix a crash when the layer gets changed to quickly during moving animation (BUG 377614)
  • Fix loading of some animation files
  • Port animation frames to use strokes (BUG 37696)
  • Update calligraphy tool icon
  • Fix removing color labels from multiple frames (BUG 374746)
  • Add a warning dialog when a person is potentially saving a corrupted image (BUG 361883 BUG 378681)
  • Fix updates to assistants when the brush outline is disabled (BUG 377952)
  • Fix for loading the display settings
  • Fixed a potential crash when merging layers with pass-through mode
  • Fixed flattening and merging of pass-through lode layers
  • Fix crash when double clicking on a polyline object (BUG 376497)
  • Fix frame offset when dragging and dropping between layers
  • Updated default settings for liquify tool (thanks David Revoy)
  • Fix issues with saving layer styles and vector layers.
  • Fix rending a sequence of one animation frame
  • Show the on-canvas message by default since mirror view needs it (BUG 346014)
  • Fix for converting floating point channel depth to 8 bit integers with PNG format (BUG 375217)
  • Fix crash when a file layer is deleted (BUG 376993)
  • Make lens blur work when using Krita in another language than English (BUG 376262)
  • Fix memory leak in PNG converter (BUG 378134)
  • Update tooltips for play and stop in animation docker
  • Convert the pasted clip color space when the option is set (T5367)
  • Fixes for loading ORA file types
  • Fix for updating title of document when changing document title (BUG 374389)
  • Fix activating next/previous layer shortcut for layer groups which are invisible
  • New icon for transform from pivot point
  • Show layer color labels in timeline docker
  • Use the name of the filter when creating a filter mask from the filter dialog instead of “effect”
  • Don’t cover startup dialogs (for instance, for the pdf import filter) with the splash screen
  • Fix a race condition that made the a transform mask with a liquify transformation unreliable
  • Fix canvas blackouts when using the liquify tool at a high zoom level
  • Fix loading the playback cache
  • fix with dragging when shift is selected (BUG 373067)
  • Use the native color selector on OSX: Krita’s custom color selector cannot pick screen colors on OSX
  • Set the default PNG compression to 3 instead of 9: this makes saving png’s much faster and the resulting size is the same.
  • Fix a crash when pressing the V shortcut to draw straight lines
  • Fix a warning when the installation is incomplete that still mentioned Calligra
  • Make dragging the guides with a tablet work correctly
  • Pressing and releasing a modifier key now updates the cursor instantly


Krita is available for download here.

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