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SFML 2.4.1 Released
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4. November 2016


SFML, the Simple Fast Media Library, a popular open source cross platform media framework just released version 2.4.1.  If you are interested in learning more about SFML check out our tutorial series here, orsfml-logo-big an older series available here.  Highlights of the release from the announcement post:

Some highlights are:

  • Switched back to pure Xlib instead of XCB + Xlib
  • This fixes quite a few issues for Linux (fullscreen bug, GNOME unresponsive issue, etc.)
  • Removed the internal OpenGL context
  • Which fixed the stack overflow on Windows when using multiple-threads


Details of the release from the change log:


  • [kFreeBSD] Define SFML_OS_FREEBSD when compiling for kFreeBSD (#1129
  • [Window] Added some simple messaging when trying to build under Cygwin (#1153)
  • Fixed stack overflow on GlContext creation with multiple threads (#989, #1002)
  • Adjusted mouse cursor grab documentation (#1133)
  • [iOS] Fixed orientation change not rescaling window size properly (#1049, #1050)
  • [Linux] Fixed fullscreen issue (#921, #1138)
  • [Linux] Switched from XCB back to Xlib for windowing (#1138)
  • [Linux] Fixed window icon not showing up on some distros (#1087, #1088)
  • [Linux] Fixed an issue where GNOME flags window unresponsive (#1089, #1138)
  • [Linux] Fixed leak of XVisualInfo objects during GlxContext creation (#1135)
  • [Linux] Fixed possible hang when setting visibility if external window sources (#1136)
  • [OS X] Fixed inconsistency between doc and impl on OS X for the grab feature (#1133, #1148, #1150)
  • [Windows] Fixed context memory leaks (#1143, #1002)
  • Adjusted uniform error message (#1131)
  • Clarify documentation on Rect::contains function bounds (#1151)
  • Fixed a typo in comment for sf::UdpSocket::unbind() (#1121)

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