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13. March 2016


BDX is a 3D engine that is hosted inside Blender and uses Java and the LibGDX library for programming.  For more information I took a pretty in-depth look at an earlier version available here.  Basically BDX installs as a Blender add-on, which you use to create your games content and levels, but you use LibGDX and Java to program your actual game.  BDX exposes several Blender features to your game, such as physics properties.


Details of this release are available on /r/gamedev, but the heart of the release are:

  • Saving the meshes from Blender has been optimized, which can make the starting process a ton faster.
  • Rendering to a depth texture for depth-based 2D screen shaders is now possible.
  • Additional built-in screen shaders include: Outline, Invert, and Depth-Of-Field shaders.
  • You can now color, tint, and otherwise alter individual materials on a GameObject.
  • Camera functions have been added to allow for view changes (i.e. changing the viewport width of the camera view).
  • Various bug-fixes.

It’s an interesting project, especially if you are working with Blender and Java, and is one you should consider checking out.  It is complete free and open source, released under the Apache 2 license.

GameDev News

11. March 2016


Another one for the early adopters.  Epic Games have released Unreal Engine 4.11 Preview 7.  As always you can update to the newest version using the Epic Game Launcher.


This release is mostly full a large collection of fixes, but if you are on Mac OS, be sure to check below for a major show stopping bug! Details of this release from the forum:

Fixed! UE-25334 Tessellation no longer working
Fixed! UE-27720 Cook failure; DoesPackageExist Failed 'None' not a standard filename
Fixed! UE-27403 CLONE - Assert on Debug Editor load attempting to Link() a particular BP class during serialization
Fixed! UE-27313 Crash compiling anim blueprint with a random sequence player node
Fixed! UE-27236 Translucent particles not being cleared from right eye on Morpheus
Fixed! UE-26414 Mac is missing .emscripten file necessary for packaging or launching onto HTML5
Fixed! UE-26573 Crash in FLazyObjectPtr::PossiblySerializeObjectGuid when undoing/redoing
Fixed! UE-24721 Hot Reload fails to take effect when compiled from Xcode
Fixed! UE-27424 Reimplement GC cluster fixes in 4.11 to fix memory leaks
Fixed! UE-27292 CL# 2858947 caused a crash when opening a BP in an existing project
Fixed! UE-27352 Blueprint_Mouse_Interactions requires double click to interact with objects
Fixed! UE-27544 Crash When Raycasting Against Mesh With Multiple Materials
Fixed! UE-27254 SteamVR HMD Late-Update Broken
Fixed! UE-27751 Build lighting fails without Error in Mac Editor.
Fixed! UE-27717 Crash when rapidly switching menus and tapping buttons.
Fixed! UE-27092 With Move Controller plugin enabled, motion controller components set to 'Pad' do not follow DS4 controller
Fixed! UE-27091 Non-Pad motion controller components follow DS4 when plugin enabled
Fixed! UE-27724 Slate - Problems with RHI Thread cleanup
Fixed! UE-27757 Assert when changing name of an asset in between Launch On operations
Fixed! UE-27842 Packaging iOS on Windows fails with "Index outside the bounds of the array"
Fixed! UE-27196 Match3 crashes when opening Weblinks
Fixed! UE-27405 Functionality requires two clicks in Top Down and Puzzle Template
Fixed! UE-23231 Can't Upload iOS build signed on PC
Fixed! UE-27287 Re-opening apps to a black screen on Android
Fixed! UE-26168 naming box collision in player character renames overlap begin event in actor calling player character
Fixed! UE-25794 Sun renders dark in SunTemple on multiple Android devices
Fixed! UE-21895 Clicking button in the Window Switcher UI does not do anything on Mac
Fixed! UE-25645 Editor loses resolution when exiting play in editor with Vive attached
Fixed! UE-27183 [Mac] Metal SM5 is loading the wrong Shader Platform
Fixed! UE-27144 With Parallel rendering enabled scene renders black in certain levels
Fixed! UE-27145 With Parallel rendering enabled only left side of screen updates in certain levels
Fixed! UE-26674 Material Parameter Collections are not working on Android v 5 phones from 4.11
Fixed! UE-26891 GPU-ARM Mali 400 series phones will render an Opaque Unlit Material as black
Fixed! UE-27154 Using StereoPano capture commands crashes the editor
Fixed! UE-25747 StrategyGame and Sun Temple levels render as black on the several Mobile devices
Fixed! UE-27073 Crash Occurs When Attempting to Pass a Struct Containing an int64 into a Blueprint Function
Fixed! UE-23758 CLONE - [UFE] Deployments hang infinitely when attempting to deploy to two kits simultaneously
Fixed! UE-21157 XBOX ONE: incorrect name displayed for game
Fixed! UE-27377 Smart Links are Removed During Dynamic NavMesh Regeneration
Fixed! UE-23759 CLONE - [UFE] Project will not launch on the selected xbox, even though UFE says it succeeded
Fixed! UE-26640 Attempting to set skeletal mesh on vehicle blueprint during PIE crashes editor
Fixed! UE-27451 Splitting pins on "Make Struct" and "Set Members" struct nodes does not hide the struct pin.
Fixed! UE-25834 Selection rendering corrupted on iMac 5k in El Cap, intermittently on other macs
Fixed! UE-27552 Compile fails if GearVR plugin disabled on Android
Fixed! UE-27449 Mac Primary GPU reporting used for stats reporting is wrong
Fixed! UE-27143 Using Win key to leave UE4 breaks viewport input
Fixed! UE-27374 Map picking in Maps and Modes settings page is poor
Fixed! UE-27417 Static shadows are not rendered correctly on Galaxy S6 Android 6.0.1.
Fixed! UE-27150 Format Text nodes and split nodes reporting warning that override pins are removed.
Fixed! UE-25015 Separate Translucency disabled in the Project Settings will not render asset
Fixed! UE-24067 Post processing rendering artifacts Nexus 6
Fixed! UE-27713 User not able to get mouse control in viewport
Fixed! UE-25111 Signal 11 error when closing project on Linux
Fixed! UE-25804 Shootergame UI text is corrupted on mac with Metal
Fixed! UE-27649 FTextLocalizationManager::UpdateFromLocalizationResource is discarding data
Fixed! UE-27490 Crash after reaching a certain number of active reverbs
Fixed! UE-27583 Metal Uniform Buffer Reuse Is Unsafe, Reports Incorrect Free Memory
Fixed! UE-27811 Morpheus visual corruption when not tracking
Fixed! UE-27688 Game thread using too much CPU time when application is paused on Android
Fixed! UE-27722 SetWidgetToFocusOnActivate removed, not deprecated.
Fixed! UE-25904 GPU particles on SM4 no longer have collision
Fixed! UE-27367 Localization is out of date in 4.11
Fixed! UE-24248 AppleTV there is no audio for the installed project on AppleTV
Fixed! UE-27172 Add cvar to control additive baking
Fixed! UE-24843 Project launcher splash does not disappear after project opens on Linux
Fixed! UE-24373 The IOS Third Party library Bolts has an incorrect file name in its Build.cs file
Fixed! UE-27432 Projects show {GameName} when launching multiple times on any platform
Fixed! UE-27608 DirectoriesToAlwaysStageAsNonUFS does not get remapped on IOS
Fixed! UE-26861 Crash Redoing closing a tab in Persona
Fixed! UE-27094 Failed to package project for AppleTV from Windows machine
Fixed! UE-26710 Match3 gets stuck at "Attempting to Restore" when cancelling signin
Fixed! UE-25977 -precompile crashes UBT in a user non-friendly way on Linux
Fixed! UE-27568 Mac Crash Reporting Replaces the Game Log with System Log
Fixed! UE-24967 Integrate D3D12 update from MS
Fixed! UE-26860 Ogg-vorbis decoding not thread safe
Fixed! UE-27535 Starting position of physics simulated bp is different in Standalone Game
Fixed! UE-27133 SunTemple floor tile design has changed in 4.11
Fixed! UE-27855 Crash launching project on mobile devices
Fixed! UE-27798 Erroneous MoveFixedBody warnings when running construction scripts in game
Fixed! UE-23446 If a hot reload is performed after adding a custom UserDefinedEnum class to the project, the Editor will crash.
Fixed! UE-24689 CrashReporter: Send and Restart option fails when the agree to be contacted box is unchecked
Fixed! UE-26931 Noise Node used in UI Material is rendering Black

If you are a Mac developer, be sure to note the following!

Important Known Issue: UE-27673 - Mac crashes when building lighting. This is due to an Nvidia GPU driver bug on OSX El Capitan 10.11.3 or earlier. The solution for this is to update to the OSX 10.11.4 beta.

GameDev News

11. March 2016

CroTeam, the makers of the Serious Sam games as well as the Talos Principle, just open sourced the engine behind the earlier Serious Sam games. It's currently Windows only, require Visual Studio 2013 or later and is under the GPL2 license (blah).


Croteam has released the source code for Serious Engine 1 v.1.10 (a slightly modified version of 1.07 removing some depreciated features and making it easier to compile on modern computers), the engine that powered the classic Serious Sam games, over at GitHub! With it, you can add your own updates to Serious Engine 1 or even make your own executable for a mod project! To get started, use Visual Studio 2013 or 2015 to compile the code. Some features, such as MP3 and OGG playback, along with IFeel support, have been disabled, but can be re-enabled by adding the appropriate dll files. A set of resources from the classic Serious Sam games has been released as well, containing all of the models, textures and sounds used in the classic games. Most of the source is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.


The fact it ships with binaries is pretty impressive and uncommon in these kinds of releases. The GPL2 license however kills any idea of making a commercial project using the engine unless of course you are willing to release all your source code as well.

As mentioned above the code is available on Github.


GameDev News

11. March 2016


Unity have released patch 5.3.3p3 for their popular Unity3D game engine.  From the release notes, this patch changes:

  • Global Illumination: When compositing the directional lightmap removed the clamping on the w-component of the generated pixels.
  • Win / OSX Standalone: Add -hideWindow command line option to launch standalone applications with the window hidden.
  • Windows Store: reduced the amount of linker warnings when building Il2CppOutputProject and using il2cpp scripting backend
  • (762771) - 2D: Changing Rigidbody2D.gravityScale whilst a Rigidbody2D.MovePosition is in progress now works.
  • (765870) - 2D: Ensure Joint2D auto-configuration still works if joint is added from script
  • (763922) - 2D: Ensure that a TargetJoint2D added via script allows collisions with static colliders.
  • (764769) - 2D: Stop Rigidbody2D with Interpolation being placed at world origin for a single update upon start.
  • (770316) - Analytics: Fixed unreliable event sending (especially AppStart) on WebGL.
  • (755201) - Android/IL2CPP: Prevent a crash in the garbage collector when it attempts to scan a section of memory used for the code that may have been unmapped by the OS.
  • (738821), (758155) - Android: Added support for Vivante OpenGL ES 3 driver.
  • (712890), (771890) - Android: Fixed rendering on Vivante GPUs on Android 4.3 and older.
  • (772171) - Android: Fixed rendering artifacts when using native plugins and multithreaded renderer.
  • (772260) - Animation: Fixed a crash when animating lights using the Animation component.
  • (756463) - Animation: Prevent crashes when clips are null for animations extracted from asset bundles whose dependencies have not loaded.
  • (760684) - APIUpdater: Fixed AssemblyUpdater "Sequence contains more than one matching element" crash.
  • (743463) - APIUpdater: Fixed AssemblyUpdater crash upon assembly resolution failures.
  • (759142) - AssetBundles: BuildAssetBundles will switch back to the original Active Build Target when finished.
  • (774356) - Audio: Disabled sound manager watch dog.
  • (771882) - Core: Fixed an issue asynchronously loading a prefab with a large amount of assets.
  • (none) - Core: Fixed some errors with recently deleted objects (in WWWDelayCall; ClearPersistentDirty call; editor CEF integration).
  • (768849) - Global Illumination: Fixed crash in some scene loading scenarios.
  • (767161) - Global Illumination: Fixed light probes not being used anymore in Standalone when a scene without light probes was loaded with Additive mode.
  • (751599) - Global Illumination: Fixed multi-scene baking.
  • (663992) - Global Illumination: Fully repaint inspectors after baking reflection probes; some previews were not updating before.
  • (542251) - Graphics/DX11: Fixed compute shader resource hazards found in certain cases when binding the same resource SRV and UAV on pixel and compute shader stages.
  • (none) - Graphics: Added profiler markers on async texture loading waits.
  • (752613) - Graphics: Fixed "Trying to reload asset from disk that is not stored on disk" error when non-persistent objects are attempted to be reloaded from disk.
  • (772013) - Graphics: Fixed .ogv movie files with stream markers beyond 16kb not imported correctly.
  • (752613) - Graphics: Fixed a synchronization problem that was causing texture data not to be properly updated when changing quality settings at runtime.
  • (75508), (726067) - Graphics: Fixed an issue where GrabPass could get source texture wrongly offset in some cases.
  • (772958) - Graphics: Fixed crash in SetGpuProgramName which could happen when the program isn't supported by the target graphics hardware (found on Android) .
  • (765928) - Graphics: Fixed MovieTextures sometimes being black in Mac Standalone (64 or Universal builds).
  • (506089), (535548) - Graphics: Prevent Projectors from accepting invalid clip planes from a script.
  • (770081) - IL2CPP: Avoid crash when constructing error message.
  • (774085) - IL2CPP: Correctly sort unsigned integers via the Array.Sort method.
  • (773713), (768010) - IL2CPP: Prevent generated C++ code from failing to compile with errors like "error: use of undeclared identifier 'L_5'" in some cases.
  • (762883), (746313) - IL2CPP: Properly marshal formatted classes
  • (771835) - IL2CPP: Properly parse binary text assets.
  • (775362) - iOS Metal: Fixed performance regression when doing in-frame clear (GL.Clear or command buffer Clear).
  • (775575) - Linux/GLCore: Fixed one more instance of "flickering".
  • (none Linux: Fixed AA in non-upscaled windows, force window recreation when requirements change for player window attributes.
  • (767741) - Mono: Added IPv6 support on Windows.
  • (775226) - Networking: Fixed an issue where ack didn't reset with connection resetting which lead to reliable traffic stale.
  • (775222) - Networking: Removed annoying "Attempt to send to not connected connection" message.
  • (775225) - Networking: Removing "no free events for message" as annoying.
  • (772167) - OpenGL Core/ES: Fixed scalar uniform handling in the shader translator.
  • (772434) - OpenGL Core/ES: Fixed wrong shader code generation when redirecting variables, was affecting FastBloom shader.
  • (767343) - OpenGL Core/ES: Shader compiler, fixed invalid uniform access in certain corner cases.
  • (756028) - OpenGL Core/ES: Workaround for Nvidia shader compiler bug on OS X, affecting SSAO shader.
  • (775428), (776470) - OpenGL Core: Fixed fullscreen mode when not using native resolution and using MSAA on Mac AMD GPUs.
  • (773476), (775275) - OpenGL Core: Fix twitching and incorrect rendering with skinning and UI components on GLCore + Mac + NVIDIA.
  • (774558), (774216) - OpenGL Core: Fixed fullscreen MSAA support with linear color space rendering.
  • (762687) - OpenGL Core: Fixed Graphics API switching to OpenGL.
  • (760112) - OpenGL Core: Fixed misleading texture decompression warning when using OpenGL ES emulation.
  • (760196) - OpenGL Core: Fixed occasional game view flipping with image effects in the editor.
  • (757536), (757866) - OpenGL Core: Fixed stretched game view with some image effects in Mac editor.
  • (768916) - OpenGL ES: Fixed non-shadowmap depth textures on some devices.
  • (767419) - Particles: Fixed error message due to default bounding box.
  • (773673) - Particles: Fixed a culling regression, when particle systems leave the screen and come back.
  • (776187) - Physics: Fixed a PhysX crash issue in PxsCCDContext::updateCCD experienced by some VR applications.
  • (758264) - Profiler: Fixed crash when adding data from thread which was started during a frame.
  • (770225) - Profiler: Fixed hang when EndSample did not have a matching BeginSample.
  • (none) - Scripting: introduced global define UNITY_5_3_OR_NEWER, which can be used for conditionally compile code that is compatible only with Unity 5.3 or newer.
  • (none) - Shaders: Added support to the compute shader compiler to handle bools inside structures.
  • (766806) - Shaders: Fixed Standard shader in some rare cases outputing NaN as pixel shader result.
  • (761152) - Shadows: Fixed shadows disappearing for some off-screen shadows casters.
  • (none) - Substance: All inputs are now applied to a ProceduralMaterial on the first RebuildTextures() call after the material's textures have been read from cache. Previously, only the modified inputs were applied.
  • (771650) - Substance: Editor Freeze Upon Instantiation of Resource.
  • (none) - Substance: Fixed broken detection and assignment of shader keywords resulting in wrong appearance of ProceduralMaterials in scenes when the ProceduralMaterial was not opened in the Inspector (some shader keywords were enabled when they should not).
  • (none) - Substance: Fixed cache hashing and management issue which could cause the cache to be considered valid again after having been invalidated (often seen after calling Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets()).
  • (none) - Substance: Fixed loading of files with special characters in their paths or names.
  • (none) - Substance: Fixed rare crash caused by using the wrong size when uploading ProceduralTextures.
  • (765510) - Substance: Fixed upgrading old (4.x) project data, legacy shaders should now be used for these old projects instead of being incorrectly replaced by the standard shader.
  • (773614) - Tizen: Fixed error about copying whitelists while building on Windows.
  • (770048) - UI: Fixed exceptions upon assembly/type resolution failures.
  • (773533) - UI: Fixed memory leak where dirty renderers on a disabled canvas would still get added to the dirty list causing crashes on clear.
  • (770804) - UI: Fixed sorting issue where gird based depth sorting would fail to recognize overlapping unbatchable items.
  • (760753) - UI: Vertical alignment of text sometimes appearing higher than expected.
  • (none) - VR: Restart the VR Device if the Oculus Service fails.
  • (770931) - Windows Store: Fixed exported VS project failing to build for non-x86 CPU when there is a managed assembly in the project that's been compiled for x86.
  • (769835) - Windows Store: Fixed game crashing when its name is exactly 20 characters long on il2cpp scripting backend.
  • (771765) - Windows Store: Fixed intellisense in generated Il2CppOutputProject to be able to correctly resolve windows 10 headers.
  • (766764) - Windows Store: Fixed Unity failing to build on top of a previous build when target directory is read-only on il2cpp scripting backend.
  • (770941) - Windows Store: Graphics plugins now work on il2cpp scripting backend.
  • (756152) - Windows: Fixed Application.persistentDataPath when Product Name contains invalid path character.
  • (none) - Windows: Fixed unnecessary symbols exported for Windows Standalone Player executable. This was making some Nvidia drivers wrongly pick up integrated GPU instead of discrete one on some systems.
  • (769711) - XBoxOne/IL2CPP: Allow a call to Guid.NewGuid to work correctly.

GameDev News

10. March 2016


Torque2D, the open source 2D game engine created initially by Garage Games, just released an updated library for Torque2D.  This update adds several new features including:

    • Ability to set which SceneWindow acts as a listener
    • simplified playSound function and managing software
    • Doppler effect (from above changed)
    • audio debug mode (setDebugOn())
    • AudioDescription for defining sound characteristics
        new AudioDescription(MY_ADESC){  
           is3D = true;  
           isLooping = true;  
           ReferenceDistance = 25.0;  
           MaxDistance = 100.0;  


You can read more about this release here.

GameDev News

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