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13. October 2016


MaxPlay is a cloud based game engine I’ve been following since it was announced.  Formed by a number of industry veterans and well funded, it had a great deal of potential.  Back in August it seemed one step closer to reality as closed beta began.  Sadly news today from does not look good.


Cloud-based game engine start-up MaxPlay appears to be the latest company in the competitive space to close its doors.

Former Gameplay Engineer Andrew Carroll wrote on Twitter that the studio had closed and that he was leaving the company.

MaxPlay’s website shows just under 50 staff had been working for the firm.



Austin studio and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered co-developer Certain Affinity later tweeted that it was hiring and called on staff affected by the MaxPlay closure to get in touch.


MaxPlay has not used its social media channels Twitter, Facebook and YouTube since the beginning of September.

A number of staff, including Chief Platform Officer Michael Rothrock, have also updated their LinkedIn profiles to state they finished working at the company as of September 2016.


The game engine space is certainly a competitive one with two major players in the commercial space as well as dozens of excellent, free and often open source engines available.  In the last month we witnessed the death of the long running Marmalade game engine, as well as a major restructuring at Corona.  Always disappointing however, and I hope those that are effected find work quickly.  This was a game engine I was looking forward to getting my hands on, something that seems increasingly unlikely.

GameDev News

12. October 2016


A new release, 1.2.90 of the Defold game engine is now available.  The Defold game engine is a 2D cross platform Lua powered game engine.  I have done a complete Defold tutorial series should you wish to learn more.


Details of this release:

This sprint we have mostly focused on stability and robustness in the engine.

The bundling for Android on macOS Sierra should work as expected now.
We've also added some missing autocomplete functions for Facebook, webview and window.
The debug profile view now shows the amount of memory currently used by Lua.
The Lua require function has gotten some rework, making it easier to import your scripts.
We've also fixed a small drag'n'drop issue in the gui outline.

  • DEF-2125 - Added: Added profile counters for Lua references and Lua memory
  • DEF-2140 - Added: Added auto completion for Facebook, webview and window Lua modules
  • DEF-1788 - Fixed: Crash in Facebook request permissions
  • DEF-2074 - Fixed: Crash when Android device has IPv6 address on local interface
  • DEF-2123 - Fixed: Crash when spine component constants wasn't pushed/popped properly
  • DEF-2132 - Fixed: Crash relating to leaked game objects
  • DEF-2086 - Fixed: Made sure gui.animate callbacks were unref'ed when the gui scene was unloaded
  • DEF-2116 - Fixed: Unable to detect certain Lua require() calls when building the game
  • DEF-2142 - Fixed: Better documentation on particle emitter states
  • DEF-2149 - Fixed: Certain nodes could not be childed to some nodes in GUI via drag and drop
  • DEF-2143 - Fixed: Bundling for Android on macOS Sierra
  • Various documentation & search fixes


Defold is available to download for free at

GameDev News

11. October 2016


AirConsole is an interesting concept, essentially it is a local-multiplayer focused game store and API where users play using their smart phones.  Essentially AirConsole provides aairconsole portal for HTML5 developed games that use their special API enabling users to connect and play local (couch) multiplayer games using their smartphone as a controller, developers in turn can make revenue via ads played on the service. 


The contest pays a total of $10,000 USD to the winning game, then $2,500 and $1,000 to two runners up.


More details from the announcement:

  1. First Place will be awarded prize money of USD 10’000
  2. Second Place will be awarded prize money of USD 2’500
  3. Third Place will be awarded prize money of USD 1’000
Additional prices: 3 x Construct2 Business License
  • Your game uses the AirConsole API and is fully controllable by Smartphone.
  • Your game has not previously received any funding from AirConsole or participated in other AirConsole contests with the exception of the Fall 2016 Student Competition.
How to participate
  1. Create a game or port an existing one using the AirConsole API or the AirConsole Unity Plugin and the guides & information available at
  2. Create a profile for your game on
  3. Upload a .zip file of your build to said profile (you can do this more than once, not just for a final build)
  4. Fill out this Submission Form (includes a direct link to your final game upload)
The deadline for Submissions is February 26th 2017, 23:59h CET.

GameDev News

10. October 2016


Bullet is a popular open source C++ based 3D physics engine available on Github under the zlib permissive license, a very liberal open source license.  They just released version 2.84.   This release brings a few new features:

  • pybullet -- python bindings
  • VR support for the HTC Vive
  • VR support for the Oculus Rift
  • support for Inverse Kinematics


The following video demonstrates the new python bindings in action, using inverse kinematics and running on an HTC Vive.

GameDev News

10. October 2016


Another patch has been released for the popular Unity game engine.  This patch, 5.3.6p7 is primarily composed of fixes, including:


  • IL2CPP: Added an option to link.xml files to ignore missing assemblies.
  • (830443) - AI: Fix for regression where a pushed passive NavMeshAgent would sometimes move to its origin after navmesh carving.
  • (824107) - Android: Fixed a crash on Android when using the FrameDebugger.
  • (832271) - Audio: Fixed a memory leak when quickly loading and unloading lots of audio assets.
  • (834100, 833996) - Canvas: Fixed a regression introduced in 5.3.6p4 where non-native fullscreen player appeared darker when Canvas was present, in Linear color space.
  • (748499) - Editor: Fixed the recursive directory copy situation.
  • (779052) - Editor: Fixed a crash when registering undo for a null object.
  • (832155) - GUI: Fixed a regression introduced in 5.3.6p4 and 5.3.6p5 where GUI.DrawTexture & GUI.DrawTextureWithTexCoords appeared lighter in Linear color space.
  • (815783) - IL2CPP: Allownow Monitor.TryEnter to correctly obtain a previously taken lock that has been released, which did not work in some cases.
  • (826624) - IL2CPP: Corrected the stack state handling during code conversion for some box opcodes.
  • (834376) - IL2CPP: Removed an unnecessary assert when GC.Collect(1) is called. The call will still have no impact though.
  • (811959, 815928) - iOS: Fixed a crash when killing the app while a WWW Request was in flight.
  • (none) - iOS: Fixed the run loop mode warning on iOS 10 devices.
  • (820863) - iOS: Fixed the appearance of apps freezing when locking/unlocking the device.
  • (820162) - UAP: Fixed the incorrect language being returned when system language was Spanish(Argentina).
  • (832104) - UAP: Fixed an incorrect resolution being reported when the composition scale changed and the game window was minimized.
  • (803937) - VR: Fixed a crash when an invalid Oculus plugin is used. Throws warning instead.
  • (826132) - VR: Removed an audio output warning when Unity Audio is Disabled.
  • (814388) - WebRequest: More correctly follow the HTTP Specification for sending POST data during a Redirect.
  • (827748) - Windows Store: UnityEvent.Remove listener will work correctly when .Net Native is enabled. Previously events were not removed as expected.


As always, the patch is available for download here.

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