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Game Development Tutorial Series

The following are the multi part tutorial series hosted on  They are listed by a mix of chronological order and popularity.  If it exists, the link will bring you to the series table of contents, otherwise there may be multiple links.

  • LibGDX Logo

    LibGDX Text Tutorial Series

    A massive tutorial series covering all facets of game development with LibGDX. LibGDX is a cross platform, Java based game engine. Click here for Table Of Contents
  • Blender Game Art Logo

    Blender Game Art Tutorial Series

    One of the longest series on GFS, this tutorial walks you from complete Blender beginner to creating a game ready, modeled, textured, animated and rendered sprite. Basically teaches you everything you need to know to get started using Blender.Click here for Table Of Contents
  • Unreal Engine Logo

    Unreal Engine 2D Game Development Tutorial

    This tutorial looks at all facets of creating a 2D game in Unreal Engine using the Paper2D library. There will be a companion tutorial covering Unity eventually.Click here for Table Of Contents
  • Love2D Game Engine

    GameDev For Complete Beginners Tutorial Series (Using Love2D/Lua)

    This tutorial is somewhat unqiue on this list as it assumes zero prior programming experience. The first half starts by teaching you scripting in the Lua programming language. The second half of the tutorial series teaches you game development using the Love game engine. The entire series is video based. Click here for Table Of Contents
  • Godot Engine Logo

    Godot Engine Tutorial Series

    This tutorial series covers all aspects of creating a game using the Godot game engine. Godot is an open source, C++ based game engine with a full game editor.Click here for Table Of Contents
  • Defold Logo

    Defold Engine Tutorial Series

    This tutorial takes an in-depth look at the Lua powered, mobile focused 2D game engine Defold made available free by King.Click here for Table Of Contents
  • MonoGame Logo

    MonoGame Tutorial

    This tutorial looks at all aspects of using the MonoGame engine, an open source implementation of Microsoft's XNA game framework. This series includes both text and video versions, as well as an e-book compilation.Click here for Table Of Contents

    SFML with C++ Tutorial Series 2015 Edition

    This is a completely new for 2015 tutorial series covering SFML 2.3+. The series is in two parts, the first covering the fundamentals of working with SFML while the second covers creating a complete game using what you've learned, as well as incorporating third party libraries. This series is both text and video format.Click here for Table Of Contents

    A Complete Game from Scratch with C++ and SFML

    While slightly outdated at this point (SFML 1.6), this sprawling game dev series teaches progressively more complicated C++ subjects, using the SFML media library. Although one of the older series on GFS, still quite relevant today. For SFML specifics, please see the previous tutorial. This one should still be useful for learning gamedev in C++ however.Click here for Table Of Contents
  • Tiled Map Editor Logo

    Tiled Map Editor Tutorial Series

    Tiled is a popular open source 2D map editor supported by a number of game engines. This video series shows all aspects of creating maps using Tiled.Click here for Table Of Contents
  • Paradox Game Engine Logo

    Paradox Game Engine Tutorial Series

    This tutorial series looks at the Paradox Game Engine, a 2D/3D C# based game engine with a complete level editor and advanced rendering capabilities.Click here for Table Of Contents
  • LibGDX Logo

    LibGDX Video Tutorial Series

    Similar in scope to the text based LibGDX tutorial series, this one is entirely video based but includes blog posts for source code and assets. LibGDX is a cross platform, Java based game engine. Click here for Table Of Contents
  • Blender Game Art Logo

    Learning Blender One Hour at a Time Video Tutorial Series

    This video tutorial series covers learning Blender in one hour chunks. It assumes you have zero prior experience, and spends one hour on each of the following topics: overview, modelling, texturing, animating and rendering. There are also a collection of Blender tips and tricks.Click here for Table Of Contents
  • Blender Game Art Logo

    Adventures in Phaser with TypeScript Tutorial Series

    This tutorial series looks at all aspects of using the Phaser HTML5 game library. Instead of JavaScript however, we work in the much more sane TypeScript language. There is some TypeScript related tutorial content as well.Click here for Table Of Contents
  • Cocos2d-x Logo

    Cocos2d-x C++ Game Programming Tutorial Series

    This tutorial series explores using Cocos2d-x, a popular open source C++ port of the Cocos2D library. It covers version 3 of the library. Click here for Table Of Contents
  • Moai Logo

    The adventures of an intrepid programmer in the lands of Moai

    This tutorial series is all about using Moai, a popular Lua based cross platform game engine. Click here for Table Of Contents
  • Math

    GameDev Math Recipes

    This is a collection of common game dev related math algoriths, including description and JavaScript sample. Topics like collisions, shooting, facing and more are covered. Click here for Table Of Contents
  • SpriteKit and Swift

    Using Swift and SpriteKit

    A collection of tutorials on creating a game with the SpriteKit library and Apple's recently released Swift programming language. Click here for Table Of Contents
  • Project Anarchy Tutorials

    Project Anarchy game programming tutorial series

    Tutorials on using Project Anarchy, a AAA mobile focused game engine created by Havok. Click here for Table Of Contents
  • PlayStation Mobile Tutorials

    PlayStation Mobile tutorial series

    Now sadly discontinued, this tutorial series covered all aspects of creating a game for PlayStation Mobile, Sony's C# based game development system. Click here for Table Of Contents

  • All Tutorials on

    The above tutorials just represent the most popular or multi-part tutorial series here on  Over the years, there have been hundreds of tutorials covering a vast variety of subjects. Click here to see a live spreadsheet of every tutorial, guide or review published on GameFromScratch in a single page.

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Unreal Engine 4.11 Preview 2 Released
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14. January 2016


Want a little extra spice in your development life?  Does juggling live hand grenades, chainsaws and lit dynamite sound like a fun way to spend the afternoon?  Then have I got news for you!  Unreal Engine 4.11 Preview 2 has been made available.  Obviously it’s a “you get what you get” type preview release and the purpose is to find out what’s going to explode to make for a more stable release when the less adventurous types upgrade.


Preview 1 added:

  • Rendering Updates:
    • New physically based shading model for realistic hair based on the latest research from film. It models 2 specular lobes, transmission, and scattering.
    • New physically based shading model for eyes.
    • New physically based shading model for cloth. This combines the standard shading model with a layer of velvet fibers. This layer simulates fuzz and fabrics.
    • Capsule Shadows - We now have support for very soft indirect shadows cast by a capsule representation of the character
    • Lightmass Portals - Skylight quality indoors can be massively improved by setting up Portal actors over openings. Portals tell Lightmass where to look for incoming lighting, they don’t actually emit light themselves. Portals are best used covering small openings that are important to the final lighting. Placing large Portals all over the level will dramatically increase build times.
    • Per-vertex translucency lighting - There are two new translucency lighting modes available in the material editor which compute lighting per-vertex. PerVertex lighting modes use half as many shader instructions and texture lookups.
    • We now have support for 3 lighting channels. You can set which channels a PrimitiveComponent or a LightComponent is in.
    • We’ve integrated Intel's Embree ray tracing library into Lightmass and we got a huge lighting build speedup from it, as the majority of lighting build time goes toward tracing rays to figure out how light is bouncing.
    • We’ve integrated updates to the D3D12 RHI to allow better CPU utilization while generating rendering commands in parallel.
    • Improved quality and performance of the SubsurfaceScatteringProfile shading model.
    • Circle Depth of Field post process - New Material Functions to render small particles with out of focus.
    • Materials using separate translucency can now be rendered at a lower resolution, which can be useful to improve GPU performance for fillrate and overdraw heavy geometry (for example particle effects).
      The resolution is controlled via a console variable, r.SeparateTranslucencyScreenPercentage, which expresses separate translucency as a percentage of current screen resolution.
    • Static mesh LOD transitions now supporting dithering.
  • Core Updates:
    • CrashReporter Server available
    • Improvements
      • Garbage Collection up to 4x faster
      • Dependency preloading - brings us close to seek free loading (90% of the time seek free), faster package loading
      • UnrealHeaderTool makefiles - iterative UHT runs are 5x faster
  • Platform Updates:
    • Metal on Mac
    • AppleTV support
    • Fast Semantics on XboxOne
    • VS2015 on XboxOne
    • Code plugins for PS4
    • Deterministic cooking "bug-finder" commandlet
    • Background content precaching for most-recently-cooked-platform
  • Editor/Tools Updates:
    • Sequencer improvements
      • New tracks: Shot/director, play rate, slomo, fade, material, particle parameter tracks.
      • Improved movie rendering, exr support
      • Improved/consistent keyframing behaviors, copy/paste keyframes, copy keys from matinee, 3d keyframe path display
      • Master sequence workflow
      • Spawnables workflow
      • UI improvements: track coloring, keyframe shapes/coloring, track filtering
  • Framework Updates:
    • Anim Dynamics Skeletal Control for Animation Blueprints - allows dynamic motion to be procedurally added to skeletal meshes without having to use a full physics solution. This is accomplished using the new “Anim Dynamics” node in the Animation Graph of an Animation Blueprint.
  • Networking Updates:
    • Packet handler system
      • Easy interception of packets for things like encryption, compression, etc
      • Added CryptoPP, and packet handler components that support it out of the box
    • Oodle integration (SDK purchase required)
    • Client-side replays
  • Blueprint Updates:
    • The Blueprint search tool has been updated to support more advanced search functionality (to get more targeted results).
    • Native C++ functions marked BlueprintCallable can now also be optionally marked as DevelopmentOnly. This new metadata allows calls to those functions to be disabled (compiled out) of all Blueprint function graphs in cooked/packaged builds without breaking the execution flow.
  • Mobile Rendering Updates:
    • Support for hardware instancing on iOS and many Android devices, reducing draw calls for Foliage and InstancedStaticMeshComponents.
    • Improved reflections on mobile, optionally interpolating between up to 3 reflection captures and performing parallax correction
  • VR Updates:
    • Instanced Stereo Rendering
    • Head Mounted Display Camera Refactor
    • Stereo Layers
    • SDK Updates: Oculus SDK 1.0, SteamVR 1.0, PlayStationVR SDK3 Updates, and Gear VR LibOVRMobile 1.0 (not yet updated for Preview 1, but will be by final release)
  • Landscape/Foliage Updates:
    • Landscape layer whitelisting, allowing you to control which landscape components should accept which layers in the painting tool
    • Landscape layer usage view mode, to quickly see which landscape components are using which layers
    • Support for baking WorldPositionOffset changes into landscape collision

Preview 2 mostly addresses a number of fixes from Preview 1, including:

Fixed! UE-24563 Editor should launch launcher silently
Fixed! UE-25092 Error in NonUnityTestCompile_OnMac due to Shadow variable
Fixed! UE-25032 UnrealHeaderTool is checking for plugins required only by game.
Fixed! UE-24812 Editor crashes when adding a mesh reference to the event graph of a blueprint
Fixed! UE-24590 Crash resetting Bound Bone in Anim Dynamics node
Fixed! UE-25064 Crash upon removing Input Axis in Project Settings by using X
Fixed! UE-24958 Crash when getting the sequence player in level blueprint
Fixed! UE-24857 Re-implement plugin changes in 4.11
Fixed! UE-24854 Add release custom version
Fixed! UE-24729 Vehicle Blueprint template has hole in the floor
Fixed! UE-24710 Third Person Code has failed import load errors
Fixed! UE-24694 Match 3 crash when spamming gem moves
Fixed! UE-24773 Enabling Tessellation on Materials in 4.11 causes geometry to Disappear
Fixed! UE-24741 Flickering SpeedTree foliage when destorying an actor using the same mesh
Fixed! UE-24724 Dropdown menus are behind the Import window on Mac
Fixed! UE-24292 Using the Set console command to change a value at runtime causes a crash
Fixed! UE-24326 Vehicle Advanced projects have missing and blocking collision
Fixed! UE-24522 Find-in-Blueprints no longer works after switching languages.
Fixed! UE-24167 Physics Asset cannot be moved in the level
Fixed! UE-25140 VS2015 builds sometimes hang when using XGE
Fixed! UE-25027 Reading from ini sections not cached by new build system doesn't work in Android Plugin Language
Fixed! UE-25026 Puzzle Code lighting needs to be rebuilt
Fixed! UE-25013 Editing right-to-left text is very unstable
Fixed! UE-24967 Integrate D3D12 update from MS
Fixed! UE-25120 OBB downloader license check causes exception if TargetSDK set to 21 or higher
Fixed! UE-25090 Java libraries copied to JavaLibs by Android plugin are not included in project dependencies
Fixed! UE-25031 Mesh particles do not work on mobile
Fixed! UE-24989 Find-in-Blueprints does not find anything outside of current asset or Engine content
Fixed! UE-24975 Instanced stereo foliage culling incorrectly
Fixed! UE-24963 Zen Gardens opens with Load Errors/Map Checks/Warnings
Fixed! UE-24962 Crash exiting D3D12
Fixed! UE-24926 Include Render Pass name as variable in Filename Format field
Fixed! UE-24920 EXR renders won't go above 640x360 when rendering from an Editor Window
Fixed! UE-24900 Main and Alt input keys set in Touch Interface do not work
Fixed! UE-24873 Mac: Clicking on parent window when a child window is behind it activates the child window
Fixed! UE-22068 Changing inherited value in a blueprint child class also changes it in parent
Fixed! UE-21795 Switch on Gameplay Tag does not correctly register tag alterations in Standalone game
Fixed! UE-23269 Crash opening QA-Animation on Mac
Fixed! UE-22970 The white horizon for the sky is flipped upside down (at top of screen instead of bottom) for non-MobileHDR on mobile devices
Fixed! UE-24852 Creating a Blueprint out of existing Blueprints crashes the editor

You can read more about the release on the Unreal Engine forums.

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