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13. May 2015


Just got an email from Mixamo with some pretty cool information.  Basically Mixamo’s web client was based around Unity player, and Google killed off Unity player, so they had to port to a pure WebGL version, Mixamo 2.  As part of this transition they are now offering free Autorigs to Mixamo Fuse customers.  I am a big fan of Mixamo Fuse, I covered it in some detail in this post or in this video.  On of the major features of Fuse is it came with two free auto rigs a week, with additional rigs costing 50$.  Now they are completely free.


To the non-artists amongst us, a rig is the skeletal underpinnings of a 3D model that enable you to manipulate it using a network of bones.  Mixamo auto rig does the generating of this skeleton for you, and it does a pretty good job of it too.  


Details of the release, most relevant portion in red:


Celebrating Mixamo 2.0 with Free Fuse Auto-Rigs

By Tyler Georgeson

May 13, 2015 at 6:30 AM

Today’s the day! This marks the full transition to Mixamo 2.0. This new interface is designed to help you:

  • Save time with the 10x faster, 100% plugin free 3D viewer 

  • Customize content by creating your own animation packs 

  • Stay organized by finding assets, editing animations and Auto-Rigging all in one place

  • Quickly get assets in the game engine with new bulk download and export settings

The transition that started in February is now complete, and although we are still making tweaks and optimizations based on your feedback, from here on out the Mixamo Store will be the hub for our 3D animation software. 

Use Mixamo 2.0 to make kick ass games.

To celebrate the change, we are announcing that all Fuse characters Auto-rigged on Mixamo can now be downloaded for free. Read on after the jump for more information. Or, go directly to the Mixamo Store to browse our 3D animations and characters.


Free Auto-Rigging for Fuse Characters

As of today, instead of charging $50 per Auto-Rig for a Fuse character, there will be no charge at download for an Auto-Rigged Fuse character. This is true for any Fuse user, regardless of whether or not you have a  Mixamo plan, and regardless of whether you are using Fuse or Fuse Basic. And animations on a Fuse character will still be charged per animation per character.

But why? We did this to reduce any friction around understanding the value of Fuse as part of the Mixamo eco-system. We see the 3D character creator as the ideal beginning of the pipeline for bringing quality animated characters into a game project quickly. By starting with Fuse, game developers at any level - hobbyists, indie, AAA - only need to build the character that they want, then upload to Mixamo to apply animations. The functionality works the same as before, but by not charging for Auto-Rigged Fuse characters, we are opening up the pipeline to far more users.

Celebrating a full transition

Mixamo 2.0 is now here to stay and the features are geared to get you 3D animation assets, faster than ever.

Online 3D animation software, faster than ever.

Faster and plugin-free viewer

Viewing 3D content on Mixamo is now a brighter, sharper, faster, 100% plugin free experience. We built the Mixamo Store on a brand new framework utilizing WebGL technology, which renders 3D and 2D graphics inside any modern web browser.

In the past, users had to install the Unity Web Player plugin to view content on Mixamo’s original site. But plugins are annoying to install, difficult to constantly update, and modern web browsers like Chrome have stopped supporting older plugin architectures. That’s why we made the transition away from the plugin - to make sure that all Mixamo visitors can see a faster, higher-fidelity image without needing to install a single thing. If you want more details on this new technology, check out this blog post authored by our Director of Engineering, Jeremy Biddle

Make custom pack and edit animations on Mixamo 2.0


Customizable animation packs


Mixamo 2.0 features twenty two curated animation packs, making it easy to grab complete sets of animations that work together immediately, and our animation collection is always growing. You can modify your pack’s content so that it includes only what works for your project. Feel free to add animations that are not in the original pack, or whittle down the animation content to just what you need. Because the viewer is now side-by-side with your search results, you can see right away what will work with your existing pack and what won’t.

We’ve added seventeen new animation packs since the launch of Mixamo 2.0 in February 2015, and our Animation Director plans to post new packs every month. We are focusing on a wide range of genres like Combat, Fantasy and Locomotion, as well as offering options for Pro and Lite versions to fit your needed level of animation complexity. Here’s a list of the current packs, and you can check out the Featured page to view the most recent additions.

Mixamo Animation Packs

  • Free Test Animations

  • Male Locomotion

  • Female Locomotion

  • Gestures 

  • Creature 

  • Pro Melee Axe

  • Lite Longbow

  • Longbow
  • Longbow Aiming

  • Pro Longbow

  • Action Adventure

  • Lite Sword and Shield

  • Pro Sword and Shield

  • Basic Shooter

  • Lite Rifle

  • Pro Rifle

  • Scary Zombie

  • Not So Scary Zombie

  • Lite Magic

  • Magic Spell

  • Magic Locomotion

  • Pro Magic


Searchable and organized assets

Find what you need faster than before with improved search capabilities. You can still search for any asset by using the search field or narrowing down results with the search parameters. The difference now is that results will appear much more quickly than before.

In Mixamo 2.0 we’ve also built in the ability to favorite items, so that you can earmark assets for easy reviewing later. You can also use this feature to see the popularity of a certain asset - that way, when you are deciding between animations, you have an indicator of which one wins the heart of more users. And, just like the original Mixamo site, you are able to store any asset that you have been working on. Now you can leverage the beautiful new viewer to see your purchased and in-progress items to make sure you get exactly what you want before downloading. Last but not least, we’ve made it possible to delete assets from your account so that you can do a spring cleaning any time you want.

Bulk download assets and set export preferences.

Bulk downloading and new export settings

The entire export process is streamlined in Mixamo 2.0. Bulk downloading with animation packs will help you get what you need and get going. Just head to the My Assets section, select the assets you want, and hit Queue Download. Here you can also take advantage of the nifty export settings and apply them across all the downloads selected to save boatloads of time. No more navigating between different web pages, no more need to download animations one by one. The Mixamo Store checks you out and keeps all of your work in one place.  

Worth the wait

Mixamo 2.0 has been in beta since the end of February, and the final transition today comes after we made sure that all Mixamo user account functionality remains the same in the new interface.

The migration period allowed us to do a responsible transition through iterative cycles of development, testing, gathering feedback, and improvement tweaks. That continued iteration won’t end with the full transition, and your feedback is just as important now as it was before. Please share your thoughts with us in the Mixamo Community forum

We also have this swell survey which takes only 2 minutes to complete.

Best Mixamo yet

So everybody, as we bid a fond farewell to Mixamo’s original interface, it feels great to look back and realize that when the site was first launched in 2008, we were then and are still now the only online shop for animations that can automatically retarget to your 3D characters. As great as it feels to look back in pride, it feels even better to look forward to what is now possible.

This is just an exciting first step. Expect more great things to come.


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GameDraw and Shade bring low cost content creation to Unity *IN* Unity
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27. October 2012



It's odd how news arrives sometimes, it always seems to arrive in batches and today's post is no exception.  Earlier this week I read about a recently launched 3D modeller that works within Unity3D.  That piqued my interest for a few minutes, then something shiny came along and I forgot about it completely.  Then a day later a different product was announced that also enables 3D asset creation within Unity.

If you've not heard of it, Unity is a massively popular game creation suite, that enables developers to create games for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and more.  Prices range from free to around the 1,500$ mark.  The biggest catch has always been the content creation side, take a look at our 3D application list for an idea of the typical price tag attached to these application.  Up until now, Blender and Cheetah3D on the Mac where you only options if you didn't have several thousand dollars to spend.  Then you have to contend with the annoyances of getting your asset from the application and in to Unity, not always a seamless process.  Therefore, a low cost/no cost editor that works within Unity is certainly welcome.  And today, we get two of them!


The first is GameDraw, which is available in Unity or as a stand alone application on Mac, Windows, Linux and iPad.  It currently has a 45$ price-tag, which is about 1% of the cost of 3D Studio Max if you want to put that in perspective.

GameDraw features include:

Polygonal Modeling, Sculpting, Generation and Optimization Tools
UV Editor
City Generator
Runtime API
Character Customizer
Mesh Editing ( Vertex, Edge, Triangle, Element)
Mesh manipulation functions (Extrude, Weld, Subdivide, Delete, Smooth,…etc)
Assigning new Materials
Mesh Optimization
UV editing
Primitives (25 basic model)
Boolean operations
Node based mesh generation
2D tools (Geometry painting, 2D to 3D image tracing)
Character customizer
City Generator
Warehouse “hundreds of free assets”


Shade for Unity

Shade is the other contender entering the ring.  This is a bit odd for me, as I have been a hobbyist in the 3D industry since the early DOS days when I purchased 3D Studio ( note, no MAX ) 4.  I spent my childhood dreaming of owning an SGI Indy with PowerAnimator.  I have followed the industry forever, used just about every 3D application out there, from the big guys like Max and Maya to the fringe like Nichimen nWorlds and Houdini.  In all of that timeNewImage however, I don't think I have ever even heard of Shade, which amazingly has been around since 1986 and is currently at version 12!  

I downloaded the 30 day trial  and I am rather impressed with this package, which I will be looking in to in a bit more depth later.  I noticed along the way, while search for help on how to do certain tasks in Shade, nobody else has heard of it either!  There just isn't a ton of information out there.  How the heck can a package get to version 12 and nobodies heard of it?  Easily… it's big in Japan.  Ah.

So then, why the hell am I babbling on about Shade?  Well, this announcement recently crossed my desk:

Publisher Mirye Software and developer E Frontier announce the free 3D game content development system for indie developers and professionals will soon be available for developers on Mac OS X.

Shade 3D for Unity is based on the professional 3D modeling, animation and rendering tool set Shade, a product available for over 27 years and used worldwide by illustrators and designers. Shade 3D for Unity enables designers and game developers to build animated project content that integrates with Unity 3D, the game development system for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

Workflow integration makes it is easy to share project assets (Configuration Files) of Unity in Shade 3D for Unity and easily transfer content between them.


Shade 3D for Unity includes an advanced tool set for creation of original 3D content:

* Import/Export integration with Unity 3D
* Advanced 3D Modeling Environment
* Polygon Mesh Editor
* UV Editor and Image Management
* Design friendly Bezier Spline Modeler
* Powerful Object Instancing Features
* 3D Object Hierarchy Browser
* Material Setting Features
* Material Parameter with Texture Map Settings
* Animation Setting Feature
* Draft Ray Tracing Renderer


Perhaps most interesting of all is the price tag.  Free.  I like free.

That said, the last free product 3D product I tried out was Daz3D and I am still getting half a dozen spam emails a week from them ( serious Daz, quit it, or make your freaking unsubscribe functionality work! ), so free isn't always free.  Mirye certainly intends to make money somehow, just not sure of exactly how as of yet.  My guess is they are following Daz's model of selling content, or perhaps it's an attempt to upwell you to Shade Professional.

Shade for Unity isn't actually out yet, don't expect it until November.  You can read more details on their site.  They also currently have a utility for using Shade with Unity on the Unity Store called the Shade Unity Loader.  



Now if you will forgive me, I'm off to play with my new toy.  It's always cool to find another professional caliber 3D application, especially one with a price tag starting at 99$!  I will post a bit more detail on my experiences with Shade 12 trial shortly.

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