Announcing the game development math tutorial series

30. 十一月 2012


One of the most difficult concepts that new developers have to deal with is math.  As you may have noticed, i’ve been publishing a series of game math recipes over the past week or so.  I have now officially compiled them together into a single (static) page.  You can reach the table of contents here.


Right now there are recipes for:

  • Rotating to face a point
  • Rotating one object around another
  • Velocity and angular velocity
  • Axis aligned bounding box – Intersections
  • Axis aligned bounding box – Rotation



For each recipe, there is full source code, a running example and a description of what is happening.


I have other idea’s for math related recipes to add to this series, but of course I am open to suggestions.  If there is a particular topic you would like to see covered, post a comment in this thread.


So, if you are interested, go check it out.

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Meet the Loom 2D cross platform game engine, currently available for free to indie developers

Meet the Loom 2D cross platform game engine, currently available for free to indie developers

26. February 2013


Just saw this pop up on Reddit and I thought I would share.  Yesterday a new engine was released, Loom.  (Nothing to do with the excellent game from LucasArts).image  Loom works on Mac and Windows and can target Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.




Loom is a new game engine 2D game engine, written in C++ and powered by their own custom scripting language, which is a mix between C# and ActionScript.  Looking at the code samples, this engine is obviously built over top of the Cocos2D game engine, which is one of those love it or hate it APIs.  Built around a command line interface, you can rapidly create and debug projects.  Additionally it includes a gameplay framework, UI library, Tweening library, Chipmunk physics, unit testing and more.





Licensees get the complete C++ source code and right now, licenses are free.  Eventually indie licenses will be 500$, and going up from there, so if you are interested, be sure to snatch up a license now.  You can read full details about the licensing here.


There are a good number of demos available with source code.  They also offer paid support, which is always handy.


You can learn more about the Loom engine at  Clever name that… Sign up for a free license here.


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