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26. November 2015


Each year Black Friday has more and more game development deals.  Each year it also gets earlier and earlier… Black Thursday, Black Wednesday, you name it and of course they are trying to stretch it out with Cyber Monday.  This post is an attempt to capture the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals most relevant to game developers.  If you know of a applicable sale I missed on this list, please let me know!

I will edit this list as new deals are located.  Have a gamedev deal to announce, email me at [email protected], leave a comment below or in this reddit conversation.






3D Coat


YoYo Games






Microsoft Store


Misc PC Manufacturers Black Friday Sales Pages (US Store links)


The Foundry






Smith Micro




CG Axis






Mobile Game Graphics


Game Salad

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26. November 2015


Quickly after the open sourcing of Goo engine,  Goo have announced a new version of their Goo Create tool.  They also launched a new developer forum.

From the announcement:

New Features/Improvements

UI Overview inside of Create

New users get presented with a general UI overview of the Dashboard and Create. Hopefully this will help people get started and contribute to the creation of a larger and more dynamic community that everyone can benefit from.

Uniform (and proportional) Scaling


There is a new checkbox in the Transform Component panel that lets you enable uniform scaling. When this setting is enabled, changing one of the scale values will also change the other values to ensure that they keep the proportions between them. For example, if the scale is set to (1, 1, 1), changing the scale along the X axis to 2 will result in a scale of (2, 2, 2).

Correct script names in the Chrome DevTools

Scripts will now show their correct name in the Chrome DevTools. This makes it a lot easier to debug your scripts.

Other Improvements
  • Numerical (spinner) inputs we improved to ensure that text selection works properly and that dragging up or down to change the value works in a smooth way (not stopping to change will dragging over the “threshold” area).
  • Texture positioning inputs now use steps of 0.01 for a more precise control.
  • Added touch support for the button script.

GameDev News

26. November 2015


A new beta release of the Krita drawing package; mostly an under the hood revision to add animation support on the road to Krita 3 release.


From the release post:

Today we are happy to announce the long awaited beta-version of Krita with Animation and Instant Preview support! Based on Krita 2.9, you can now try out the implementation of the big 2015 kickstarter features!

What’s new in this version? From the user point of view Krita didn’t change much. There are three new dockers: Animation,Timeline and Onion Skins, which let you control everything about your animation frames and one new menu item View->Instant Preview Mode (previously known as Level of Detail) allowing painting on huge canvases. For both features, you need a system that supports OpenGL 3.0 or higher.

For people who previously installed Krita, to get Instant Preview to show up on the view menu, delete the krita.rc(not kritarc) file in your resource folder(which can be accessed quickly via Settings->Manage Resources->Open Resource Folder) and restart Krita. Or just use the hotkey Shift+L.

But under these visually tiny changes hides a heap of work done to the Krita kernel code. We almost rewritten it to allow most of the rendering processes run in the background. So now all animated frames and view cache planes are calculated in the moments of time when the user is idle (thinks, or chooses a new awesome brush). Thanks to these changes now it is possible to efficiently work with huge images and play a sequence of complex multi-layered frames in real time (the frames are recalculated in the background and are uploaded to you GPU directly from the cache).


A tutorial featuring Krita 2.9 animation features in action:

GameDev News

26. November 2015


Construct2, the popular visual HTML5 game engine, just released version R218 beta.  Construct2Logo

From the release notes:

New this release: support for NW.js 0.13.0-alpha6 with a few bug fixes, experimental support for recording a video of the canvas with Firefox, and pressure and size information for touches, particularly relevant for the iPhone 6S with its 3D touch support.

NW.js 0.13.0-alpha6

Hot on the heels of the alpha5 update, alpha6 is now out with more feature support and some important bug fixes including allowing NW.js features to work in preview mode. This C2 release also fixes a bug that was causing a blank screen after export. Be sure to head to to download the latest alpha6 release of NW.js, which is out now.

Canvas video recording

Firefox 43 adds a new feature that enables recording a video of canvas elements. Note Firefox 43 is due for stable release in December, but you can try it now using Firefox Beta, Dev or Nightly. The User Media object has been extended to allow recording the canvas, and Construct 2 has a new "canvas recording" example that demonstrates how to use it. Previously recording a video of your game would involve using separate video recording software, so it could be handy to instead record it directly from the browser.

This is a pre-release feature, so there may be some bugs or quirks. I noticed for example Firefox only appears to encode video at 30 FPS with the VP8 codec in a WebM container. If you need video in another format, you may need to transcode it afterwards. It also does not currently include sound, although it may be possible to add that later on.



Add User Media: experimental support for recording a video of the canvas [currently Firefox 43+ only].

Add Touch: experimental WidthForID, HeightForID and PressureForID expressions, to get a given touch's area and pressure. This should also report the pressure of touches on the iPhone 6S (although we do not have a device to test this on yet).

Bug Fix NW.js plugin: caused blank screen in NW.js 0.13

Bug Fix IAP: could have failed to restore purchases on Android

Bug Fix Using savegames could crash if the browser had blocked access to storage

Bug Fix Preview & debugger could crash in Firefox if cookies had been disabled in Privacy settings

GameDev News

25. November 2015


YoYo Games just announced their Black Friday Autumn sale, with GameMaker and most exporter plugins available at half price.  From the announcement:

The leaves are falling and so our prices as we reveal our Autumn Sale! Get up to 50% off various GameMaker: Studio products and export modules!

Check out our awesome Autumn savings below!


Click here to buy now!


Interestingly, GameMaker is also on sale on Steam, but completely different price points!



With Professional being cheaper on Steam, while the exporter plugins are much more expensive.  Very odd.

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