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18. January 2017


Today marked the release of two important Haxe gamedev libraries, OpenFL and Lime.  Lime is a low level API similar in scope and function to SDL or SFML, providing access to the underlying hardware.  OpenFL is layered on top of lime and attempts to provide a Haxe version of the Flash APIs, including gaming APIs.


Changes to OpenFL 4.5.3:

  • Updated for Lime 3.6
  • Updated AGALMiniAssembler to a fresh port of Adobe's last release
  • Added missing Event.FRAME_CONSTRUCTED event
  • Added Dictionary<Object, Object> support
  • Improved support for textField.setTextFormat
  • Updated preloader to use Event.UNLOAD instead of Event.COMPLETE to unload
  • Updated SWFLite library to preload with the parent application
  • Fixed support for slashes in SharedObject names
  • Fixed support for preventing default on keyboard events
  • Fixed a regression in displaying stack traces on crash errors
  • Fixed text measurement on IE 11
  • Fixed return value when scaleX or scaleY is negative
  • Fixed issues where new ByteArray may have values other than zero
  • Fixed an issue with SWFLite assets when using the "generate" option
  • Fixed a possible null crash when updating object transforms
  • Fixed support for garbage collecting Sound when SoundChannel is finished
  • Fixed problems with using textField.appendText
  • Fixed the default template for HTML5 when multiple projects are embedded
  • Fixed wrong colors when values were larger than expected
  • Fixed an issue with needing clearRect on CocoonJS

Changes to Lime 3.6.0:

  • Moved "" to ""
  • Added Vorbis bindings under ""
  • Added lime.ui.ScanCode, with conversion support to/from KeyCode on native
  • Added tool support for the "--no-output" argument
  • Migrated from NFD to tinyfiledialogs for better dialog support
  • Made window.close cancelable on desktop platforms
  • Updated libjpeg to 9b
  • Updated howler.js to 2.0.2
  • Improved support for Haxe 3.4
  • Improved support for progress events while preloading
  • Fixed force install when deploying to Android (API 16+ devices)
  • Fixed an invalid state when returning from background on Android
  • Fixed playback of a single audio buffer multiple times on HTML5
  • Fixed initial volume level in AudioSource on HTML5
  • Fixed a regression in the default architecture list for iOS
  • Fixed merging of multiple tags in project files
  • Fixed a possible crash when retrieving OpenGL strings
  • Fixed the default template for HTML5 when multiple projects are embedded
  • Fixed support for non-preloaded assets on HTML5
  • Fixed support for image.copyChannel on HTML5 when using WebGL
  • Fixed support for command-line arguments with "lime rebuild"


You can read more about both releases here.

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Blender 2.68 released. What's in it for Game Developers? A visual tour.
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18. July 2013

Today the Blender Foundation released Blender 2.68.  It's not a large release, epecially compared to some of the more recent ones, but it has a few modelling features I am going to absolutely love. B268





First and foremost is the change to the Bridge tool.  You can now bridge between edge loops with a different number of vertices!  This is one of those features I miss when moving from other 3D packages to Blender.  Here is the new bridge tool in effect:



This feature is exceedingly handy for connecting multiple models together, even if it might require some cleanup later.


The next new modelling feature is Vertex Connect, which can basically be thought of as a knife tool that operates between vertices.



It's a small thing, but it will make doing face cuts much cleaner, resulting in at least two less vertices per cut.



Finally, you know have the option to split faces when you dissolve vertices.



I'm not entirely sure if I will use this or not.


On the modelling side, there were a number of revisions for symmetric modelling, and a new Grid Fill tool for filling two connected edge loops.  In many ways this reminds me a ton of the early 3DS Max patch modelling plugin ( … which name I have forgotten… everyone had a copy… ).


These images are from


If you start with this:



And apply a grid fill, you end with this:



Very cool and potentially very useful, but I HATE Blenders curve tools with a passion.


On the non-modelling side of things, the Cycles renderer got a few improvements. CPU and GPU performance were improved, a mist render pass was added, hair rendering on GPU as well new nodes were added.  On the physics side, particles now respect the modifier stack and the smoke particle sample now is higher resolution.  There were improvements to motion tracking, general usability as well as 280 bug fixes!



Not an earth shattering release, but theres enough new stuff in there that certainly make your life easier.  They had me at bridge tool!


So head on over and download it now.  I offer a 100% money back guarantee!

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