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31. August 2016


Defold Engine 1.2.87 was recently release.  Defold is a Lua powered cross platform 2D game engine, created by King and made available for developers for free.  If you want to learn more about using the Defold engine we have a tutorial series here on GameFromScratch.


Features from this release:


DEF-1720 - Added: Ability to see size of text node in editor
DEF-1783 - Added: Possible to toggle physics debug at runtime
DEF-1325 - Added: Particle count in the Web profiler and Visual profiler
DEF-1742 - Fixed: Lua bit op discrepancy (bit.* available on all platforms)
DEF-1955 - Fixed: SSDP failed to announce on Windows
DEF-1875 - Fixed: Scripting bug for GUI layers count over 8
DEF-1950 - Fixed: Black screen freeze after changing language on Android
DEF-2039 - Fixed: Better error message when using a hash as url in go.get.
DEF-1689 - Fixed: Android N engine library name
DEF-2042 - Fixed: Missing strip_android binary for 64bit Linux platform
DEF-2044 - Fixed: Login redirection bug on Windows
DEF-1998 - Fixed: Mesh entry bug when building spine scenes (Spine > 3.2)


  • Fixed bug when deleting users.


  • Added API documentation for GO properties.

GameDev News

31. August 2016


A pair of game engine from the Cocos2d-x team this week.  First off was the release of Cocos2d-x 3.1.3.  Cocos2d-x is a C++ port of the popular cross platform Cocos2D game engine.  I have a tutorial series on Cocos2d-x available here if you wish to learn more.  The also announced the release of Cocos Creator 1.2.1.  Cocos Creator is a 2D game engine and editor for building games in JavaScript and built over top of the Cocos2d-x project.  For more information on Cocos Creator check out this hands on video.


Details on the Cocos2d-x release:

  • added VR plugins for Gear, Deepoon, Google Cardboard and Oculus.
  • support ETC1 alpha channel
  • fix AudioEngine performance for Android 4.2+
  • improve canvas renderer performance with dirty region
  • add Android arm-64 support switch to use gcc 4.9
  • upgrade CURL to 7.50.0
  • upgrade Spine to 3.4
  • upgrade GLFW to 3.2


And from the Cocos Creator release:

  • [Assets] Fixed renaming asset will cause error when using filter in Assets panel.
  • [Preview] Fixed using console.log(node) in browser preview will generate a lot of error message issue.
  • [Preview] Fixed when previewing scene in browser, enter prefab editing mode will cause error issue.
  • [Editor] Fixed loading a new scene right after save previous scene in editor may cause the new scene to be overwrite by old scene issue.
  • [Dashboard] Fixed can't create a new project at root path on windows issue.
  • [Build] Fixed an error that may cause built engine size not reduced as engine module setting.
  • [Build] Fixed deleting scene when Build Setting panel is open cause built game to black screen issue.
  • [Preference] Added 'Enable Auto Compile' option in 'Data Editor' tab of Preference panel. So user can disable auto compile and only use manual compile.
  • [Code-Editor] Fixed 'tab' key not working in builtin Code Editor.
  • [Console] Fixed clicking error message in bottom status bar will not jump to Console panel correctly issue.
  • [Engine] Fixed some UI element may cause memory leak issue.
  • [Engine] Fixed an error cause 'Landscape' orientation not enforced on mobile device.
  • [Engine] Fixed Mouse hover event not cleared after scene switch issue.
  • [Engine] Fixed defining a global variable in a script with 'Import as plugin' option will cause error issue.
  • [Engine] Fixed skew render calculation not consistent between Web and native platforms issue.
  • [Render] Fixed a bug that cause BMFont not able to be batch rendered.
  • [Graphics] Fixed when drawing arc set counterclockwise will get wrong direction issue.
  • [Graphics] Fixed using some API on Windows will cause crash issue.
  • [Action] Fixed using ScaleBy, SkewBy actions will cause 'too much recursion' error
  • [JSB] Now send API of can accept object argument on native platforms
  • [JSB] Now runAction will return action instance on native platforms.
  • [Component] Fixed fetching property reference failed and display as NONE issue when there's a lot of properties defined on a single component.
  • [Component] Fixed color picker cannot save color correctly issue.
  • [Button] Fixed when Transition set to Color, updating interactable to false will not get correct appearance issue.
  • [Mask] Fixed a bug that cause Mask not taking effect in event handling if register event before node is added to the node tree.
  • [Animation] Fixed Collider component size will be reset to 0 when adding key frame in animation issue.
  • [Animation] Fixed setting node active to false in another component's onEnable method will not stop animation from playing issue.
  • [Animation] Fixed compiling script in Animation editing mode will cause trajectory disappear issue.
  • [ScrollView] Fixed scrollBar not updated correctly when scrolling to the bottom and removing the last entry.
  • [ScrollView] Only allow event register when content property bound to a node.
  • [ScrollView] Added cancelInnerEvents property to control if touchmove and touchend event can penetrate to entry node.
  • [ScrollView] Fixed scrollBar will disappear when Scrollview node is activated.
  • [ScrollView] Fixed the white top margin issue on iOS platform.
  • [Label] Fixed opaque alias around Label in WebGL render mode.
  • [Label] Fixed LabelOutline component can cause infinite loop for Shrink overflow on label.
  • [Label] Fixed when loading multiple TTF assets, Label component may end up using the wrong TTF asset issue.
  • [Label] Fixed adding BitmapFont asset to the project when editor is not active may cause importing to fail issue.
  • [VideoPlayer] Added currentTime, duration and isPlaying API.
  • [Widget] Fixed Widget component may get disabled in editor after run preview.
  • [SpriteDistortion] Fixed sphere distortion component not working in refactored WebGL render system.
  • [EditBox] Fixed when input type set to Number, maxLength property had no effect issue.

GameDev News

30. August 2016


One of the nice things about moving away from point releases and towards a subscription model is releases come fast an furious.  This is certainly the case with the Unity game engine, which just released the first beta of Unity 5.5.  There a massive number of fixes and API changes in this release and a few new major features.  The big feature of this release is the new line rendering and particle system tools, including new modules for lighting, trails and noise.  This release also saw improvements toimage the physics system, and improved texture importer as well as the C# compiler being upgraded to Mono 4.4 (but not the C# implementation, just the tooling at this point).  Unfortunately the promised Splashscreen tool, enabling you to customize the Made With Unity logo,  got delayed for a later release.



Here are the new features, taken from the release notes:

  • Editor: New selection highlighting in scene view.
    Instead of showing a wireframe a selection outline is now shown. This outline color can be configured in the preferences of Unity. In the gizmo / annotation window you can select if you would like this behavour, the old behaviour, or both.
  • Editor: Option to run Cache Server locally for quick platform switching
  • Particles: New Modules:
    • Lights Module, for adding realtime lights to particles
    • Noise Module, for adding Curl Noise to Particle Movement
    • Trails Module, for rendering ribbonized trails behind particles
  • Physics: New CapsuleCollider2D
  • SceneManager: Editor SceneSet asset.
    When creating a SceneSet asset in the editor it will save the current list of open scenes so that this set of scenes can be easily restored.
  • Scripting: Built-in support for opening scripts in Visual Studio Code as an external script editor on OSX and Windows. Unity will now detect when Visual Studio Code is selected an external script editor and pass the correct arguments to it when opening scripts from Unity and setup a default .vscode/settings.json with file excludes, if it does not already exist.
  • Shaders: Per-rendertarget blend modes. New shader syntax: "Blend N Src Dst", "BlendOp N Op", "ColorMask Mask N", where N is the render target index (0..7). This feature works on DX11/12, GLCore, Metal, PS4.


There were also dozens of fixes, changes and improvements, so I recommend you check out the complete release notes for more details.  They are available, along with the installer, right here.

GameDev News

30. August 2016


BrashMonkey’s Spriter, an IK based 2D bone animation application, just release version r9.  This package enables you to use traditional 3D style animation workflow to animate 2D sprites.  Fixes and improvements from the release notes:


Additions and Enhancements

  • Windows version now has access to an additional gig of RAM. Solves black image issue for very large projects.
  • Added the ability to set a bounding box for animations using an automatic bounding box calculation
  • Crash detection now extends until the program is successfully closed (rather than just after successful program startup)
  • You can now nudge a pivot point one approximate pixel at a time using the arrow keys in the pivot point widget
  • Canvas now updates changes from the pivot point widget in real time when character maps are active

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause certain projects to fail to save a spritesheeted version if the project used nested subdirectories
  • Fixed a bug where changes made by editing a subentity's properties through the object widget would revert after unfocusing the object widget
  • Fixed bug that resulted in scrubbing playing a split-second of the start of an audio clip when doing slow pixel by pixel audio scrubbing or scrubbing with snapping on
  • Fixed a bug where exporting pngs/gifs would export any active onion skins
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for pixel art mode to sometimes save unrounded values. Now also attempts to repair unrounded values from previous version upon loading as well.
  • Fixed a bug where children of IK locked parent bones would inherit properties even if that property's inheritance was disabled
  • Fixed a bug where metadata (variables and tags) keys would disappear if moved when if the metadata timelines were collapsed
  • Fixed a bug where the resize (drag arrow) controls for changing animation bounding boxes would zoom along with the canvas
  • Fixed a bug where resizing a project would round all image sizes down. Now rounds image sizes to the nearest integer.
  • Fixed a bug where resizing a project would save the original image sizes in the 'file' section of the scml/scon file
  • Fixed bug where holding shift to use proportional scaling while resizing objects in canvas would cause erratic behavior or crashes if the pivot points were too close to the edge of the bounding box being dragged
  • Fixed a bug where object properties widget cut off text on Windows machines with high DPI displays
  • Fixed a bug where points which were children of parent bones with negative width or height would display their angles incorrectly

GameDev News

30. August 2016


Superpowers is a HTML5 based 2D/3D game engine which just announced the release of version 2.    There wasn’t a massive shift from earlier releases, the simply changed their release numbering system, so don’t expect massive changes in this release.  I actually did a tutorial series on using Superpowers, but stopped development when the engine seemingly stopped receiving updates.  It’s nice to see that it hasn’t been abandoned.  In fact there was a release back in July that I missed completely.


This release is actually spread across the various components that make up Superpowers, so there are 5 different sets of release notes.


Superpowers (Tooling):

  • Upgraded to Electron v1.3.1
  • Build with latest version of Node.js on Travis
  • Fixed error message when settings could not be loaded
  • Fixed crash if the app exits before the main window was created
  • Fixed game system installation being skipped when dismissing the welcome dialog
  • Added support for customizing server name in settings
  • Use Electron-provided user data paths rather than our own custom logic
  • Improved Italian locale #42 (thanks @marcosecchi)
  • Added German locale #45 (thanks @Wend1go)
  • Added link to Sparklin Labs' free assets on home sidebar
  • Fixed offline mode
  • Added tray balloon on Windows when closing the app, see #37
  • IRC chat now displays user modes (operator @, voiced +) in a channel's sidebar


Superpowers (Core Library):

  • Updated Russian locale #142 (thanks @passazhir)
  • Added Italian locale #138, #146 (thanks @marcosecchi)
  • Build with latest Node.js on Travis again 2eeb775
  • Fixed crash when moving a folder and cleaned up some related code
  • Prevented creating a project when no system is installed, #148 (thanks @Pangoraw)
  • Added support for setting a serverName in config.json, displayed on hub & connection screen
  • Removed support for deprecated port property in config.json
  • Handle errors when downloading the registry

Superpowers (Game):



  • We don't check for collisions when either of the two bodies are disabled #131 (thanks@MathieuLoutre)
  • Added bounce property #69 (thanks @gmg)

Superpowers (Love/Lua):

  • Added status pane with Save button in Lua script editor
  • Added Italian locale #8 (thanks @marcosecchi)
  • Added German locale #9 (thanks @Wend1go)

Superpowers (Web):

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