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SpriteKit game development with Swift tutorial series

This is the table of contents for GameFromScratch's ongoing tutorial series on programming games using the SpriteKit library with the Swift programming language.  This series will cover all you need to know to work with SpriteKit as well as some of the ins and outs of using the new Swift programming language with real world examples.


Part 1: A Simple App 

This section looks at creating a simple SpriteKit / swift project

Part 2: Using Sprites ( and SKNodes )

Now we cover sprites and SKNode objects, grouping and handling

Part 3: Texture Atlases 

In this section we look at how Xcode generates texture atlases ( sprite sheets ) and how to use them in code

Part 4: Actions

Now we look at working with SKActions to perform actions in our code

Part 5: Sprite Animation

Now we put it all together to perform sprite animations

Part 6: Working with Physics Part 1

Here we add some simple physics to the world.  First basic gravity, then environmental collisions

Part 6: Working with Physics Part 2

Next we look at contact/collision handling as well as applying force



Other Posts of Interest 

A Problem with SpriteKit / Swift on Mac OS/X 10.9 and a simple fix

There is currently a bug that will make a default game app not work on Mac’s running 10.9.  This shows a very simple work around.

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Google Release New GameDev Libraries and a Sample Open-Source Game
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18. November 2015


As part of Google’s ongoing developer conference Fun Propulsion Labs, a Google team dedicated to gaming, released the open source game Zooshi to showcase a number of just announced or updated game technologies.  Zooshy is a 3D game that runs on Android, Android TV, Windows, OSX and Linux and is currently available for free on the Google Play Store.  The source code is available on github under the Apache v2 open source license.

The technologies showcased by Zooshi include:

  • Motive – animation system
  • CORGI – an entity/component system
  • FlatUI – immediate mode lightweight GUI
  • Scene Lab – in game level editing
  • Breadboard – node based scripting
  • FPLBase – cross platform API for low level access


Now that’s a number of new technologies I currently know nothing about and will have to jump into in more detail shortly.


More details about the release are available here.

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